Looking for a review of Store Coach? Well, you have come to the right place. Store Coach have been providing eCommerce training and website brokering service for over a decade and are one of the few companies I highly recommend.  A lot has changed since I first wrote this review, for one they have completely revamped their training program and added some new services.

Store Coach Review

Store Coach is the product of three brothers Dave, Mike and Kevin Hermansen. They have over 15 years of experience in the world of eCommerce and have successfully built and sold many online stores.

They provide comprehensive training on how to start an eCommerce business through dropshipping.

They also provide a website brokering service where they have helped clients sell their websites for 6&7 figures. An additional service they added recently is a partner program in which they will build you a dropshipping business from scratch and take a percentage of the overall profits.

Although I am focused more on affiliate marketing as my primary online business, I still hope to start an eCommerce store and most probably I will start it with the help of the training from Store Coach. 

What Is Dropshipping?

If I had come across the dropshipping model before I started affiliate marketing, maybe I would have taken my online business along this route. With dropshipping you do not have to worry about keeping inventory or delivery of the goods. This is why it has become so popular in recent years.

So, what is dropshipping? The business model is pretty simple.

  • You fill your online store with the in-demand products
  • Customer finds your site and buys
  • You then order the same product from your supplier at a discounted rate
  • Your supplier delivers the item to the customer
  • You keep the difference between what the customer paid and what you paid your supplier.

Below is a better visual representation on how dropshipping works.

Of course, you would need to do some market research and come to an agreement with your chosen supplier and other bits and pieces and all this is covered in the Store Coach training programme.

The main attraction of the dropship model is that you keep no inventory and the delivery is fulfilled by your dropshipping supplier. It has a minimum fuss about it and the profit margin is decent, you can expect anything between 15%-25% profit margins.

Store Coach Training

The guys behind this training programme have years of experience in eCommerce and particularly dropshipping. They are experts in their field and haven’t just jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon like so many unethical marketers that promise you quick and easy riches.

Chapters 1- 3

Choosing a niche – This is probably the most important part of setting up an eCommerce store. Choosing the right product is vital to the success of your online business, fortunately, the coaches have years of experience and know exactly what will be profitable and what will not. There is material on keyword research, awareness of certain niches seasonal vulnerability, how profitable a product is and how easy it will be to rank in Google for that niche.

There is material on keyword research, awareness of certain niches seasonal vulnerability, how profitable a product is and how easy it will be to rank in Google for that niche.

Business Model – This where you decide what sort of business model you want to set up, store coach are experts in eCommerce so they are familiar with the traditional method of stock and ship as well as dropshipping. They do recommend an affiliate website if the other two options are not viable. Affiliate marketing is what I do and it has the lowest entry point of the three models. The pros and cons of each model are laid out and if you decide with the affiliate model the next chapter is not for you.

Sourcing– This is an in-depth chapter, it covers everything from finding a supplier to getting a reseller account with them and what steps to take should they reject you and any other stumbling blocks you may encounter. These guys know their stuff and they go into detail in dealing with potential suppliers, should you open multiple supplier accounts and how to calculate profit margins.

Chapters 4-6

Choosing your eCommerce platform – Getting all your product information details ready, choosing the right shopping cart for your store. Their preferred shopping carts are 3dcart for smaller stores and Shopify for larger stores. This chapter also covers registering your domain name and which payment processor you should choose

Store Structure – This chapter is all about your store design and how to optimise it for best results. It goes into detail about how to structure categories and why having quality content is necessary even for eCommerce stores. This chapter also talks about issues that may arise during the checkout process and the best ways to resolves these issues.

Optimising for Google – This part of the training is all about getting you familiarised with SEO and how to optimise your main pages so that it gets indexed and ranked on the first page of Google. Search engine traffic is the most targeted traffic so developing the skills to help you do this will result in free targeted traffic and revenue for your store.

Chapters 7-9

Marketing – This chapter is mainly about planning your marketing strategy for the next few months. It introduces you to three main methods of traffic generation, paid, organic and direct. They will also provide a timeline of when you should start seeing some sales come in.

Paid Advertising– This is an in-depth introduction into the world of PPC (pay per click) advertising. It touches mostly on Google AdWords and reveals 4 metrics to see if a PPC campaign is worth pursuing. It also touches upon banner ads and how to set up your own affiliate programme.

Direct traffic – Here they teach you about simple methods that can increase your traffic flow. It’s mostly to do with posting on relevant forums, engaging with the members and then adding a link to your profile. There is also material on guest posting and how to use Q&A sites to get more traffic.

Chapters 10-13

Maximising profits– This chapter covers how to increase your conversion rates and your profits per order. They also reveal their own profit formula and how increasing each factor in the formula will result in more profits.

You will also learn about a variety of conversion rate killers and how to avoid them. Topics also covered are A/B testing and if you should expand your range of products.

Day to day store operations – The coaches reveal their day to day methods in running an efficient eCommerce store. This chapter is all about effective time management and the reasons to set aside time slots for different store operations.

It also goes into detail about outsourcing many of the tasks many of which store coach provides services for. You are also provided information about preventing identity theft and fraud and how this will increase customer confidence.

Selling your store – If your store is consistently making monthly profits, you may consider selling it. A typically profitable store goes for more than 18-36× its monthly net income, store coach instructors have years of experience in selling their own and other peoples store for good returns.

The chapter reveals the factor that decides if your website will be attractive for potential buyers and places where you can list your site for sale. They also run their own website brokering service that they say will get a far better deal for their clients.


Additional Training

  1. Video Walkthrough – dealing with potential suppliers and how to proceed if they reject your application. They even have video role-playing for this so you have an idea on what to say and any pitfalls that may occur during a conversation.
  2.  Coaching Call – 30-minute call with one of the store coach instructors, I got my call from their in-house SEO expert someone called coach Scott. I had a good conversation with him and the call actually lasted for 1 hour which I was pleasantly surprised by.
  3.  PDF Guide For Non-US Residents – comprehensive PDF file that guides you in opening up a business entity in the US. This is to show suppliers you are serious and certain suppliers may not deal with companies if they don’t have a US business address.
  4. Monthly Webinars
  5. Wholesaler Directory

You will get ongoing support, bonus guides, free future updates to any additional training and for 2019, you will get to see them build a store from scratch and get to see how they implement their own training. 

Discontinued Services

There are a few things that Store Coach has discontinued from their training program. One is their keyword research tool which was called Niche Finder Pro and the other is their SEO service. This did this because, as they also run their own eCommerce business, maintaining these other services was running them thin and they couldn’t give enough time to their students.

So, cutting these services gives them more time to focus on their own business and the Niche BluePrint training program.

Store Coach Price

The membership used to be $49 pm, but now it is a one-time fee of $997, you can either pay this in full or split it up into 12 monthly payments.

I wouldn’t normally recommend such an expensive program, however, the developers of this program have over a decade of experience in eCommerce and they have helped hundreds of people start their own successful eCommerce business. They know what they are teaching and haven’t just jumped on the eCommerce gravy train.

If you are interested in starting an eCommerce business and have the budget, then it is worth considering taking up this training program.

Final Thoughts

The people behind Store Coach are respected in the eCommerce world, not only do they provide training on how to start an eCommerce business but they also run their own successful stores.

Between the three brothers, they have run over 150 stores profitable stores many of which they have sold for a six-figure sum. They know how to run eCommerce stores and although I never promote anything that charges such a high fee, I make an exception for this training program just because of their reputation.