Programme – Yoonla
Owner – Reno Van Boven
Legit – Yes
Recommended – Yes
Rating – 65/100
Website – Yoonla

Welcome to my review of Yoonla, is it a legit programme or another get rich quick scheme? Can you make money with Yoonla or is it just another scam? Read on and you’ll find out in my honest Yoonla Evolve review.

I actually found out about Yoonla from a product that I had bought from Warrior Plus. That product turned out to be less than satisfactory but their mention of the Yoonla CPA program piqued my interest and I decided to check it out and write this review.

Yoonla was launched in September 2016 by Reno Van Boven, Reno is a digital entrepreneur and has launched several other digital products.

He is a successful digital marketer who has been making money online for over 10 years.

Yoonla is a digital platform that teaches you how to build an email list and make money through affiliate marketing.

For those of you who do not know what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically promoting a product/service online and if someone buys through your link, you will receive a commission.

Yoonla also has a very lucrative CPA affiliate programme.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action, it is another type of affiliate marketing, only you do not have to make a sale to receive a commission

In CPA marketing, you receive a commission if someone takes some form of action,this can be signing up for a free eBook,taking a survey or downloading an app. With Yoonla,you will receive $4 per qualified email sign up.

So, without further delays, let’s see why there is a lot of hype about this program.

Yoonla Review

Update – February 21, 2018

This is my updated review of Yoonla,Yoonla foundation was closed in December 2017 and they have just re-opened their doors to the second stage of this companies evolution called Yoonla Evolve.

The majority of the system stays relatively the same for now although I am told more training is coming and more products will be added.

The three digital products that were given away as part of the Yoonla foundation program have been discontinued as well.

Update – July 2018

Yoonla have made another major change and that is they will no longer be paying $2 per email sign up for tier 2 countries,plus they have limited the $4 email sign up to a handful of tier 1 countries.

These countries include;

USA,UK,Canada,Australia,Ireland and New Zealand.

Back to my review of Yoonla Evolve.

Membership of Yoonla is free but to make the program work for you,you will have to purchase some of the products they recommend.

To build a sustainable online business you will have to invest in similar software and services, the training inside Yoonla recommends certain software’s and services which are necessary for you to make full use of the Yoonla CPA program.

Yoonla Training

There are several video tutorials that show you how to set up your Yoonla digital system and how to promote it.

The very first video is an introduction to Yoonla,you are introduced to the concept of CPA marketing and Yoonla’s affiliate programme.

There is a bit of hype into how much money you can make with Yoonla’s affiliate programme, I am not a fan of this type of hype, as it usually leads to people only trying to recruit instead of helping others build an online business.

Yoonla also has some basic training on affiliate marketing and how to drive traffic to promote to your affiliate marketing offers.

Yoonla System Setup

There are 7 steps in the membership area that guides you through setting up your Yoonla evolve website.

You will be required to sign up with Getresponse for your email marketing system and have your Yoonla website hosted on a Yahoo small business account. For the hosting plan, you will need to sign up for an annual advanced plan if you want to be eligible for the elite membership and higher commissions.

The above is only required if you want to build a sustainable online business with Yoonla. If you just want to be an affiliate and only earn the commissions for leads, then you do not need to sign up for anything.

Step 1 – Download the Evolve files 

These are the files you will need to upload to your Yoonla website,there is also a tracking script to download so that you can track all your referrals more accurately.

This probably the most straightforward part of the setup process,there is a short video walkthrough as well. 

Step 2  – Create A GetResponse Account

Another easy step,if do not have an account with GetResponse,you will be required to open one, make sure to go through the affiliate link provided as this will let you be eligible for elite membership.

Unfortunately,Yoonla is only compatible with GetResponse,so even if you are with any other autoresponder service,you will need to open a GetResponse account.

Step 3 – Automation

This tutorial is all about setting up an effective email marketing campaign, you are shown how to set up autoresponders in GetResponse and how to schedule emails to be delivered.

If you have never set up an autoresponder,this is a must watch video as it goes through all the steps from activating your GetResponse account to scheduling when your emails are to be sent.

Step 4 – Hosting With Yahoo Small Business

In the previous iteration of the Yoonla system, you were given the choice of either hosting your Yoonla site with iPage or with a Yahoo Small Business account.

They have now discontinued the choice to host with iPage and have gone exclusively with Yahoo.

There are several hosting plans with Yahoo,however, to be eligible for the Yoonla elite membership you will be required to go with the advanced annual plan.

This is actually much cheaper than paying for it on a monthly basis and there are talks between Yoonla and Yahoo for an exclusive discount on the annual advanced plan for Yoonla members.

