Tecademics Review – Is it a Scam ?

Looking for an honest review of Tecadmics? You have come to the right place.

I used to have a free membership with Tecademics back when they had a free membership option, but a lot has changed since then and in this review, you will find out what Tecademics original vision was, what it became and what the future holds.

The brains behind Tecademics is  Chris Record, he is a very successful internet marketer and has been hugely successful in the MLM industry. He was one of the top earners in the now infamous empower network and was also involved with Amway.

He has released some good digital products like Dark post profits which has received good reviews. After finding huge success with affiliate marketing he had a vision to create a hub where entrepreneurship and education could be infused together to bring about the ultimate place to learn and start a thriving online business.

This vision ended up being Tecademics.

It was a praiseworthy venture but as you shall see, it didn’t quite turn out how he had hoped.

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What is Tecademics?

Tecademics is a so-called internet marketing college (that was its actual first name), its primary objective is to teach internet marketing, how to make money online and especially focusing on dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

The claim is that they will be bringing in the minds of the best internet entrepreneurs along with College educated professors to teach people how to become successful online business owners. 

It opened to huge fanfare in the fall of 2016 and was supposed to take the internet marketing industry by storm. So many people were promoting it because of its lucrative affiliate program in which people could earn multiple thousands of pounds with one commission.

Its business model resembled that of an MLM and I was not a huge fan of this but I was excited about the overall system and the education it promised to bring.

They have a campus in Scottsdale, Arizona, and things looked to be going in the right direction. Chris had a lot of success as a Shopify affiliate and met up with reps from Shopify to see if they could form a special partnership with Tecademics.

This then lead to the Shopify 90-day challenge, a program in which students would be taught how to open and run a successful dropshipping business within 90 days. This had a whiff of a get rich quick scheme and it didn’t last very long.

Chris recruited serial entrepreneur Jim Piccolo to lead the Company, Jim led a real estate empire that was worth $100 million but that all came crashing down after the financial disaster of 2008.  Jim Joined in early 2017 and by the end of 2017 or early 2018, Chris decided to leave, no one really knows the circumstances of his departure but he seems to have left on good terms.

Jim went on to make some radical changes to Tecademics, most of it I think was good ( he got rid of the get rich quick scheme vibe it gave off and the MLM recruitment scheme) but Tecademics overall fortunes seem to have taken a downturn.

At its height, it was getting more than 400k visitors a month, but now according to Serpstat, it barely gets 4k visitors.

tecademics review 2019

With that being said, let’s take a look at what kind of education they offer.

Tecademics Courses

When I first wrote this review of Tecademics, they had four membership levels, one was free with lots of video tutorials about affiliate marketing and three other membership levels, they were;

Entrepreneurs Club -$100pm

Impact Series – 12-month program -$2000 one time fee

Masters Series – 2-year course at their Arizona facility costing $10000

There was also something called the eComincubator, a 12-month programme where students would have had to shell out $25,000 to spend a whole year at Tecademics Arizona facility and learn how to open and run an eCommerce store.

In my view, all the courses were overhyped and priced way above what they were really worth.

So I think it’s a good thing they have abandoned them.

They now offer 16 “paths” to success, each path is broken into 3 courses. They are called Foundational Course, Core course and Tactical course.

There are two additional courses, one is called Sprint course, this is like a condensed version of the first three courses and the other is an Optional course.

The 16 paths to success are as follows;

  1. Agency Start-Up
  2. Digital Asset Brokering
  3. Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs
  4. Drone Pilot (That surprised me!!)
  5. Ecom Foundations
  6. Ecom Management
  7. Ecom Mastery
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Facebook Ad Specialist
  10. Lead Generation
  11. Online Video Marketing Specialist
  12. PPC
  13. Print On Demand
  14. SEO Strategist
  15. Social Media Ad Specialist
  16. Social Media Manager

As I mentioned,all these paths are broken into 3 courses,to give you an idea of what I mean,below are the courses that relate to the SEO Strategist path.

I have to say that they look to have produced a comprehensive curriculum for each subject and it is an improvement to what they offered before.

For the moment they seem to have discontinued their online learning platform as most of the courses will be taught at their Arizona facility.

This could change in the future,however, for now, it seems only those living in the US can enrol in their courses.

Also, the cost of each course is not publicly available,if you are interested you will have to chat with one of their student advisors.

Tuition Packages

They offer two tuition packages;

  1. Monetise
  2. Accelerate

Monetise is a 6-week programme at their Arizona facility consisting of 30 courses,that will show people who to build,grow and scale a digital business.

The Accelerate tuition package lets you choose 10 of the 30 courses,which you take over a 10-day period at their campus.

The difference between the two other than the number of courses and the time it takes is that with the Monetise tuition package you will learn every aspect of digital marketing.

With Accelerate,you only concentrate on a specific area of digital marketing.

