Warrior Plus Review – An Affiliate Network With Lots Of Dodgy Products

Hi and welcome to my review of Warrior Plus, I have been wanting to write an article about this affiliate network for a while now but just couldn’t be bothered.

However, I finally decided I needed to write this review because of the constant rubbish that is being sold on the network. I really wish I was comfortable with using vulgar language because I would have used a far stronger word than rubbish to express my utter contempt for the products that are being sold on the Warrior Plus affiliate network.

Warrior Plus Short Review
Warrior Plus is an affiliate network that sells digital products that are mainly in the internet marketing niche. They sell digital products like online courses, eBooks and software applications. Warrior Plus has become a fertile breeding ground for get rich quick merchants selling their overhyped and unethical push button systems that never work. It has little quality control (if any) and does not have good customer reviews on platforms like TrustPilot (1.8-star rating) and the Better Business Bureau (F rating). If you want to promote or purchase products from this network, I would advise you to thoroughly research the product and the product creator so that you or your customers are not left disappointed.

Overall Rating

Warrior Plus Review

Now, this review will solely be based on my experience as an affiliate and consumer of Warrior Plus and not as a seller. I have purchased a few products on Warrior Plus and back when I first started with affiliate marketing, I tried promoting a few products as well, fortunately, no one purchased anything because as I later found out, a lot of the products on the platform is complete rubbish.

A few have been decent, but most of them did not live up to the hype of their sales page and what they promised on it.

What is Warrior Plus?

Warrior Plus can be described as an eCommerce platform that sells digital products related to mostly to the internet marketing and make money online niche. These products include things like software, courses, coaching, small reports and eBooks.

Warrior Plus has been around 2006 (according to their website), so in internet years, they are like ancient which is also how you can describe the design of their website.

You would think that an online company that sells digital products they would understand the importance of a good user interface, but it seems like they are content on keeping it how it is.

So, most people come across Warrior Plus to make money online as either a seller, a buyer or an affiliate marketer. I only want to provide my experience as a buyer and as an affiliate for this network.

Is Warrior Plus Legit?

Yes, the Warrior Plus platform is a legitimate platform, you can buy and sell digital products and make money as an affiliate marketer.

However, where the problem lies with Warrior Plus is in the quality of products they allow to be sold on their platform.

I don’t think there is a thorough quality control process within the network and they let anything to be sold on their platform.

For example, below is an image of the sales page for a product called Affiliate Robot.

warrior plus review

This is a software application that will somehow get you a flood of traffic in three clicks and you will be making lots of money because of this push-button software, well that is what they claim on the sales page

Obviously, there is no such system but that does not seem to stop the Warrior Plus top brass from selling these products on their platform.

This product, by the way, sold thousands of copies and the vendors had the audacity to release a second version of the software which wasn’t much different from the first.

Warrior Plus is filled with products like these and the only way to avoid wasting your money with these types of products is by doing your own research.

How To Choose A Product To Buy Or Promote

There are a couple of ways you can find out whether a product on Warrior Plus is good or not.

First of all, never purchase a product from any affiliate network as soon as it is released, especially from the likes of Warrior Plus and JVZOO, where there is little quality control.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and trying to make money online as a complete beginner, you will be bombarded with offers from Warrior Plus. It can be tough to resist purchasing products that tell you it’s extremely easy to make money online if you just buy some course or push-button software.

I advise you to resist the urge to purchase these kinds of products, whether they are sold on Warrior Plus, JVZOO, Clickbank or any other affiliate network.

So, one method of checking whether a product is good or not is by analysing their overall star rating.

On Warrior Plus, customers can leave feedback in the form of star ratings for the products they have purchased.

You can see the overall star rating of any products on the profile page of the creator of that product.

For, example, the image below shows the overall rating of Affiliate Robot, do you think anybody would buy that product if they had access to that information beforehand?

warrior plus review

Another way to ascertain the quality of a product to is to see its refund rate, which you can do by searching for either the product or the name of the creator inside the Warrior Plus membership area.

