Looking for an honest review of Tecadmics? You have come to the right place.

I used to have a free membership with Tecademics back when they had a free membership option, but a lot has changed since then and in this review, you will find out what Tecademics original vision was, what it became and what the future holds.

The brains behind Tecademics is  Chris Record, he is a very successful internet marketer and has been hugely successful in the MLM industry. He was one of the top earners in the now infamous empower network and was also involved with Amway.

He has released some good digital products like Dark post profits which has received good reviews. After finding huge success with affiliate marketing he had a vision to create a hub where entrepreneurship and education could be infused together to bring about the ultimate place to learn and start a thriving online business.

This vision ended up being Tecademics.

It was a praiseworthy venture but as you shall see, it didn’t quite turn out how he had hoped.

What is Tecademics?

Tecademics is a so-called internet marketing college (that was its actual first name), its primary objective is to teach internet marketing, how to make money online and especially focusing on dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

The claim is that they will be bringing in the minds of the best internet entrepreneurs along with College educated professors to teach people how to become successful online business owners. 

It opened to huge fanfare in the fall of 2016 and was supposed to take the internet marketing industry by storm. So many people were promoting it because of its lucrative affiliate program in which people could earn multiple thousands of pounds with one commission.

Its business model resembled that of an MLM and I was not a huge fan of this but I was excited about the overall system and the education it promised to bring.

They have a campus in Scottsdale, Arizona, and things looked to be going in the right direction. Chris had a lot of success as a Shopify affiliate and met up with reps from Shopify to see if they could form a special partnership with Tecademics.

This then lead to the Shopify 90-day challenge, a program in which students would be taught how to open and run a successful dropshipping business within 90 days. This had a whiff of a get rich quick scheme and it didn’t last very long.

Chris recruited serial entrepreneur Jim Piccolo to lead the Company, Jim led a real estate empire that was worth $100 million but that all came crashing down after the financial disaster of 2008.  Jim Joined in early 2017 and by the end of 2017 or early 2018, Chris decided to leave, no one really knows the circumstances of his departure but he seems to have left on good terms.

Jim went on to make some radical changes to Tecademics, most of it I think was good ( he got rid of the get rich quick scheme vibe it gave off and the MLM recruitment scheme) but Tecademics overall fortunes seem to have taken a downturn.

At its height, it was getting more than 400k visitors a month, but now according to Serpstat, it barely gets 4k visitors.

tecademics review 2019

With that being said, let’s take a look at what kind of education they offer.

Tecademics Courses

When I first wrote this review of Tecademics, they had four membership levels, one was free with lots of video tutorials about affiliate marketing and three other membership levels, they were;

Entrepreneurs Club -$100pm

Impact Series – 12-month program -$2000 one time fee

Masters Series – 2-year course at their Arizona facility costing $10000

There was also something called the eComincubator, a 12-month programme where students would have had to shell out $25,000 to spend a whole year at Tecademics Arizona facility and learn how to open and run an eCommerce store.

In my view, all the courses were overhyped and priced way above what they were really worth.

So I think it’s a good thing they have abandoned them.

They now offer 16 “paths” to success, each path is broken into 3 courses. They are called Foundational Course, Core course and Tactical course.

There are two additional courses, one is called Sprint course, this is like a condensed version of the first three courses and the other is an Optional course.

The 16 paths to success are as follows;

  1. Agency Start-Up
  2. Digital Asset Brokering
  3. Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs
  4. Drone Pilot (That surprised me!!)
  5. Ecom Foundations
  6. Ecom Management
  7. Ecom Mastery
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Facebook Ad Specialist
  10. Lead Generation
  11. Online Video Marketing Specialist
  12. PPC
  13. Print On Demand
  14. SEO Strategist
  15. Social Media Ad Specialist
  16. Social Media Manager

As I mentioned,all these paths are broken into 3 courses,to give you an idea of what I mean,below are the courses that relate to the SEO Strategist path.

I have to say that they look to have produced a comprehensive curriculum for each subject and it is an improvement to what they offered before.

For the moment they seem to have discontinued their online learning platform as most of the courses will be taught at their Arizona facility.

This could change in the future,however, for now, it seems only those living in the US can enrol in their courses.

Also, the cost of each course is not publicly available,if you are interested you will have to chat with one of their student advisors.

Tuition Packages

They offer two tuition packages;

  1. Monetise
  2. Accelerate

Monetise is a 6-week programme at their Arizona facility consisting of 30 courses,that will show people who to build,grow and scale a digital business.

The Accelerate tuition package lets you choose 10 of the 30 courses,which you take over a 10-day period at their campus.

The difference between the two other than the number of courses and the time it takes is that with the Monetise tuition package you will learn every aspect of digital marketing.

With Accelerate,you only concentrate on a specific area of digital marketing.

Tecademics Affiliate Programme

The Tecademics affiliate programme seems to be have been discontinued, it used to have a multi-tier affiliate programme similar to that of how an MLM company structures their compensation plan.

However, abandoning this seems to be part of their restructuring under this new management.

I could be wrong, they may still have an affiliate programme, but the information is not publicly available on their website.

Final Thoughts

Is Tecademics a scam? No, it’s a company that provides learning opportunities for people looking to start an online business.

It has gone through some radical changes in its short history  and with the departure of its founder, Chris Record, the company has little resemblance to what his original vision was,

They don’t have an online programme anymore and all of their classes take place at their Arizona campus. So,if you live outside of the US,I really wouldn’t recommend this.

If you live in the US, it could be worth a shot, however, the cost of the courses is not available on their site, so do your due diligence before enrolling.

Chris Record leaving was a disappointment, as I believed he was one of the driving forces behind Tecademics initial success. However, they have abandoned the MLM business model and their curriculum looks to be more comprehensive, which is a plus.

If you are looking to start a digital business, try my no.1 recommendation, unlike many other online training programs, this company has been helping people build successful online businesses for over 13 years.

They helped me stop looking for a quick and fast way to make money online ( there is no such thing, it takes hard work and a lot of time) and start building an online business that will last well into the future. 

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