Tecademics Affiliate Programme

The Tecademics affiliate programme seems to be have been discontinued, it used to have a multi-tier affiliate programme similar to that of how an MLM company structures their compensation plan.

However, abandoning this seems to be part of their restructuring under this new management.

I could be wrong, they may still have an affiliate programme, but the information is not publicly available on their website.

Final Thoughts

Is Tecademics a scam? No, it’s a company that provides learning opportunities for people looking to start an online business.

It has gone through some radical changes in its short history  and with the departure of its founder, Chris Record, the company has little resemblance to what his original vision was,

They don’t have an online programme anymore and all of their classes take place at their Arizona campus. So,if you live outside of the US,I really wouldn’t recommend this.

If you live in the US, it could be worth a shot, however, the cost of the courses is not available on their site, so do your due diligence before enrolling.

Chris Record leaving was a disappointment, as I believed he was one of the driving forces behind Tecademics initial success. However, they have abandoned the MLM business model and their curriculum looks to be more comprehensive, which is a plus.

If you are looking to start a digital business, try my no.1 recommendation, unlike many other online training programs, this company has been helping people build successful online businesses for over 13 years.

They helped me stop looking for a quick and fast way to make money online ( there is no such thing, it takes hard work and a lot of time) and start building an online business that will last well into the future. 

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98 thoughts on “Tecademics Review – Is it a Scam ?”

  1. Interesting review, providing ample warning to anyone on the cusp of joining up with them. I do feel extremely sorry for those sucked into these schemes. Your phrase – “I’ll admit one thing about these big hitters in the MLM industry, they know how to sell average products for above market price” – really does say all that is needed.

    • Hi John

      Unfortunately, this is the reason why the industry has such a bad name, people selling getting quick rich schemes by selling a dream. The price some of
      the MLM schemes charge is ridiculous, I hope people are made aware before they part with their hard earned money for overpriced courses.



  2. Hi Minhaj

    Great article and thanks for the heads up!
    It makes complete sense why you would join MLM programs to confirm to us they are scams or just not worth the time.

    So many self proclaimed “gurus” are taking people for a BIG ride, the only way they make their money is off of fools! Sorry to say it that way but I was one of them before I learned to recognize what is promising, what has potential and what smells rotten from a mile away.
    Most scammers have a ‘instant gratification’ mentality and that’s why they do what they do without feeling guilty or the guilt only sets in after the damage was done.

    Thank you for your honesty and informing folks here on your site.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Kamil

      Glad you enjoyed the article and you are so right, no MLM scheme is worth the hassle and deception.
      I too have been deceived by these marketing companies and lost quite a bit of money.
      Its why I always try to warn people getting into MLM schemes.

      All the best


  3. Very good review, I have been a part of several of these programs and realize that these types of business, in my opinion, is a pyramid scheme and those at the top get all of the good stuff, while it is possible for you to make some money yet is is not that easy and the way that you think. Thanks for providing such wonderful information.

    • Hi Norman

      Yup they are all pyramid schemes, to make any money with these MLM companies, you either have to join early or spend a lot of money for recruitment purposes.
      And the educational material they provide is way overpriced. They make you think it’s so easy to make money online and when you join them, they teach you basic stuff that can be found anywhere online. MLM companies run deceiving advertising campaigns, I wish something was done about this.

      All the best


  4. Thanks Minhaj! There are a lot of scams out there, but there are also a lot of ‘legit’ platforms that will still take your money and leave you unsatisfied. It’s important to know that just because something is ‘real’, it doesn’t mean that it’s in your best interest.
    Although the name Tecademics is catchy, that’s about it, and the price is STEEP! Wow! College prices without getting the college degree… no way. I appreciate that you give a reputable platform as an alternative.

    • Hi Jess

      Tecademics is a catchy name, but their advertising is so decitful and the material they provide is so generic. All the stuff on the free membership can easily be found om youtube. And then the paid services are way overpriced.
      The two alternatives I mentioned are way better and nowhere near as expensive.

      All the best


  5. Thanks for your review. Hopefully people considering tecacademics will find your report before spending large sums of money. You have been very helpful.

  6. It sounds ridiculous to ask for that much money and to offer an E-commerce website and some tutorials… With $25,000, I am sure that I can pay someone to make my store… Let’s say that I would pay around $2000 for a great store and for the rest of the money I am sure that I could hire an SEO specialist, content writers and a social media expert to promote my store. I also believe that I will have left around $10,000 in order to pay for ads. What would you do with that cash?

    • Hi Andrei

      The price is ridiculous, the alternative I mentioned (storecoach), they will build you a store for less than a $1000 and their SEO services (which are of the highest quality, as a previous premium member I read some of their stuff and it is awesome) will also cost you less than a thousand. Thats $2000 for a top quality store that has been optimised for top 10 ranking in google. Any extra costs are just to scale up your operartion. So the $25000 tecademics charge is truly ridiculous.

