• Product – Webcopycat                                                                             
  • Owner – Devon Brown
  • Legit – Yes
  • Recommended – Yes
  • Rating – 65/100
  • Website – Webcopycat.com

Welcome to my review of Webcopycat,hopefully by the end of this review you will know whether Webcopycat is right for you or not.

Webcopycat claims to be the easiest system ever, in my review I will see if this is true and how easy it is to follow the system.

Who is Devon Brown?

Devon Brown is a successful entrepreneur and internet marketer who has been making money online for over a decade. He created the Webcopycat system because he noticed most other make money online products were not friendly for new internet marketers despite many claiming they were.

Who is Webcopycat For?

Webcopycat is geared towards the absolute newbie if you are an advanced marketer you will get little benefit from this programme.

If you want a system that is easy to follow and where nearly everything is done for you,then Webcopycat is for you. 

Once everything is set up,your only task will be to drive traffic to your offers.

This is why it is called the easiest system ever and this is why the system was created

Now, let’s get along with the actual review of webcopycat

WebCopycat Review

webcopycat review

Webcopycat is a done for you marketing system that allows you to promote digital products and earn affiliate commissions from them.

For every month that you are with Webcopycat, you will have the opportunity to promote a digital product complete with an affiliate sales funnel.

Every single product comes with a squeeze page,sales page and one or two upsell pages. The squeeze page (or opt-in page) will be connected to your autoresponder so that you can collect leads and build your email list.

Building an email list can be very profitable but quite difficult if you are a  new internet marketer but with Webcopycat it is very simple because every aspect of creating a digital product has been done for you.

Majority of these of these products are low priced,although there are some high ticket offers that I will talk about later.

Should you sell any of these products, then the commission will be split 50/50 between you and Webcopycat. I think this is more than fair since the majority of the work is done by Devon and his team.

Launching a successful affiliate marketing campaign can be very frustrating,especially for new affiliate marketers,this is why Webcopycat is a very good product for newbies.

High Ticket Offers

Also, included in the back office is 3 high ticket offers, if you don’t know what high ticket offers are, they are products that will give you a large commission should you manage to sell one.

These digital products are not created by Devon but by sellers on JVZOO. JVZOO is a platform that a lot of marketers use to sell their digital products.

If you are a new affiliate marketer it can be hard to get approval to be an affiliate for many of those products. However, if you become a member of Webcopycat, then you are automatically approved for these 3 offers provided you are registered with JVZOO.


I have been made aware that there are actually high ticket offers within the Webcopycat system.

Traffic methods

You also get training on traffic methods both free and paid. The main paid method is solo ads and for this, you are provided with e-mail swipes to use for your solo ad campaigns.

The team behind Webcopycat also provide you with a set of solo ad packages (you have to pay for these), you choose which solo ad package best suits your needs, purchase it and Devon and his team will do the rest.

Udimi is the platform that the solo ads are ordered from, I have only ordered a couple of packages from Webcopycat, I usually find it much cheaper to order it myself from Udimi.

You have more control, like which solo ad seller to buy from and you have the option to order as little as 25 clicks to thousands depending on your budget.

The good thing about Udimi which other solo ad networks do not have is that you can see customer ratings for individual solo ad vendors. This will give a fair idea of who to order sold ads from.

Solo ads

Solo ads packages within the backoffice

Autoresponder Setup

Not only will you get a done for you system but the team behind this product will also set-up your autoresponder for you. This costs an extra one time fee, but for me, it was worth it, because, like I said I didn’t know what an autoresponder did or how to set one up to collect email addresses.

They will load a couple of months worth of emails into your autoresponder promoting products on your behalf. If you have experience with setting up e-mail series and know how to connect your autoresponder to landing pages then this isn’t necessary (Honestly if you are an experienced marketer then like I stated in the beginning, this product may not be useful to you, it’s totally set up for newbies).

Whilst we are on the subject of autoresponders,you should know that Webcopycat is only compatible with Aweber. If you are with any other autoresponder,you will have to get a Aweber membership.

Luckily with Aweber, there is a one month free trial for new members.


There are no upsells for the actual product, but once you are in, there are further products in the back office that you can buy that may help you further.

There is a coaching programme from Devon himself that costs a one-time fee of $297 dollars and you also have the option to buy the entire set of Webcopycat affiliate sales funnels for $397 dollars.

This will mean you no longer have to pay a monthly fee and you have more choice in which offers you want to promote.


You can try out the system for 10 days for only $1 and thereafter if you wish to continue it will cost you $34.95 on a monthly basis.

However, if decide to buy the entire set of sales funnels the monthly fee will be waived and you will get lifetime access to Webcopycat.


Although I would recommend this programme for any new marketer, if you are experienced then this system will be of little benefit. Devon has built a solid product that will help newbie marketers in understanding how e-mail affiliate marketing works without you having to worry about building digital products.

Devon also provides regular updates and advises members regarding best practices in affiliate marketing.

I recommend this product if you are starting out as a new marketer or if you have yet to make anything online.

Although I do like the Webcopycat system it is not the best way to start an online business and although you will be building an email list,the same leads will be going into the Webcopycat system which just creates more competition for you.

However, if you want to build a real sustainable online business, I would suggest you build your own website and monetise it through various means. My No.1 training programme for this type of business is Wealthy Affiliate.

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