Yoonla review update 26/09/2018

It has come to my attention that Yoonla has shut down its current program and will no longer be in operation until the end of November when it will be relaunched. 

Reno Van Boven has given reasons for this termination, the main one being the deceptive nature by which many affiliates promoted Yoonla.

You can view the video below for more information on his reasons why he had to shut down the program.

I had actually mentioned this on my original review of Yoonla and had hoped that Reno could do something about it, although some actions were taken to curtail this deceptive advertising method, in the end, it proved useless and now the Yoonla program is shut down.

Although I did initially give Yoonla a very positive review, my view on it changed considerably as the company failed to meet its commitment to new training and money making opportunities.

It also didn’t help that Reno kept moving the goal posts as to how you were qualified to get paid for your leads. Yoonla was supposed to be a straight up CPA program, get paid between $2 – $4 per lead depending upon the geographical locations of your lead.

I always thought this was unsustainable and they realised this as well and completely removed the $2 referral fee for leads from tier 2 countries.

They also changed the policy for payouts, originally you had to reach the $200 threshold to get paid, however, they reduced this to $100 with a condition. You know had to have two elite upgrades to be eligible for commission payments.

So, in reality, it was no longer a proper CPA program and without any real substantial training material or monetary incentive. there was no point to upgrade.

I do hope Reno learns from this and produces a training program that can last for more than a year, I see too many programs give false hope to people and disappear without a trace.

I too have learnt a lesson from this Yoonla, don’t jump on a  program just because it pays good money for recruiting but offers very little in the way of training and services.

If you want to make money online, I only recommend two methods, dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

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