Again, going with the same example as before, the image below shows the refund rate for Affiliate Robot, a 15% refund rate!! Although I don’t promote offers from Warrior Plus (not at the moment anyway), I would personally never promote any product that has a refund rate over 5%.

warrior plus review

You should also check out the profile page of the product vendor if they are a serial launcher and have a lot of products on their page, I would personally avoid buying products from them.

This is mainly because the products are typically low quality and after a while, they are not supported and completely forgotten about.

So, I would avoid any products from the creator of Affiliate Robot because looking at their profile page, they have launched a lot of products over the years and the majority of them have high refund rates and poor ratings.

Reading this review so far you may think that I don’t believe there are any good products on this platform.

There are lots of them, but they are hard to find because Warrior Plus does not have advanced filtering options when it comes to searching for good products.

For example, you cannot search for products through their overall customer ratings or their refund rate, which is probably by design as they may not be so proud of the number of low-quality products with high refund rates.

So, the only method I can think of at the moment (if you have a different and more efficient process I would love to hear about it in the comments) is going to the affiliate offers dashboard and filtering by overall sales performance.

This will sort the entire products in the Warrior Plus database by their sales performance, you will have to quickly glance at their sales performance and refund rate to identify a potentially good product. This is not a very efficient process and if you do have a better way of identifying a good product to purchase or promote, tell me about it in the comments section.

After you have found a product, your next task will be to see who the vendor is and do a bit of research on them. Personally, I will avoid vendors who have over 5 products and an overall rating of less than 3-stars.

This is mainly because I don’t trust this platform and people with a lot of products usually do not provide good customer support.

I did find one good product (I am sure I would have found more if Warrior Plus was a network I desperately wanted to work with).

It’s a DFY landing page to collect leads for dental surgeries, the vendor has two other similar products and all of them have good customer rating and a low refund rate.

warrior plus review

Something you have to keep in mind is that with an affiliate network like Warrior Plus, you will need to get permission from the vendors to promote their products, so if you are a complete beginner, it may be difficult to get accepted in promoting Warrior Plus products.

Warrior Plus & Launch Jacking

There are a lot of products that are released every day on Warrior Plus and this is the reason why launch jacking with this network is so popular.

Although I am not a huge fan of this method, its popularity does show that if you do it right, it can be profitable.

So, what is launch jacking? Basically, it is when affiliate marketers will write a review or promotional article about a product before it is released. They usually get review access to the product before it is released but some don’t even do that, you can tell by the vague way they write about a product.

So, they will get review access or read about the product on its JV page and base their review on their limited interaction with the product.

You will have come across these reviews, they usually start with something like “Product Review -Don’t buy this product until…..and get my $10000 bonus”, don’t put your trust in these types of reviews and stay well clear of them. They are not honest and are only looking to make some quick cash without much consideration for their customers.

Warrior Plus Deal Of The Day

The network hands out a daily award called deal of the day, this award has nothing to do with the quality of the product but how many sales it is generating for Warrior Plus.

Just because a product has a deal of the day award does not make it a good product, more than likely, it is a rubbish product as most of them are from a handful of vendors who just continue to launch product after product.

Warrior Plus Alternatives

Many of the alternatives to Warrior Plus have the same issues but they are not as bad, especially with regards to the overall quality of the products and the claims that are made on the sales page.

Some alternatives to Warrior Plus include the following:

  • Clickbank
  • Stack Social
  • Codecanyon
  • Pay kickstart

Final Thoughts

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer and looking to promote Warrior Plus products unless you know the vendor personally or have tested the product out yourself, I would avoid this network. Especially avoid products in the make money online niche as they are the ones with the worst reputation.

There are good products but because they have no quality control or if they do it’s not robust enough to filter out the rubbish products.

Just a rule of thumb, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, in other just be careful with this network with what you promote and purchase.

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