In these days of fast moving world of web technology, the need for a robust secure web hosting is a must for any online business.

secure web hosting

See the headlines above? You would think websites within these important governmental departments would be protected from any kind of online hacking attack, but they are not.

If these highly secured sites are vulnerable to attack, then you can be sure that mine and yours would be no problem for these hackers.

Fortunately, small businesses are usually not the target of large scale attacks mentioned in the headline, however, you still have to secure your sites from criminal gangs who may want to steal personal information for nefarious reasons.

However, it isn’t just criminal elements you have to be wary of, spammers and hackers who just enjoy bringing chaos should also be a determining factor when looking for a secure web hosting service.

It goes without saying, the security of your website is essential to its success. Whether you are running a personal blog or large business website, if is vulnerable to attacks, you will lose control of your site and it will be open to abuse.

According to British Insurance Company, Lloyds, companies lose a staggering $400bn a year due to hacking by cyber criminals.

Hackers may try and steal personal information or they can use your computer as part of a larger network to launch a DDoS attack on a large corporate/government website. Which, unfortunately, happens often.

We are living a time of unprecedented technological advancement, it has given us huge benefits but also headaches. We can never fully secure our websites, but there are precautions we can take that minimises the risk and one of them is choosing a hosting service that prioritises security.

You or your business needs hosting services that provide several layers of security so that it deters would-be hackers from attacking your site.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider and many are more important than others. However, I feel security is one of the most important if the most important factor when choosing a web hosting service.

There are several security features that a good hosting service will provide that will assure you that they take security seriously and not just some marketing talk just to sign you up.

Things to look out for a secure web hosting service.

Secure Datacenters

Whichever company you host with, they must take all precautions with their data centers. As this is where all your files will be stored and managed. They should have measures in place for power outages and natural disasters. And access to the servers should have robust security measures put in place. Luckily the majority of web hosts have these measures in place.

Daily Backup

It is good practice to make backup your own website, a good web host will also make backups, a very good host will do this every day. So, should you mess up your website, your hosts will have a backup copy for you to fall back on. And because many top-level hosts backup every day, you will not lose much data.


Generally, most hosts claim 99.9% uptime and this is what you should look for, anything below 99% should be avoided. Having optimal uptimes is vital for your business, you don’t want visitors coming and finding that your website is down because of hosting problems. Downtime of more than 1% could affect your rankings on Google as well.

SSL Certificate

Web Hosts are now providing SSL certificates, some you must pay for but many now are making it part of the hosting package. SSL certificates provide extra levels of security when data is transferred between a site and web server. SSL certificates are especially important for sites that will hold personal information of its customers. However, because Google is giving extra preference to sites that have SSL certificate, it is beneficial for any site that wants to rank in Google. You can tell if a site has SSL certificate installed by checking if web address if it starts with HTTPS, it is SSL certified.

Full Redundancy

Not many hosts provide this, if your site is ever down, some hosts will have a carbon copy of your site up and running before your customers even realise that it was down. Not many have this feature, in fact, I only know of one hosting company that provide this level of support to its customers.

There are many hosting companies that have enterprise level security installed on their servers.

However, because they provide these extra levels of security, prices are quite steep and are out of reach for many people.

Hosting services like WPengine, Pagely and Pressable provide enterprise level secure hosting and have fantastic reputation bu their service is expensive. 

There is one company that provides all these security benefits without the expensive price tag, they host your websites through cloud servers and the hosting is fully managed.

That company is Wealthy Affiliate, if you have read my comprehensive review of this company, you may have noticed that I briefly mentioned  how they use Amazon Web Service (AWS) for their hosting

Many may not realise this, but Amazon’s web service is actually bigger than their online retail service and they provide hosting to many well-known companies.

Amazon web service

Some of the brands that use AWS

So hosting through Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the same as hosting through those $5.99 a month services.

Not only do you get all the benefits of Amazon web services, like secure data centers, fully managed web hosting on the cloud, enterprise level security and optimal loading speeds but you also get Wealthy Affiliates own unique tools and services not to mention 24/7 access to server admins.

So, What other hosting benefits do you get with Wealthy Affiliate?

Host 25 websites

Additional 25 Free websites

Enterprise security

Fully optimised WordPress hosting

Site Builder

Full Redundancy

Instant DNS Setup

BotNet Security

30 GB Website space

Amazon c3.large hosting speed

Unlimited data transfer

Staging environment

Websites optimised for speed (for better Google rankings)

Daily Backup

In addition to top level hosting services, Wealthy Affiliate also provides first-rate training in setting up an online business.

You get access to a community of entrepreneurs that are willing to help you every step of the way to your online success.

You get access to tools and services that will help grow your business and free access to all future upgrades to the hosting platform.

Not only have they made some awesome upgrades to the hosting platform, like SiteSpeed and free SSL certificates but there are major upgrades coming to the training

Wealthy Affiliate are rolling out some major upgrades this coming year, you can read all about it here.

These are very exciting times to be a member of this programme, I know I sound biased and that is because I am.

If you have read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate, you will know that I resisted joining because I wanted to believe all the get rich quick schemes out there.

Once I realised just how unethical some of these marketers were and stopped believing those headlines telling me I could become a six-figure earner in the next month, I quit looking for a magical ATM machine and joined Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are serious about building an online business with world class education, state of the art hosting,innovative learning platform and realise that it will take time and effort, then the best thing you can do is give Wealthy Affiliate chance.

They have been in business for over 10 years and seeing countless success stories, they have proven that they are no flash in the pan like so many other programmes that come and disappear.

So if you are serious about starting an online business and want top-level education and premium hosting try Wealthy Affiliate for free and see what they have to offer.

If you have any queries please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible

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