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Looking for the best Tactical Arbitrage alternative? Unfortunately, there are not a lot of direct alternatives to what Tactical Arbitrage actually does. There are a few but I have seen people list software applications like Helium 10, Jungle Scout and AMZScout as legitimate alternatives. While these applications are fantastic for researching products to sell as your own on Amazon, they will not help you find arbitrage opportunities which is what Tactical Arbitrage does.

What is Amazon Arbitrage?

Amazon arbitrage is basically buying products at a cheap price from online or offline retailers and then selling them for a profit on Amazon through their FBA service.

This is how I started off trying to make money online, unfortunately, I didn’t get the best advice and I used an arbitrage service that didn’t always provide me with good information regarding Amazon arbitrage opportunities. I honestly believe if I had known about Tactical Arbitrage or Zen Arbitrage (my no.1 alternative to TA), I would have been more successful.

Let me be the first to also say that this isn’t easy business model, it is simple to understand, but finding profitable products, prepping them properly, shipping them off to Amazon, it is a lot of work.

However, with the aid of arbitrage software and services I have listed below, you can reduce some of the workloads, especially in regards to researching profitable products to sell.

I do believe that Tactical Arbitrage is the best software for this purpose and if you like more information about TA, read my full Tactical Arbitrage review here.

However, if you want more options, the following are the best alternatives to Tactical Arbitrage

Best Tactical Arbitrage Alternatives

#1. Zen Arbitrage

I actually think this software is just as good as TA, however, while TA finds arbitrage opportunities for a wide range of products on Amazon, Zen Arbitrage focuses solely on Amazon Book Arbitrage.

I didn’t realise how profitable reselling books on Amazon could be until I came across this software. It is an online web-based software, so nothing to download and comes with many features that are there to help you find profitable arbitrage opportunities.

The main features of Zen Arbitrage include the following:

Massive database, so more arbitrage opportunities

12 months sales rank data – so you know which books will sell all year round and which only sell in certain periods. This allows you to make a more informed decision on whether to purchase a book or not.

Profit calculator – Easily find out how much you will make from each book.

Advanced search options – Narrow down your search results to find book arbitrage deals that will give you quick sales.

Arbitrage marketplace – Sell or buy leads from other Zen Arbitrage members, this is a quick way to make money if you don’t want to sell on Amazon or if you don’t like doing research.

Textbook database – One thing I have found out about Amazon book arbitrage is that textbooks are the most profitable and Zen Arbitrage has a massive database of textbooks that you can analyse and source the best arbitrage deals for yourself.

Training – The training inside Zen Arbitrage is insane, you may actually feel overwhelmed when you see the huge number of tutorials at your disposal. Luckily, you do get a step by step roadmap and how to best use the training, so you are up and running selling on Amazon as quickly as possible. I personally feel the training alone is worth the monthly fee. The owner also holds regular live webinars and is very active within the Facebook support group.

This is the best Amazon book arbitrage software and I hugely recommend it if you just want to resell books on Amazon.

Price – $97pm (Free 14-day trial)

#2. Sourcemogul

This is very similar to Tactical Arbitrage, Sourcemogul is an online web-based software that will allow you to scan hundreds of websites and find arbitrage deals for your Amazon FBA business.

The software supports both the UK and US Amazon marketplace, and it is relatively easy to use. You can either scan the list of supported websites for arbitrage opportunities or you can select an Amazon category and the software will scan the websites in its database for arbitrage opportunities in your chosen category.

There are some advanced filters you can apply so that you only get results that meet your criteria, for example, you can filter the search results by ROI, profit margin, sales rank and price range. The results are pretty easy to read and you can quickly analyse which products will provide the best arbitrage opportunities.

You get some training on how to utilise this software for the best results and help you make money faster.

Price – $67 for the first 3 months and then $97 or $880 annually. You can test the software with a 7-day free trial.

#3. BuyBotPro

BuyBotPro is an excellent Chrome extension that will allow you to analyse arbitrage opportunities on the Amazon product page. It’s not as automated as TA or any of the other arbitrage software I have listed because it doesn’t scrape price data from any websites. It’s basically a deal analysis tool, you enter in the buy price of a product you would like to sell and it quickly analyses how profitable it would be if you were to sell the item at the current price it is selling on Amazon. It also provides a bunch of other data points like the following:

ROI & Profit margin

Amazon Best Seller Rank

If you are eligible to sell the product

Competitor analysis

Historical sales & price data

BuyBotPro score – Tells you with a colour code if the product is worth selling on Amazon

It comes with many more features and it works in multiple Amazon marketplaces including most major markets in Europe.

Price – $34.95 pm or $359.40 annually.

BuyBotPro also has another plan where they provide you with suspension safeguard, basically, with this plan they will help you if your Amazon account gets suspended. This service is provided by their sister company but I don’t think that plan is necessary unless you decide to sell restricted products.

#4. OAgenius

This is another Chrome extension software, it will analyse a small selection of websites and provide you with basic details on whether a product is worth purchasing or not. It currently only supports 11 websites to source deals from, so when compared to the likes of Tactical Arbitrage, this is hugely disappointing. It has some decent filtering options that will allow you to narrow down your results but, when you compare the features to TA, it comes nowhere near to the features of TA.

Price – $79pm (7-day free trial)

#5. Profit Bandit

This is a mobile app and very useful if you do or plan on doing retail arbitrage, it lets you scan any products and provides you with a lot of data points that will easily allow you to quickly analyse and see if the product will be profitable to sell.

Price – $9.99pm

#6. Cleer Platinum

A Chrome Extension that will help you identify profitable products to sell on Amazon and eBay. This software works on most major US retail sites, it’s very simple software and does require you to go back and forth between websites. This software allows you to compare prices between Amazon/eBay and other online retailers and quickly work out if it is worth selling on either platform. It gives you quick access to Amazon FBA calculator and links to sites that analyse historical sales and price data for Amazon products.

Price – $97 annually (14-day free trial available)

The last two on this list provide a lead generation service for Amazon FBA sellers, they source products for their members and provide them with the data. They promise that all deals will have high-profit margins and the best-seller rank will be high as well so that the products sell as quickly as possible.

#7. Online Arbitrage Deals

Silver Package – $129.99pm (0r $99.99 if paid annually)

7-10 deals a day (Mon-Fri)

High-profit margins

Suits people with a small budget

Gold Package – $229.99 ($199.99 annually)

Same as the silver packages but you get 11-15 deals a day and suits people with a budget of more than $5000

Pro Plan – $299.99 (329.99 annually)

16-20 deals a day and suits people with a budget of around $10000

#8. Atlas Leads

This service promises its members the following benefits for each of its arbitrage deals:

$4-$30 profit margin per unit (minimum)

30% ROI per unit (minimum)

10+ sales per month (minimum)

They have three pricing plans

Ungated (for new Amazon sellers) – $85pm

25+ leads per week

Replenishable – $139pm

You need to be ungated in certain categories to be eligible for these leads, in other words, you need to be an experienced Amazon seller.

50+ leads per week

Toys – $139pm

You will need to have permission to sell branded toys to use this plan.

50+ leads per week.

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