      All the best


  7. Oh wow, I had never heard of Tecademics. They are definitely way overpriced. As someone who has been in many MLM programs, I can say that I only made other people rich and never myself. WA is definitely a much much better choice for learning to be successful online. Great job on the site and explaining the pros and cons of Tecademics, very helpful information.

  8. Hi Admin, and thank you for taking the time to research and write this. While I have been searching for a way to make money online, I encountered a few MLM sites. They always strike me as pyramid schemes, even though they may not be. I have plenty of friends and relatives trying to sell me stuff that way. Thanks to you, I can add Tecademics to my list of groups to avoid.

    • Hi Irma

      Glad you found it helpful, always be aware of people who keep wanting to recruit into an MLM scheme, chances are paying some stupid amount of money just to be part of this scheme.

      All the best


  9. This is a good review with a honest opinion of what they do. But to take all MLM’s and label them scams is not right. There are companies that have been around 20 years or more and people made money and are still making money with them.

    Yes most of them are not good and do nothing but sell high priced products but you cannot say that all of them are. The evidence does not support that. Yes you may have got into one that scammed you and you lost money but not all of them are that way.

    • Hi Rakip

      I was careful not call tecademics a scam, even in my article exposing MLM companies I didn’t call them all scams. It’s their advertising and business model I find highly unethical.For me it really does not matter how long a company has been in business if their business ethics are questionable I would never get involved. All MLM advocates really should read Dr Jon.M Taylors book ‘Multi-Level Marketing unmasked’ its an eye opener.
      All the best


  10. Hey man I enjoyed your review, and I do agree with your opinion on MLMs. To me, MLMs are never scams, but they always have one thing in common which is false advertising when they claim that everyone can do it. This is simply not the case and those that are earning are as you’ve said, experienced or have a lot of money to spend on advertising. However, I do want to point out that anything with a free membership should be worth looking into, since it is free and I’m actually pretty glad that Tecademics has a free membership. I’ll check it out to see what’s up !

  11. Great information! I got caught up in an MLM some years ago! Lots of programs that what to charge your big bucks to teach you how to succeed online! That is why I love WA!

  12. Thanks for the info given, glad that I have not purchased their plan yet! I agreed that there are a lot of MLM-liked schemes out there but I personally think MLM is not really a scheme by itself. Amway, for example, is a great example of a successful MLM company does not scam people. It is the people who implements MLM concept into scams.

  13. hi Minhaj, I once came across this company but was not hooked because of its hefty tag price. I guess it was consumer psychology that led me to ignore it… usually, even if it is legit but if the offer is to pay a huge sum of money, my brain automatically rejects it. Now with your review, I shall look at it in pragmatic view. I’ll try to first understand it. Even with the huge amount to pay, I hope to be able to come into terms with it and maybe consider. Or maybe just go with free starter program. I have yet to decide. But thanks for this article. It made do a second look.

  14. $25,000 dollars!?? Wow you know what you could do with that kind of money and actually be successful in online business? I hate never heard of this company but I am really glad that I don’t because I would seriously be asking if they are joking. I’m glad that you shed some truth about this company as so many people are becoming desperate for money they are willing to throw $25000 down the drain. Wow I’m glad there are better alternative out there that people can use.

  15. Hi Mhinaj,
    Great review article of this company. I saw their price levels are way too much let alone in peso currency. It seems without getting the highest price, you cannot get the complete pie of success. Obviously the target market of their niche are those people willing to shell out that much in exchange of what they could get in return. But for me success in any Online business do not depend on how much we spend on trainings. Making big money online takes time and motivation. Starting rhe right way is essential to success. Building first a solid foundation at reasonable price is a good start just like here at Wealthy Affiliate.
    To add, MLM business model has been exploited and being use to take advantage people for the personal gains of the few. A good and legit MLM company must be product driven and not on recruitment. Though I agree that only 2% or less is making good money in any MLM business and its a fact. Majority are being hyped and mis informed. I became a member of a legit MLM company not because of the COMPLAN but because of the product and the benefits it gave to me and my family. I have this kind of emotional attachment with the product that is why I used to share the product instead of the opportunity. MLM is for everyone but not everyone is for MLM. You could be one of the top 2% at the expense of the remainder or you could be asking yourself how this top earners have done it.
    Just a thought. Your articles are worth reading.

    • Hi Jose

      I’m glad you found a legit MLM product that you make good use of and not just use the MLM business opportunity to recruit.
      While I agree that a good MLM company must be product driven and not just constantly recruit, this is hardly the case for the majority of MLM businesses.

      Their 99% failure rate is why I discourage people from joining them

      Wish you all the best.

  16. Thanks for the good review on Tecademies.

    However, I don’t agree with you for one of the part in your intro. You said that only those who have a huge sum of money or who get in the game early are successful and the rest are left fighting to recruit more people into the system.