Opening a hosting account is fairly easy but there is a video walkthrough should you find any difficulty in doing so.

You will also be eligible for a free domain name from Yahoo with an advanced annual plan.

Step 5 – Upload Your Evolve Files

This where you will upload the files you downloaded in step 1. If this sounds a bit too technical for you,don’t worry.there is a video walkthrough that will show you how to do everything.

If you are still stuck after watching the video,you still have the option to have the Yoonla team do the whole setup for you.

The files will form part of your Yoonla lead capture page so that you can start promoting Yoonla and build an email list.

Building an email list is a core component of the Yoonla system because with it you will be promoting future Yoonla products.

And if you ever decide to leave Yoonla,you still have a digital asset with your email list and have the ability to continue to promote products that will help your subscribers.

Step 6 – Customise Your Yoonla Website

A short video will show you how to tweak your website for better conversions,it also shows you how to connect your Yoonla email list (which you will have opened in step 3) with your Yoonla capture page.

Step 7 – Affiliate Activation And DFY Service

Once you have done all the steps you will be eligible for elite membership which will provide you with  more benefits such as higher commission rates,more training and exclusive access to Yoonla private Facebook page.

You also have the choice to have the Yoonla team set up your Yoonla evolve system for you. All you need to do is fill out a form containing some information regarding your GetResponse account and Yahoo hosting account.

They will then set everything up for you including activating your elite membership.

Yoonla Affiliate Program

Yoonla has a affiliate program which is free to join,it is a CPA program and you get paid $4 for every eligible lead you bring in from the tier 1 countries mentioned in the beginning of this review. Also,they have some strict guidelines on how to determine if the leads you refer are eligible for commissions or not.

Some of these guidelines include the following:

  • Leads must be responsive
  • Must not unsubscribe from Yoonla
  • Must not cancel their Yoonla membership
  • Must have a legitimate email ID

At the end of the day,it will be up to the Yoonla staff to determine if a lead is legitimate or not.

You will also have to reach a minimum of $100 in approved commissions for a pay out and these approved commissions must include at least 2 elite referrals.

Additional content

Since the phase 2 of Yoonla has just been released there is still a lot of content that is yet to be added to the membership area. One of them is called evolve certified, I don’t know much about it yet but once more information is released I will update this review accordingly.

Is Yoonla A Scam?

Unfortunately, I have seen this question come up more often and this is primarily because there are some affiliates of Yoonla who are promoting it as a get rich quick scheme and not taking it as a serious part of their online business.

Because of its CPA affiliate programme, some people have tried to take advantage of it by sending bad traffic and useless referrals. What I mean by useless referrals is that the referrals are either fake or people who have no intention of ever upgrading.

So, no, Yoonla is not a scam but its  affiliate programme leaves it open to abuse, however, they are working to eliminate these fraudulent activities and make it a more robust system and fairer for everyone who joins.

Yoonla Traffic Training

As part of the recent update to Yoonla,there are some new traffic guides available to Yoonla evolve members. There are three guides and they cover how to generate traffic from YouTube,Facebook and Instagram. Honestly,these guides are decent but nothing new is really revealed.


Yoonla is a legitimate programme, it is suitable for everyone but especially for those who are new to internet marketing.

It is one of the better programmes I have reviewed on this site. The training is free and easy to follow but you will have to spend a little bit of money to make this work.

You can either set the system up yourself (which I don’t recommend) or you can let the team behind Yoonla do it.

I would definitely recommend that you take advantage of the custom set up and get your Yoonla system up and running within 24-48 hours.

An issues I have with Yoonla is the way some affiliates market it as a get rich quick scheme, this is not the fault of the owners but more could be done to eliminate these deceptive advertising campaigns.

One other issue is that everyone gets the same generic landing page when they upgrade and there is no training on how to customize it for better conversions. Although I did find the traffic guides pretty decent,the affiliate marketing training is very basic and could do with a makeover.

There is one other issue that people should be aware of and something that I briefly alluded to near the beginning of this article. That is the issue of how they qualify what is a legitimate lead and what is not. I have sometimes seen some of my leads be approved only to be disapproved a month later.

I don’t think its anything malicious on the part of Yoonla,I just don’t think they have the proper system in place to run a quality CPA program.

It’s a good system with which you can make some decent money with,however I still maintain one of the best ways to start an online business is to build your own website which will provide you with many options to make money online.

The best system that provides you with all the tools and training to build a sustainable online business is Wealthy Affiliate,they have a proven track record and it is the system that I use to build my own online business. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Are you with Yoonla? How have you found it so far? Would love to hear your thoughts on this CPA program.