Programme – Yoonla
Owner – Reno Van Boven
Legit – Yes
Recommended – Yes
Rating – 85/100
Website – Yoonla

Welcome to my review of Yoonla, is it a legit programme or another get rich quick scheme? Can you make money with Yoonla or is it just another scam? Read on and you’ll find out in my honest Yoonla review.

I actually found out about Yoonla from a product that I had bought from Warrior Plus.

I am glad I did because Yoonla looks really promising especially for those who are looking to learn about CPA marketing

Yoonla was launched in September 2016 by Reno Van Boven, Reno is a digital entrepreneur and has released a few other digital products.

He is a successful marketer who has been making money online for over 10 years.

Yoonla is a digital platform that teaches you how to earn affiliate commissions by giving stuff away.

For those of you who do not know what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically promoting a product/service online and if someone buys through your link, you will receive a commission.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action, it is another type of affiliate marketing, only you do not have to make a sale to receive a commission

In CPA marketing, you can receive a commission if someone completes a survey, enters their email address on a web form or downloads an app.

Short Summary
  • Free training
  • Earn $2-$4 Per Lead
  • Small start-up costs
  • Good support
  • Active FaceBook group

Yoonla is a legitimate system that will teach you how to make money online by giving stuff away. They also have a lucrative affiliate programme that will pay up to $30 per lead.

So, without further delays, let’s see why there is a lot of hype about this programme.

Yoonla Review

Within this platform you will receive step by step training in how to install and promote Yoonla’s digital products to build your email list.

As of this moment, there are three digital products,each one is a high quality ebook that is given away so that you can build your list and promote other similar products.

The three products are regarding Twitter, YouTube and email marketing.

Yoonla review

The training is free but you will need to make a few purchases to make full use of the Yoonla digital platform.

To build a sustainable online business you will have to invest in similar software and services, the training inside Yoonla recommends certain software’s and services which are necessary for the Yoonla system to work.

Yoonla Training

Yoonla review


There are several video tutorials that show you how to set up your Yoonla digital system and how to promote it.

The very first video is an introduction to Yoonla,you are introduced to the concept of CPA marketing and Yoonla’s affiliate programme.

There is a bit of hype into how much money you can make with Yoonla’s affiliate programme, I am not a fan of this type of hype, as it usually leads to people only trying to recruit instead of helping others build an online business.

Having said that, Yoonla does have a very lucrative CPA programme.

You can receive anything from $2-$5 per lead and with upsells a lead can end up making you at least $30.

Video 1 – Preparation

In this video, Reno provides an over view of the entire system,how you will be leveraging Yoonla to build your list and make affiliate commissions.

The training introduces you to Yoonla’s autoresponder of choice which is GetResponse.

It is important that people are made aware that Yoonla can be only used with GetResponse.

I know it can be frustrating sometimes when an online system only is compatible with certain tools or services.

However, I really believe that Yoonla is worth the $15 per month you will pay for a GetResponse account.

The reason you need an autoresponder is so that you can collect email addresses to build your list

You will have to access your GetResponse API key so that your autoresponder can be linked up with your digital products. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit technical, it’s pretty straight forward the video shows you step by step on how to do it.

Video 2 – Install the Software

This video takes you through the process of uploading files of all the digital products onto your website.

Now even if you do have a website and it isn’t hosted with either iPage or Bluehost, you will be required to get hosting with any one of these companies as they have the features to host the Yoonla files.

The video uses iPage to show you how to upload the files,it also takes you through the process of choosing a hosting package and registering a domain name.

The hosting is really cheap with iPage and you get a free domain name with an annual hosting subscription.

Reno also mentions in the video that you can have the whole system set up for you for free if you decide to host with Yahoo small business hosting.

I would really recommend getting the system set up for you because I personally had some difficulty installing the files on iPage, I think this is one place they could update because its not as straight forward as the video suggests.

If you decide to take up the offer of having a custom system setup for you, steps 3 and 4 are not necessary to watch, however I would still advise people to watch them because the tutorials may be useful somewhere down the road.

Video 3 – Digital set-up

This is the longest video in the series and it takes you step by step in setting up your landing pages for the three digital products you will be giving away to build your email list.

The process of setting them up isn’t that long and you should be up and running within an hour.

If you have taken the offer of getting the whole system set up for you, this step isn’t necessary to watch. However, I believe it’s still a good idea to watch and see the process of creating a high converting landing page.

You are also shown how to create email lists within GetResponse and loading your autoresponder with email follow ups.

You are also shown how to insert your Yoonla affiliate links into your landing pages so that anytime someone becomes a member of Yoonla you will get a commission.

