Hi everyone, welcome to my review of Yoonla.

Yoonla is a digital platform that teaches you how to build an online business focusing primarily on affiliate marketing.

Yoonla has gone through several changes since it was first released in early 2017. It’s core product used to be a set of free training videos in which they showed you how to give away free eBooks in exchange for peoples email address.

It basically showed you how to make money online by building an email list and then monetising that list through affiliate marketing.

The training was good but nothing mind blowing and you could find better stuff on YouTube. However, despite the training being very basic, Yoonla grew exponentially.

According to their own stats, they had the following numbers;

2 million membership

Making 3000 affiliate sales a day

Went from a staff of 1 to 6 person team

Pretty impressive numbers for a newly formed digital training company. However, it wasn’t because of the training they offered but their lucrative affiliate program.

You see, they had a CPA based affiliate program in which they were initially paying affiliates between $2-$4 per email lead, and whenever a member upgraded, you got an extra $30.

Honestly, this kind of payout for an offer in the make money online niche was unheard of.

And that is why it didn’t last.

The system was open to abuse and the team spent a lot of time making sure email leads were legit and not fraudulent.

They made a few changes to the program and rolled out the second version of Yoonla called Yoonla Evolve.

I don’t want to bore you with the details but suffice to say, the changes didn’t go far enough because the system was still open to abuse and fraudulent behaviour and Reno (the owner) had to close it down. This was in August 2018.

He promised that Yoonla would re-open in November 2018 with a totally new look that would take the ‘digital training industry by storm’.

The hype was a bit over the top but I was excited to see what he and the Yoonla team had planned.

Which leads me to this updated review of Yoonla or more specifically, The Yoonla Academy as it is now called.

Before I carry on with this review, I want to tell you about the system I personally use and one that has given me all the tools and training to start making money online.

This company has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their own online business and is free to join, they have over a million members and have been in operation for over 13 years, click on the button below to find out more.

Yoonla Academy Review

yoonla review

Yoonla Academy is very similar in structure to the previous versions of the system except that the training is now more in-depth, and the videos are drip fed over a couple of weeks.

As of writing this review, there are currently 21 modules and I have been through 14 of them.

I have to say that it is much better than its previous versions and there are no exaggerated income claims.

The training videos cover how to start a digital business through affiliate marketing.

For anyone not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is basically when online businesses pay people a commission to generate sales for their products and services.

Commission rates vary but can be anything between 1%-100%. It is a very simple business model and is very popular for those looking to start their first online business.

However, although it is simple and easy to understand, it can take a while before you start seeing any results for your marketing efforts.

This is what Reno drives home in the very first video and that is to not to think of Yoonla as a get rich quick scheme and to treat it affiliate marketing as a real business.

This is a very important message and one everyone should heed and I would like to expand on it here as well.

I am sure many reading this review have purchased products from affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVZOO and Warrior Forum.

How many times have you been disappointed with these cheap $10 products that promise to teach you how to start making money very quickly only to be disappointed when it turns out that it is utter rubbish?

If you are new to this online marketing stuff you will most probably be vulnerable to these kind offers because you are their target audience!!

I implore you, do not fall for these deceptive marketing tactics, there is no secret to making money online and there is no system that will make you rich very quickly unless you come into some inheritance or win the lottery.

The only way to make it online is to choose a legitimate method to start an online business like affiliate marketing and then continuously work on it. Hard work, consistency and a never give up attitude is the key to success.

I know I have gone on a rant here, but it is important that you aware of the dangers that lurk in this make money online scene.

I really do not want you to make the same mistakes I made by hoping that one of these get rich quick schemes will turn out to be true and solve all your problems.

Ok, now back to this review of Yoonla Academy.

The rest of the videos cover many topics these include the following;

Niche research

Joining Affiliate Networks

Creating A Website

Building Your Audience

Branding Your Business

Social Media Marketing

How To Grow Your Business

Like I stated earlier, the training is vastly improved and well delivered. The videos look professionally made and you can leave a comment on them if something needs clarifying.

yoonla acaemy review

One training module I greatly appreciate is the one where it talks about the importance of having your own website. In the previous versions of the Yoonla, members were not required to build a website.

However, in this one, you will be required to build a website if you want to make full use of the Yoonla system

I think this is a good step that they have taken as I believe a functioning website is necessary for any business to thrive especially a digital business.

However, I am disappointed in their choice of website builder which is Wix and the fact that they don’t go more in depth on this topic.

Wix is a well-known brand (they are all over YouTube) and their technology does make it easy to build beautiful websites.

However, with Wix, you will be locked onto the platform, there is no way you will be able to migrate your site to another web host if you decide you want to use another web host or website builder. It has other limitations like a limited choice of themes, a limited number of apps and it is not very SEO friendly.

I personally prefer WordPress as it offers more functionality and you can literally build any kind of website you want plus it is easy to learn.

Also, the only reason you will be required to build a website is that it gives you a far greater chance at being accepted into some of the affiliate networks they advise you to join.

So, you will not be learning how to build a proper website that will require you to consistently work on it, which for me, is disappointing.

You will also get your own done for you sales funnel or as they call it Digital Business Funnel.

With this DBF system, you will get access to the following;

A highly optimised squeeze page

Thank you page

A Membership area

Your own help desk

Done for you email marketing campaigns

This all sounds good (although I am still unsure why you would need a membership area or help desk), but it does come with a cost.

You see, to gain access to this DBF system, you will need to sign up for a marketing software called Kartra.

This is not a cheap software, the lowest price plan starts at $89 pm and personally I think if you are just starting out as a digital entrepreneur, a software like this is unnecessary and way too expensive.

The DBF system can be easily created using WordPress at a fraction of the price, so it is disappointing that they decided to go with an expensive software like Kartra.

Other Features

In the membership area, there are a couple of other training programs that will be released in January 2019.

As of now, there is no information as to what will be taught within these programs but they will be free just like the Yoonla Academy.

My Final Thoughts

I like this new version of Yoonla, it is a much better system than the previous system. There is more emphasis on building an actual online business without all the hype and income claims.

The training is well laid out and a considerable amount of effort has gone into putting this training together.

There are still some aspects that I am disappointed in, mainly their choice of website builder and marketing software.

If you were to invest in both Wix and Kartra, it would end up costing you just over $100 pm. This is a very expensive monthly cost and one I feel that is unnecessary.

You can do all this on a platform like WordPress for way less, yes there may be a steeper learning curve, but it will save you money and it will serve you better in the long run.

It is still early days in this new Yoonla platform, so I will follow the training and see what else they have planned and update this review accordingly.

For now, you can join the program (its free) but I wouldn’t recommend that you sign up for the services they promote.

What they are teaching you is how to make money online through affiliate marketing and there is a much better platform that has been successfully training affiliate marketers for over 13 years and costs less than half the price than what it would cost you to make full use of the Yoonla system.

Click on the button below to find out more.

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