    I’m not an advocate of MLM but your definition of MLM is wrong. What you are referring to here is actually pyramid scheme. A good MLM company does not necessarily requires one to have huge sum of money in order to succeed and it is not necessary for them to simply “recruit” more people into the company.

    MLM have real products or services to sell while a pyramid scheme doesn’t. A pyramid scheme only make money by recruiting people and only those who are at the top will succeed. However, it’s not really the case for MLM.

    • Hi Jerry

      Appreciate your comments but I have to disagree, All MLM companies are pyramid schemes, that doesn’t necessarily make them bad but because of their business structure, they do need to constantly recruit to have a thriving business.

      I refer to you the book by Dr Jon M Taylor ‘Multi-level Marketing unmasked’ where he analysed over 600 MLM companies, is conclusions were startling.
      If you want to know my full thoughts about the MLM industry and why I discourage people from joining them, please read my article Why MLM is bad.

      Wish you all the best

  17. Very good review, enjoyed it very much. Although I havent purchased anything yet, I believe because of the knowledge youve given me today I might very soon. Good day!

  18. Beautiful Site. Very Informative and pleasing to the eye. kept me wanting to learn more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  19. Wow that sounds a lot like Amay in a lot of ways. With Amay not only were you selling the product to other you were also building a downline. Again this is considered and is a pyramid scheme and the only people who make any real money are those on top. I agree the system has many flaws and there are many warnings about these schemes. Thanks for the Information!

  20. Hi,
    Great review. There is so much scam around these days. It’s good that people like you are trying to make people aware and help them not fall for it. I have also written an article about another scam called MOBE 21 Step System. Only found out half way through that in order to continue i had pay a great deal of money. Here’s the article: https://affiliatemike.com/mobe-scam/
    So people remember: You don’t have to pay fortune for good training these days. If it’s too expensive, chances are it’s a scam!
    All the best

    • Hi Mike

      Totally agree with you, if it sounds too good, it probably is.
      BTW I was deceived by MOBE’s deceptive advertising as well, luckily I left before they could take any more money from me.

  21. The people who will be coming to this program are looking to make money online, not give away the little that is in their savings account… Wow the price is crazy!

    I was already turned off at the price, I and most people looking to get started in online marketing don’t have this type of money.

    Great post and review!

  22. I have attended a few lessons from Chris Record and he does have some valuable strategies in Ecomm and social media advertising. I also learned some great viral video tactics as well. I heard him mention Techademics and I was wondering what it was all about. I have had bad experiences in MLM and I didn’t know that’s how they structured their program. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and it’s been extremely beneficial. At WA there is unlimited education and resources for Affiliate marketing and online business. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you want to do any business online.

    Thanks for the info!


  23. Hey there, I’ve heard about this organization somewhere but didn’t know what it was. Certainly didn’t know that it is operating with an MLM model.

    You mentioned that you have a free membership. I am looking around the site and can’t even find a sign-up form/page. How did you get into it? I am curious to know.

    • Hi Cathy

      There is a members login on the top right hand corner, if you click on that you will be taken to a login page, below the login button there is an option to Register a new account.

  24. Hi Minhaj
    Thanks for this review.
    If i wanted to open up an E-Commerce store, i would definitely join SHOPIFY. I have spent a lot of time on their website, and their training, support, forums, blogs etc., are excellent.
    The monthly cost is much smaller than what these bozo’s are asking for.
    It pays to shop around, and they are asking way too much for Education.

    • Hi Greg

      Yes you are right about shopify, they have their own training and support forums but even if you wanted independent training for ecommerce there are cheaper and better alternatives. One which is Storecoach , they are cheaper and offer better training plus they haven’t just jumped on the ecommerce bandwagon,

      All the best greg.

  25. Thanks for this review, There membership is quite expensive and the commission is quite confusing too… I’ll better stay away to that company because I don’t have that much money. And MLM company is really expensive and not for everybody who looking for opportunities to make money online. Thanks again for this wonderful review.

    With a warm smile,
    Joana Marie

    • Hi Joana

      Glad you found my article useful, everything about MLM confuses me. From the convoluted compensation plans to their average products which they sell for ridiculous prices, MLM business models should be avoided.

  26. Tecademic’s money back guarantee that refunds after more than a year after investing is ridiculous. Furthermore, a $25k investment is no joke so I would expect the one on one training to start on day one.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I can confirm that they are indeed very thorough in their training lessons. Add that to the many other features that Wealthy Affiliate has, and you end up with an exceptional service.

    • HI Jubileu

      I agree, the money back guarantee for this type of programme is not really worth anything. What i dont reallu understand is that they more or less insinuate that you can be making 6 figures with their other training, so what on earth is the point of the Ecomincubator? Why spend $25000 to go to Arizona and learn stuff that you can most probably find on the internet for a fraction of that price? Boggles my mind

  27. Man, do I hate levels, especially more than two, in any program! My idea is that they want to get you to the highest level in exchange for your money or much of your effort which won’t be rightly compensated.

    But since most of their strategies are honest, I prefer them over the rest.

    I was thinking of giving it a go, do you think a free membership is really going to get a good deal off money in my account every month?

    • Hi Dave

      I don’t think i understood your second sentence. are you saying that Tecademics strategy is honest?

      You can open a free account with them, but Like I said in the review, their free training doesn’t really amount to much and similar trainin can be found on the internet.

  28. Hey Minhaj,

    Thanks for this review, I’ve always been interested in online marketing and I found your post very informative. I like your honesty in saying the plain truth without biasing in the “this is great” or “this is crap” camp. I agree with you, I don’t love MLMs, even if they are legit, I hate the business model of having to promote products to people you know or people in your social circle. And as you said, these products are not really great in terms of quality versus price.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Anh

      Thanks for stopping and commenting. I agree, even if a MLM company provided decent products/services I still wouldn’t promote them because their business model is so flawed.

      All the best

  29. Wow the numbers keep rising with this company. t seems like people stand a better chance just figuring out how to make money online on their own instead of paying these high prices. This actually came right on time as I hope to open an E-Commerce store one day in the very near future. I will definitely check out store coach for what they offer.

  30. Nice review to bring out the MLM flaw as a business. But yeah MLM always have a followers. And I still don’t understand why those followers don’t want to learn about the scheme.Now is the era of information they could find the review of MLM first. But what they preferred to do was just eat the bait of being rich quickly.:(

  31. Hi Zidane786,
    Thank you for the great review. This program is ridiculously expensive and sounds like they do not offer you much in return. Just like all the other traditional Pyramid Scheme, people at the top get rich from taking advantage of others. I am not saying that some people might not make money, but it would not be worth the risk to me. I have not heard of Tecademics before, the price alone would make me move on, so thank you for the enlightening information. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great option where they provide excellent training and everyone has an opportunity to actually learn and with some effort, become successful.

    • Hi Dana

      MLM schemes are not worth the hassle, unless you have a huge budget for advertising purposes, there is little chance you will make any money from the compensation plans. As for their education, if the free membership is anything to go by, then you are better of elsewhere and yes Wealthy Affiliate is one option as is Storecoach. Both have been in thier respective fields for over a decade and don’t charge you an arm and a leg for premium training.

  32. So technically you can sell their products as an affiliate without buying a product yourself? But you have to make 3 sales before you are eligible for your first commission? And you don’t receive a commission on your first sale – every?

    And that’s what makes their affiliate program an MLM?

    Did I understand that right? You’re right, that IS confusing.

    I think it’s simpler to just get a straight percentage of the purchase price as an affiliate, and move on to the next sale…

    • Hi Laurie

      Yes you can sell their products and earn commission, but to be eligible for commission as a free member, the commission for your first sale goes to your referrer. Then the next 2 sales of the same product, you and your referrer get 20% commission and on the next 4 you get 40% commission. Then on the fifth, you again split your commission with your referrer.Then the next 4 sales, you get

      So that cycle is repeated.

      They have 3 levels, as a free member, you have to make an activation sale on each level before being eligible for commission. Just one sale on each level, will activate you for commission. But you have to make a sale on each level, you will not get commission if someone you refer goes to another level.

      Confusing? yes and thats why I warn against MLM schemes.

      My brain hurts

  33. I am not a fan pf MLM programs and Tecademics does not endear itself to me at all. It may not be a scam but when you describe MLM business plans as hugely flawed with deceptive advertising my red flag goes up. When you sign up as a free member do they ask for your banking details? I am a firm believer in ‘if I earn it then I keep it’ that is why I stick with affiliate marketing. You know if you sell something you get to keep your commission not give it to someone else.

    • Hi Margaret

      No when you sign up for a free membership they do not ask for bank details, but as I stated the free membership doesn’t amount to much.

      You are right traditional affiliate marketing is way more simple and fair, high ticket MLM schemes like Tecademics thrown in extra hoops before you can make your first commission.

      And the compensation plan for all MLM schemes is down right confusing.

      Just one of many reasons to stay away from them.

      All the best

  34. That’s one I’m sure to stay away from, I too have been taken advantage of by others that operate like this, it’s a shame that people get caught up in those shady deals, it makes it harder to trust ones that actually are trying to do right, but thank you for the info.

  35. Hi Minhaj! Thank you for your post, it’s very informative. Let me ask you a question, what would be Wealthy Affiliate’s main advantages over Tecademics? Thanks in advance for your answer!

    • Hi Nico
      Great question, the main advantage is the paid membership, with Wealthy Affiliate yu get everything and more, Tecademics you have three levels and the $100 a month level doesn’t provide much, not even hosting for your websites. And Judging from the free content they provide, I would guess their paid content is not much better. Like I state in the review, these MLM gurus know how to sell, that’s you have to be wary.
      All the best

  36. I despise MLM companies. I find it sad that you have to con others in order to make money. All of them do it and some are worst than others. Also, wow the other memberships ae extremely expensive. Holy cow! $100 dollars a month! I work as an international teaching and an average rate for a TEFL degree is $300 dollars. And a plus it is good for life! But I digress.

    Do you have a review on Beachbody? A few of my friends are involved and have asked me. Just want another perspective.

    • Me to, I despise them as well, bad experiences along with unethical business practices have left a bad taste. Thier membership is ridiculous and you hardly get anything worthwhile but to be fair to Tecademics, they are one of the cheaper MLM companies.

      As for beachboy, I have heard of them but never really looked into their operation, however, if it operates as an MLM scheme, stay far away.

      All the best

  37. Really appreciate your review! It’s a complete overview of the program. Even though you sort of recommend this program I’m not sure I would go for it, because it asks for such exorbitant amounts of money. It’s really great that you gave all the pros & cons because that way I can also spread the word in case anyone asks me what Tecademics is about.
    You also mention two other programs, one of them being Wealthy Affiliate, which is the best online program I’ve found, so totally agree with you on that one. The other option you recommend is StoreCoach (which is based on eCommerce). Can you tell me how does one compare over the other? (WA & StoreCoach)
    Also, I’ve read about people integrating Oberlo on Shopify, any thoughts on that?


    • Hi Mar

      There are a couple of reasons I sort of recommend Tecademics,one is the free membership, if people just want to check it out they can see what it has to offer (and it’s not much). The other reason  Tecademics is one of the cheapest priced digital MLM companies, that should tell you everything about this deceptive industry. Their prices are high but its nothing compared to what’s out there.

      WA and Store Coach are different I can’t really compare them, Store Coach solely focuses on eCommerce and they have been in the game for over a decade and didn’t just jump on the eCommerce gravy train.I’m not saying there is anything wrong with jumping on a good opportunity, It’s just I would be more confident in the training from Store Coach than the other programmes that have just popped up recently.

      WA is a complete programme, they teach everything with regards to internet marketing and funnily enough, the only training I have not seen in WA is eCommerce. 

      All the best

  38. Thank you for your review of Tecademics! I’ve never heard of Tecademics, but I never followed or got into digital MLMs. I probably would never join, even if it’s a free membership.

    The prices are outrageous and I’m sure they don’t teach anything I haven’t learned from other internet marketers for free or prices under $100. I don’t really understand why anyone would even consider paying $10,000 or $25,000. I think it’s foolish.

    And that’s honestly one of the worst compensation plans I’ve ever seen. There’s too many requirements before you can actually earn anything. That’s really leading someone into debt right away.

    Thank you for this information and the research you put into it! I will be sure to stay a long ways away from Tecademics.


    • Hi Weston

      I’m glad you understood the compensation plan, it still kind of confuses me but that is the problem with all MLM schemes

      Glad you found the article useful

      All the best


  39. I pity anyone involved in an MLM. They sell you a dream of working from home, but in actual fact most people alienate their friends and family trying to sell rubbish products. The only guys making money in an MLM are the guys at the top. Everyone on the bottom is making very little, and probably losing money. It’s such a scam.

  40. Hello,
    thank you for sharing with us your review about the company called Tecademics. It seems like a good business opportunity for online marketers and definitely, it is not a scam, but I agree with you, there are definitely better alternatives. Thank you for explaining in detail everything about this company.

  41. To be honest, I;m not a fan of the MLM business world because the concept is just flawed on so many different levels.

    Tecademics seems like a legit program (as you pointed out), but when looking at the package costs, it’s clear to see that it’s a total rip-off. Although not as expensive, it’s very similar to Empower Network, MOBE , and Digital Altitude – All programs designed to encourage you into spending $1,000’s on coaching products for showing you how to promote the same products for big commissions.

    How is this approach ever classed as an “ethical” way of building a business?

    You do get some value from Tecademics. But unfortunately, the scam is in the price.


    • Hi Neil

      You are absolutely right to compare with those other MLM opportunities, in fact when I said that some of their biggest earners promote multiple MLM companies, the ones you named are the ones they promote. 

      So unethical, there are multiple reasons why this industry has such high failure rates and one of them is because of MLM’s deceptive advertising making it seem like its going to be so easy to earn money.

      It’s why I always warn against anything MLM

      All the best

  42. Thank for the Tecademics review.

    I have heard so much hype about Tecademics. I am much suprissed by the high prices they charge.

    I question these charges. Does these charges translate to profitable returns. There are other platforms that offer training at far less prices such as Wealthy Affilliate and yet greater resaults for newbies

    • Hi Jonathan

      Not only does Wealthy Affiliate provide better training, support, and tools but they just have one price point and it isn’t a ridiculous amount of money these MLM companies charge.

      It’s why Wealthy Affiliate have been so successful and why these companies peak after a couple years and their top earners look for something new to promote.

  43. I in general do not like the MLM business model, and Tecademics therefore does not seem very appealing to me.

    MLMs always seem to have very complicated commissions structures that makes it difficult to calculate what you can actually make. And after hearing a lot of bad things about the empower network, it does not make sense to me to join a program where the same owner is behind.

    Thanks for the warning and review.

  44. This seems to be a rather confusing and contradictory program. Just like the MLM scheme, the different courses, compensations and earnings are complicated.
    You mention that is is not a scam and it is a program that you would “maybe” reccomend?hmmm.
    From reading your excellent review of it I do get the impression that this is something you would avoid yourself and that your recommendation is to join Wealthy Affiliate instead. Wealthy Affliliate is to me a straight forward, cheap and easy to use program.
    Thank you for a great post.

    • Hi Jojo

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, maybe I wasn’t clear, I would only recommend people try out the free offer. I also want to give Tecademics a chance to improve because they are relatively new. However, I do log into my account now and again and they don’t seem to be improving any of the free material so it does not look good.

      All the best


  45. Tecademics sounds a lot like a number of shady MLM businesses I’ve been involved in, and the feeling is that it makes me nauseated, just like the others eventually did. Thanks for your efforts in making the details known – anything that can help save honest folks from the many bumps and bruises along the path to success on the net is appreciated. I, for one, will be avoiding these guys.

    • Hi Bob

      I too was involved with a couple of MLM’s,  I didn’t have a good experience and left after losing some money. I do hope my review helps people in making an informed decision whether to join this programme or not.

      All the best


  46. I am glad you both revealed and explained this program. I believe that people who are willing to pay such a high membership fee are lured in by the promise of riches that far outweigh this payment. I also believe they want to belong to something that they are convinced is important, thus making them important by association. They skirt the truth and it is unfortunate for those who buy into this. Thanks for the warning.

  47. This is a great article on Tecademics. I too have tried this in the past and found it to be flawed as well. There were many topics that were out of date which I found annoying. It looks like they don’t update there content to keep up with the times. I definitely agree with your rating for this site. One question I have for you, would you recommend any different better sites to make money online?

  48. I like the fact that you have a personal experience with this company and not just speaking from an outside perspective. I also like that even though you are a member, you do not try and persuade people into thinking it’s good choice. I really appreciate the honesty in your review. Great Job!

  49. Hi There,

    I’m so glad I found your review of Tecademics. I’ve always been skeptical of MLM opportunities since I’ve been burned before. Normally I would be completely turned away from Tecademics, but you make it sound like it could be at least slightly legit. My only concern is that it might not be worth the trouble promoting the opportunity if you can’t earn commissions on every sale. Have you found that you have had good conversions with this opportunity? Looking forward to your response.

    The Dad

    • Hi

      I don’t promote anything MLM, I say it may be worth looking into the free stuff because new marketers may find something useful. But seriously you can find them on youtube or any of the marketing g forums like digital point, warrior forum or blackhat world.

      All the best

  50. I had very mixed feelings about this product. I am NOT a fan of MLM products. My parents were a part of Trump’s ACN company a while ago, and even as a teenager, I realized that I would never want to be involved in that kind of business.
    I prefer blogging for business, social media influencer and affiliate marketing. I am still a beginner in this stuff but I know my heart accepts these things.

  51. Wow! Thanks a ton for this awesome review. I’ve heard about Tecademics and I was interested in joining them because they claim to offer so much. But with every MLM, we have to take caution before deciding to join. I’m glad to have stumbled upon your post because now I’m confident in my decision to avoid Tecademics.

  52. Wow, I think your site hits all the strong and important points. I think the alternative you offer in the end and include a review is a good transition. I am with you 100% on the 65/100 review. A friend of mine was a part of Tecademics. It is not a complete scam but it definitely needs a makeover.

    • Hi Ashley

      No, it’s not a scam, I think that word gets overused on the internet, the problem is that these products/services never live up tot the hype. Deceptive advertising I call it.

      All the best


  53. I have always a bad taste for Multi-level Marketing companies. There are too many layers of commissions and hidden cost and the customer does not receive a good value for money for the products being sold to them. As much as tecademics is an online course offering company and knowledge is an intangible cost, I wonder if anyone would really want to take up the membership at a ridiculous price.

  54. MLM companies are never an option for me, it doesn’t matter how legit they seem. The thing is it is more difficult convincing people to join than telling them to buy the regulars thing they actually need.

    Their members are desperate and I can’t blame them. They have to meet up or they get left behind.


  55. Hi,

    Looks like another opportunity I will be passing up on, it’s such a shame that MLM isn’t regulated more and maybe some would avoid the heartache. On a positive note I found your comments about Storecoach very interesting. I had never heard of them and I will be researching a little deeper now.


  56. A very good review f another MLM scheme to take out money. It is so appealing to me, and many others to try and do something to earn a living, but what is never clear is most often we spend more money on their mediocre products than we ever can earn trying to recruit new users. A review like yours helps clear the BS out of the air and helps me understand this is not a marketing opportunity worth my time.

  57. Hi Minhaj!

    I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a few years now, but I hadn’t heard about Tecademics until I read your review.

    While I don’t fully agree with your opinion of MLM, there are certainly better and less expensive options. I was truly amazed at how much they charge for their programs. What’s really sad is that people will pay such exorbitant prices for information that you can get for much less.

    Thanks for the article!


    • Hi Sophia

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, my view of the MLM industry has evolved, at one time I thought they were pure scams.

      Now I believe its just a really bad business model, even if some MLM companies do have half decent products, their compensation structure means that less than 1% will succeed. This is backed up by facts, read the book by Dr. Jon Taylor ‘Mult-Level Marketing Unmasked’.

      All the best.

  58. Hi Minhaj,

    Thank you for this comprehensive review! My friends have mentioned Tecadrmics to me and I thought it looked like a great opportunity, but I was a little skeptical. I don’t necessarily want to take part in MLM businesses. Your review has solidified my decision and I’ll be checking out the alternatives.

  59. There are lots of programs that are scams out there. They promise making huge income by making you pay for subscription fee. We all have to be very careful with all these programs. They promise full refund if you don’t like the program. Yes, some of them keep to their promise. Majority of them don’t. They disappear with your invested money.

  60. I don’t generally like video-based courses, but I might give its free version a try just to see what they are offering.

    I would like to see how a shop in Shopify is set up, and what strategies they suggest.

    Is it worth it or is Wealthy Affiliate covering all the material shown in Tecademics?

    • Hi Marios

      Wealthy Affiliate is much better than Tecademics, you actually get a free course with Wealthy Affiliate, with Tecademics it’s just a bunch of videos that can be found on youtube.

      The free membership is alright but I wouldn’t go for the paid membership unless there was much more value provided.

  61. One thing about Tecademics and all other programs is that at the end of the day you only get out what you put in. The fact that you can get all the same information that Tecademics teaches for free (by searching Google) isn’t really the point. If someone buys into the program and makes more than they paid, then the reality is, this was a positive ROI.

    There is no silver bullet, no magic formula or training program that is going to mint the student millions of dollars. I know personally that I’ve benefited buying programs like Tecademics. But then, I’ve met self-taught folks who have spent much less on their “education” and they too have made money. Bottom line, if the program didn’t work, this company wouldn’t exist. So a suitably large number of people must be finding value, or they would not be in business. It’s simple economics, really… there are suckers, but at the end of the day, they are a small number and a company who can only sell to suckers never lasts.

    Tecademics is real. You can debate whether the cost is equal to the value, but then again, how many of you paid $50k for a college education and you are working for someone making a lot more than you who never went to school? So, you really should now be so down on this program unless you are pissed that you bought into the college lie!

    • Hi Mel
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I agree with a lot of what you said. My main contention with programmes like Tecademics is that they over charge for their services or in this case educational material. This is is the case with all MLM companies and usually, the price they charge is never justified. Recently a similar organisation to Tecademics went into bankruptcy, you may have heard of them, they were called Empower network and as I mentioned in the article, Chris was also a top earner in that company before leaving it.
      Then there is their (MLM companies) deceptive advertising campaigns, I have seen many ads where the top earners of Tecademics insinuate that they were struggling before they discovered Tecademics, however a simple Google search of their names will reveal the many MLM companies they have had success with and once the well dried up, they moved onto the next opportunity.
      And I do honestly believe that if you want to pay for stuff like this, then there is no better alternative than the ones I have mentioned in my post.
      All the best

  62. I never brought Tecademics but I have followed some of Chris Record training since his empower network days.I just don`t like many of empower network gurus (they sneaky IMO) , so I will never recommend anyone to join anything related to this guy or Vick

    • Yeah, I wasn’t around for the empower network heydays but I did hear a lot about it,mostly negative. I have to disagree with you on Chris,from what I see from his social media channels,he seems like a cool guy who genuinely wants to help. As for Vick,I would never buy anything with his name behind it.
      All the best

  63. Dear Minhaj,

    Thanks for the review on Tecademics and you have provided detailed information. I always love the products review because it saves our time, energy, money & efforts. Thanks for the guidance. This review is going to help many people to make their decision on purchasing this product. Keep up the great work and wishing you great success. I will come back to your website to learn more information. All the very best!

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul

      I am glad my article was helpful to you and I hope to see more of your comments in the future.

      All the best


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