StealthD Review

Welcome to my review of StealthD.

You have probably received an email from a marketer who is promoting this product and declaring it the best thing since sliced bread. Well maybe that is exaggerating it a bit, but most reviews of this product are overly positive and I’m here to tell you the truth about StealthD.

Yeah, I know, all marketers say they will tell you the truth, why should you believe me? You shouldn’t!! Not until you have read this review and then go through some of my other articles and hopefully you will see that I am not one of those marketers who only wants to sell you everything I review even if they are of questionable quality.

Who is behind this Product?

I just want to say a few things about the guys behind StealthD.

They are Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace, both are well-known in the JVZOO/Warrior Plus affiliate marketing scene. Both are serial product launchers and both are extremely successful at what they do. However, I do not agree with the way they market and many of the products they launch or promote as an affiliate are of questionable quality including StealthD. 

One thing I must add is that they do give away 10% of their earning from product launches to charity. So, even if you do find their product disappointing ( which I did ) and you can’t be bothered asking for a refund, at least you have some solace that part of your money has gone to a good cause.

StealthD Review

So, what is StealthD all about? Basically, it is a video training course on how to promote affiliate offers on Google AdWords, specifically Gmail Ads.

I have never advertised on the Google ad platform and have always been told that they frown upon affiliate offers and although I was aware of Gmail ads, I never took any notice of them and assumed everyone did the same.

The sales page has the usual hype you would expect from a product in the MMO niche being sold on the Warrior Plus affiliate network.

Just look at the ridiculous marketing, they are very sneaky with their copywriting, they do not specifically claim you will be making the kind of money in the images but that is the message they want to give you.

Stealthd review

Now, I have long been immune to this type of hype and know that affiliate networks like Warrior Plus and JVZOO have little quality control over what kind of products they accept into their network.

What made me purchase the product was my curiosity on how they were able to promote affiliate offers on Google AdWords. I had never used Google for any kind of advertising because, as I mentioned earlier, I had been told that it is tough to advertise direct affiliate offers on their ad platform. So my curiosity got the better of me and, unfortunately, I purchased the product.

StealthD Members Area

stealthD review

There is a total of 6 videos in the member’s area, 3 of them outline what the advertising method is and how to choose an affiliate offer from either JVZOO or Warrior Plus.

The other three goes over how to set up your account on Google AdWords and run an advertising campaign on the Gmail platform.

You are also given access to some useless bonuses; I say useless because the majority of the times most of the bonuses being offered have zilch to do with the actual product. There are three bonuses, two are related to email marketing and one is about YouTube ads.

Being so disappointed with the actual product, I haven’t yet checked out the bonuses, still, they seem useless and unnecessary to me.

Now, let’s get to the substance of the videos, the training is delivered by Jono.

Video 1 – Just over 3 minutes long and Mr Armstrong manages to contradict himself a couple of times within that short time frame. First, he says how hard it is to start making money through email marketing, that it takes time and money but then says he found an easier way to get into people’s email box’s through Gmail ads which will definitely take time and money, especially for newbies.

Then he asks you to register for his webinar where he will show you how to easily start an email marketing business!!

So, the first video didn’t get off to a good start.

Video 2 – Just over 5 minutes long, tells you the services you need to sign up for to make this work. Includes setting up your Google AdWords account and how to get a $100 advertising coupon. Also asks you to sign up to the Warrior Plus and JVZOO affiliate network as these will be the networks where he shows you how to pick a product to promote.

I have written an article about JVZOO and while it is a decent affiliate network, one of its drawbacks is the lack of quality control. You should be extra when choosing an offer to promote from this network and the same goes for Warrior Plus and Clickbank.

Mr Armstrong also asks you to join Canva, which is, by the way, an excellent platform to design marketing material for your online business and it’s completely free. This is where he will show you how to create your Gmail ads.

Video 3 – This video is a little over 12 minutes long and in it you are shown how to choose an affiliate offer from either JVZOO or Warrior Plus. I really don’t know why he didn’t expand beyond these two networks or showing you how to choose offers beyond the internet marketing/ MMO niche.

Video 4 – The longest video in the series, here you will be taken through the entire process on how to start running an affiliate campaign using Gmail ads. I was extremely disappointed with this video, basically, it teaches you how to advertise affiliate offers by direct linking, which is fine, I have seen many people teach this method. What was disappointing is the targeting strategy, they teach you to go very broad and not narrow your audience down. I was very apprehensive to follow this strategy but because he had apparently had success with this method, I went against my better judgment and did everything the video said.

Video 5 – In this training video, Jono Armstrong shows you how to get even more conversions by giving away bonuses by using a website called Commission Gorilla. I suppose I can do better than zero conversions. This is a decent video that shows you how to use Commission Gorilla to give away bonuses for any affiliate campaigns you may run, it’s just in the case of Gmail ads, I don’t see the point.

Video 6 – A short 2-minute video where he tries to get you to sign up for one of his high-ticket products.

My Results

What were my results like? They were disappointing but I do blame myself for this, there are whole courses on how to run successful campaigns on Google AdWords. It was naïve of me to think that Mr Armstrong could show me the way in a few short videos, actually, there was only one video about Google AdWords, so I have no one to blame but myself for falling for their deceptive advertising tactics.

I usually keep away from these kinds of products, with their hyped-up sales page and vendors who have a very dodgy reputation. As successful as they are both Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong do have their detractors in the JVZOO and Warrior Plus affiliate marketing scene.

Another thing to note is that when this product was first released, I did notice a lot of ads in Gmail promoting JVZOO and Warrior Plus offers. However, I do not see them anymore and I think its primarily because the advertising strategy is not a very good one and so people were not seeing the results they were expecting.

StealthD Upsells

There are a whole lot of upsells to this product as you would expect from these types of marketers. I would have explained what they were, but I honestly can’t be bothered, they are all probably as useless as the actual product.

Final Thoughts

StealthD is not a product that I would recommend, it does not live up to the hype and the actual training on how to set Gmail ads is substandard. The only good thing I can say about the product is that it was relatively cheap and the video quality was very good (not the actual content).

If you want to learn how to run Google ads the proper way, there are many fantastic courses on Udemy that will cost less but deliver better quality content.

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