Video 4 – Automation

This tutorial is all about setting up an effective email marketing campaign, you are shown how to set up autoresponders in GetResponse and how to schedule emails to be delivered.

Since you will be promoting three digital products, you will need to make three different sets of autoresponders.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to write in the emails, the system has you covered in this area as well.

You will be provided with a series of emails for each campaign and all you need to do is make some adjustments to the emails and then copy and paste them into your autoresponder.

Again, you do not need to watch this if you order a done for you system,however, I do still believe it’s good to watch and learn how to set up a autoresponder email campaign.

Video 5 – Traffic

This section has 4 videos, 2 of them are concerning creating high converting landing pages to promote Yoonla using Leadpages.

Although Reno encourages you to get Leadpeages, it is not necessary and the tutorials can be used for any landing page creator you may have.

I personally use the landing page creator that GetResponse provides and so I see no need for Leadpages, although it is a great software for creating landing pages.

I would highly encourage you to watch the tutorials for creating high converting landing pages, it will help you in your future marketing endeavours.

You are also given an overview of split testing, this is when you have two similar landing pages with small differences and compare them to see which one gets a higher conversion.

The third video is about integrating your landing page with your GetResponse account and creating an email campaign that promotes the Yoonla system.

In the fourth video Reno goes into traffic sources that convert well with Yoonla, he recommends using solo ads.

Solo ads are basically advertising your products to someone else’s email list. There are many websites where you can buy solo ads, a lot of them are junk but a few are alright. The solo ad platform recommended by Reno is Udimi.

I have actually mentioned Udimi in one of my other reviews, it’s a good platform to buy cheap solo ad traffic.

A word of warning, since this is the platform officially recommended by Yoonla, a lot of solo ad vendors will have already promoted the Yoonla system to their list, may be more than once. 

Follow the instructions in the video tutorial in identifying good vendors but also ask them if they have promoted Yoonla multiple times.

I say this because in the Yoonla Facebook group a lot of people are having their commissions declined because the leads are already in the Yoonla system.

I suspect this is because everyone is using the same solo ad platform to promote Yoonla.

Two sources of traffic I would recommend for this type of programme;

FaceBook ads – Use the free ebooks to get them into the funnel, I wouldn’t promote Yoonla straight away on FaceBook.

Bing ads – Bing ads is still affiliate friendly and with Yoonla’s high converting landing pages, you should get some quality leads through this ad network.

Yoonla Affiliate Program

To become a Yoonla Affiliate, you will have to complete the tasks within the free membership ,this will require you to purchase at least two of the products they recommend.

This includes hosting from Yahoo or iPage and a GetResponse account. This is essentially how Yoonla is able to pay between $2-$4 per lead because everytime someone purchases one of those products,they get a commission.

I only mention this because I have seen people complain about requiring to purchase these products just because the main Yoonla training is free.

Additional content

There is also additional training on affiliate marketing, it consists of 10 videos and it is geared towards new affiliate marketers. The videos are not that long ranging from 2-7 minutes in length.

Reno has also stated that more content will be added to the Yoonla system.

There is a separate website for your Yoonla affiliate account, you can track your commissions, leads , conversion rates and other metrics.

Is Yoonla A Scam?

Unfortunately, I have seen this question come up more often and this is primarily because there are some affiliates of Yoonla who are promoting it as a get rich quick scheme and not taking it as a serious part of their online business.

Because of its lucrative affiliate programme, some people have tried to take advantage of it by sending bad traffic and useless referrals. What I mean by useless referrals is that the referrals are either fake or people who have no intention of ever upgrading.

This is why they (Yoonla) have had to stop people from certain locations around the world from becoming members because of fraudulent activity.

So, no, Yoonla is not a scam but its lucrative affiliate programme leaves it open to abuse however they are working to eliminate these fraudulent activities and make it a more robust system.


Yoonla is a legitimate programme, it is for everyone but especially to those new to internet marketing.

It is one of the better programmes I have reviewed on this site. The training is free and easy to follow but you will have to spend a little bit of money to make this work.

You can either set the system up yourself (which I don’t recommend) or you can let the team behind Yoonla do it.

I would definitely recommend that you take advantage of the custom set up and get your Yoonla system up and running within 24-48 hours.

Not only is this the quickest option, you will also be sent some traffic to one of the digital products and you are also eligible for higher commission rates.

Although I have given a positive review, I still advice you to get your own website and create your own online assets if you want to build a long term sustainable business.

That is why I recommend either Wealthy Affiliate for affiliate marketing or Store Coach if you want to build a ecommerce business.

Would love to hear your thoughts about Yoonla,do you think its legit? or are you leaning towards it may be a scam? Comment below and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible.