[su_box title=”Spocket Quick Review” box_color=”#c9130b” radius=”6″]Spocket is a brilliant dropshipping app that will give you access to thousands of high-quality products from suppliers that are based in the USA and EU. Spocket is a good alternative to dropshipping apps like Oberlo, Dropified and AliDropship, one of the main benefits Spocket provides are faster shipping times for your orders. It has many automation features such as automatic pricing rules, automatic inventory updates, one-click product import and one-click order fulfilment. It’s a fantastic app that has 4+ star rating on the Shopify app marketplace and it comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can try it risk-free.

Overall Rating

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Welcome to my review of Spocket.

Are you looking for an alternative to Aliexpress dropshipping? Do you want access to more suppliers from the USA and Europe? Then Spocket may be your answer. Spocket is a relatively new dropshipping app that will give you access to thousands of suppliers from around the world, the majority of which are based in the USA and Europe.

Dropshipping is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to start an online business. It is one of my favourite online business models and very popular with new entrepreneurs because it doesn’t require a huge investment to get started and is also simple to run.

With its rise in popularity, many dropshipping apps have been developed to help people make it easier to run a dropshipping business.

Most of these apps are pretty good, however, with these apps, you can only source products from AliExpress, which isn’t a problem but one of the main issues with sourcing from AliExpress is delivery time. Even with the quickest method, it can take up to 2 weeks for a parcel to arrive.

Spocket solves this problem by giving drop shippers access to suppliers from the EU and the USA.

Spocket Review

Spocket Review

Spocket was founded in 2017 by Saba Mohebpour, a tech entrepreneur who resides in Canada. As a dropshipper himself, he found the process of sourcing products, negotiating prices with suppliers and making delivery arrangements too time-consuming. So, he developed Spocket, an app that accelerates the process of sourcing and fulfilling orders for dropshipping.

This is my updated review of Spocket for 2021, it still remains one of the best-rated dropshipping apps and is constantly being updated.

Spocket has grown pretty rapidly since then, it boasts over 60,000 customers and is one of the best-reviewed dropshipping apps with a star rating of 4.7 on the Shopify app store. Its success has also led Saba Mohebpour to be included in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Spocket is very similar to the other dropshipping apps I have reviewed like Oberlo, AliDropship, and Dropified. However, whereas these apps give you access to Aliexpress suppliers, Spocket is different in that most of the suppliers on their database are from the US and Europe (as well as parts of Asia).

Initially, the app was only available for Shopify stores, however, they have recently expanded to include WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Ecwid, and Felex.

Spocket Features

The Spocket dashboard looks similar to that of Oberlo, it has a minimalistic design and is easy to navigate.

Spocket Review

The main menu is on the left-hand side, from here you can access all the features that Spocket offers.

The main feature of Spocket is to connect you with suppliers from around the world so that you can source quality products for your dropshipping business.

You can search for products either through keywords or selecting a category, you can then filter by price, the country of origin and supplier.

There is a premium products filter, these are products that Spocket have negotiated a larger discount for and have faster shipping time, but this option is only available on their paid subscription plans.

The search results give you a quick overview of each product including supplier price, recommended selling price, supplier name and which country they are based in.

Spocket Review

If you click on the item you are interested in, you are provided with more information about the product.

As you can see from the image below, you are given estimates for how long the product will take to process and ship to the customer as well as a brief overview of their return policy.

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Spocket review

You are also given the option to order some samples, I would take advantage of this as you will be able to check the quality of the product for yourself and if they comply with their estimated delivery times.

Importing Products

You can import any product you like by clicking on the big green button, once inside your import list, you can make any necessary changes to the description and tags.

You can choose what variants of the product you want to sell and the images you want to display.

It’s always a good idea to change product titles and description to make it unique and for SEO purposes.

Pricing Rules

This is another feature that will save you a lot of time, you can easily set pricing rules for every product you import. This mean, you will not have to price them individually ( although you can if you are feeling bored!!).

