Hi and welcome to this review of uDroppy, this is a relatively new dropshipping app that will help you run an eCommerce business via dropshipping more efficiently.

Dropshipping is a hugely popular eCommerce fulfilment method, it has low start-up costs, there is no inventory to stock and its easy to start.

The popularity of dropshipping has led to the development of many apps and services that aim to make it easier to run a dropshipping business.

The most popular is probably Oberlo but there are many good alternatives to Oberlo like AliDropship, Dropified, Spocket, Modalyst, Shopmaster and many others. You can read my list of the best alternatives to Oberlo here.

uDroppy works in a similar way to the dropshipping apps I just mentioned, it is an app that will help you find products, import products into your Shopify store, fulfil orders quickly, provide tracking data to your customers, in a nutshell, it will help you run your business more efficiently.

uDroppy Review

udroppy review

What Is uDroppy?

Basically, with uDroppy, you get access to a marketplace of over 4000 products from hundreds of manufacturers, these are products that you can resell in your own store. It’s like a smaller alternative to online marketplaces like AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, DHGATE and Made In China (amongst many others).

However, whilst those marketplaces are open to anyone, uDroppy is tailored for eCommerce store owners and more specifically dropshippers. It’s free to sign up and there are three paid subscriptions plans that give you access to more features and better support.

The app is pretty easy to use and you get access to some tutorials on how to get started. Once you sign up to a free account, you get access to the Udroppy member’s area.

As you can see, it’s a clean looking interface and very easy to navigate, on the left you have the main menu where you can access the main features of this app.

udroppy review

uDroppy Features

Product catalogue – Over 4000 products that you can purchase at a discounted rate and resell for a decent profit. 4000 may not seem like a lot and it’s not when you compare it to larger marketplaces but they are continuously adding their product database and if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can ask them to add it to their database. The products are in 27 categories and they are mostly shipped from China.

udroppy review

One-click import – Easily import products from the catalogue into your store including all the images and descriptions at the click of a button. When you are importing any products, you will also be able to set your prices, variants (if there are any) and the shipping method. The free version only lets you import 10 products a month while with the paid subscription plans there are no limits

One-click order fulfilment – Almost all dropshipping apps I have reviewed have this feature and it is a huge time saver. You will not need to fulfil orders individually, you can if you want and it may not make much of a difference if you are just getting a few orders a day, but once you start to get many orders, fulfilling them all at the click of a button will make this process more efficient.

Automated invoicing –You can easily create an invoice with your company details and it will automatically be sent to your customers whenever an order is made.

Fast Shipping Times – They have listed this as one of the benefits of using Udroppy, however, when I actually checked how long their average shipping time is, its around 9-15 days, which isn’t bad for products being shipped from China. However, you can get similar shipping times by using dropshipping apps that use AliExpress to fulfil orders. You can check the shipping rates and estimated delivery times by clicking on the product image and you will get all the data you require as shown below.

udroppy review

Cash on delivery (COD) – This a recent feature they have added and is only available on their more expensive subscription plan. Its exactly how it sounds, customers pay only when they have their product delivered to them. Its currently only available in 7 European countries, so if you get a lot of deliveries from any of these countries, you can use this service. Offering this payment method to your customers may increase conversion as there is no financial risk for them until the product has been delivered. Also, the average shipping time for using this service is between 48-72 hours, so if you have customers in these countries, there is some incentive for them to use this payment method.

Unlimited orders – You can process unlimited orders per month even on the free plan.

Bulk order – This is for people who want to run a traditional stock and ship eCommerce business. You have the option to order products in bulk and lower your overall per item cost. Of course, you will also have pay warehouse fees to stock the products and make your own delivery arrangements which will also add to your overall business costs. I don’t think many dropshippers will use this option, one of the main attractions of running a dropshipping business is that you don’t have to purchase inventory in bulk.

Virtual Warehouse – This is similar to the bulk order option with a couple of differences, you will be buying products in bulk but not too many that you will need your own warehouse. This brings us to the second difference which is that Udroppy will be storing the products in their own warehouses, these warehouses are situated in China and Europe. This might be a good service to use if you start selling a huge number of a few products as it will lower your overall per item cost and increase profits. However, please be aware that the minimum order quantity is 500 units, although this is negotiable depending on your situation. This option is only available on their Pro and Platinum plan.

Private Label – This is for those of you who want to build an eCommerce brand and truly scale your business. Selling private label products is basically just putting your own name and packaging on the product. There is a minimum order requirement of 500 units, however, you can use their virtual warehouse feature to stock your items. This option is only available in the Pro and Platinum plan.

Affiliate Program – This feature isn’t really clear, even their help section wasn’t very helpful on this topic. However, I assume they will help create an affiliate program for your store and help recruit affiliates, who will then drive traffic to your store and increase sales.

Virtual Funds – This is a way of paying your suppliers without having to go through the usual payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Paykickstart etc. You purchase virtual tokens, where one token corresponds to one dollar, you purchase as many tokens as you can and payment is safer and efficient.

Support – This varies across different plans, on the free service, you get access to the Udroppy help centre where you can find numerous articles on how to get started with uDroppy. With the Traction plan, you get dedicated chat support from one of the agents. Finally, if you decide to sign up to their Pro or Platinum plans, you will get assigned a merchant success manager. They will help you in all aspect of your business and guide you through the whole process.

uDroppy Pricing

udroppy review


There are 3 plans you can choose from, however, the features you need to start dropshipping are all available in the free plan. The main difference between each paid plan is the following:

  • The level of support you receive
  • The no. of products you can import into your store
  • The number of requested products
  • The no. of stores you can connect
  • Features like COD, Virtual warehouse, private labelling

Final Thoughts

I am impressed by this dropshipping app and it is a good alternative to the likes of Oberlo, Dropified and Spocket. It does not have a huge range of products but then again, as long as you can identify a winning product, you don’t need access to millions of products. Support seems to be good and you can get started for free. However, please be aware that at this moment, the app is only compatible with Shopify. So, you will need a store that has been built on Shopify to be able to make use of Udroppy.

Something else to consider is product research which is the most important aspects of starting an eCommerce business. Unfortunately, you don’t get any help your product research unless you subscribe to the Pro or Platinum plan. In those plans, you are assigned a merchant success manager who will help you select a product to sell. The Pro and Platinum plans are quite expensive, so if you are on a limited budget, check out Sell The Trend or eComhunt, these are two of my favourite product research services and you can try them for free.

Have you tried uDroppy? I would like to hear your thoughts on this new drophipping if you have used it.

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