You have three options to set your prices with;

Percentage – Increase the price through a fixed percentage point

Multiplier – Increase it through a fixed multiple

Fixed – Add a fixed number.

There is also an advanced option where you can set different pricing rules for products in a certain price range.

For example, the rule below shows that a product priced between $20-$35 will be marked up by a multiple of 1.5. You can have as many rules as you want but when you start out it best not overthink your pricing strategy and keep it simple.

Spocket review

One-Click Order Processing

Processing orders can be a bit of a chore but not with Spockets simplified one-click order processing feature.

On the orders page, you will see the full list of all the orders that need to be processed. There will be some brief details about the order and when you click on the purple checkout button, an order confirmation page will pop up.

You will see the full amount to be paid to your supplier including any tax, once you are happy with the information, just hit order button and Spocket will take care of the rest.

Spocket review

I cannot stress how much time this app will save you with this one-click order processing feature. Not only will it save you time but also you will avoid making any mistakes by not having to manually enter the information yourself.

Branded Invoicing

When you sign up for one of the paid plans, you can send out invoices with your own logo and message. This will make your business look professional and help you build trust with your customers.

Supplier Vetting

One of the major problems that dropshippers eventually face is having issues with the supplier. Whether it be late delivery, low-quality product, communication problems, as an eCommerce retailer, you may find yourself dealing with suppliers who do not hold up their end of the deal.

To mitigate these kinds of issues popping up, Spocket have a very thorough vetting process for suppliers.

There is an initial application, followed by an interview and testing of the products, once they are happy with the supplier and their service, they will be listed on the Spocket database.

Spocket Tutorials

This was my only disappointment, while they do have basic video tutorials on how the app works and how to use the features, there is very little in the way of dropshipping resources and guides.

While it is not really their business model to provide guides and resources for dropshipping, when similar companies like Oberlo, AliDropship and Dropified have a huge range of training, case studies and even free tools, I think it would be good if Spocket did the same.

However, they are a relatively new company and so I do expect them to improve in this area.

Spocket Pricing

Is Spocket Free?

Spocket does offer a free version which gives you limited access to their product catalogue and features. However, this is just to give you an idea of how this app works and to get a feel for navigating the member’s area. They have three pricing plans and with each one, you get a 14-day free trial.

Spocket Review

They also give you an option to pay yearly, although this option does not come with the starter package and there is no free trial.

FAQ About Spocket

Does Spocket Really Work?

Yes, the app works, the app is easy to use and allows you to automate certain aspects of running a dropshipping business.

Is Spocket Better Than AliExpress?

Spocket allows you to import products from AliExpress through the AliScraper Chrome app, it also has a huge range of suppliers from the EU and USA. They also recently added Alibaba integration, so for product range, it is better than AliExpress. 

Which Is Better, Spocket or Oberlo?

Spocket has a wider range of products thanks to its integration with AliExpress and Alibaba as well as its huge range of supplier databases from the EU and USA. Oberlo has a more affordable pricing structure that will appeal to those who are on a tight budget. Oberlo also has a superior range of training materials and business tools that are free to use.

Final Thoughts

I am glad I found this dropshipping app, it’s easy to use, comes with lots of features that will help you run your store more efficiently and you can try it for free.

This app provides you with an excellent alternative to AliExpress dropshipping.

I am a big fan of AliExpress dropshipping but with all the trade issues the US is having with China and talks of higher tariffs always on the table along with the long delivery times, its good to have alternative options.

Spocket provides that alternative by giving you access to a huge range of suppliers from The EU and USA. These are suppliers that have been thoroughly vetted by Spocket so you can be confident going into business with them.

So, in conclusion, as you may have guessed from my review, I highly recommend this app, especially for those of you who want access to reliable dropshippers from the EU and USA.

Are you a dropshipper? Or thinking about starting a drop shipping business? Either way, I would love to hear your thoughts about this new dropshipping app.

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