• Name – Six Figure Mentors
  • Owners – Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek
  • Legit? – Yes but not recommended
  • Price – $25 + Upsells
  • Rating – 50/100

Is six figure mentors a legitimate business opportunity or a scam? In this review of Six Figure Mentors, I will explore what they have to offer and if it is worth the money they charge.

As someone whose first foray into the cut throat world of intent marketing was through Six Figure Mentors, I have first-hand experience with this company and so I hope to provide an insider’s perspective.

Am I still with Six Figure eMntors? Nope, and although they did introduce me to the internet marketing world, they operate under a business model that is hugely flawed and where over 99% of people fail.

They are a network marketing company aka MLM, if you don’t know my feelings about the MLM industry, you can read my article about it here, suffice to say I am not a fan.

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Six Figure Mentors Review

It’s still kind of foggy how on earth I landed on one of their slick landing pages. I can still remember I was searching for ways to start an eCommerce business and somehow I found myself watching Stuart Ross on a tropical Island living the life I wouldn’t mind having and telling me it was all possible if I followed their system.

Oh yeah, he also mentioned some kind of guarantee that if I didn’t make my money back within a certain time period they would refund me.

That guarantee really hooked me, I was thinking ‘wow this system must really work if they can offer a guarantee like that’ little did I know at the time that it’s a deceptive marketing ploy because it comes with certain conditions that have to be met.

Anyway, let’s not digress on my failure to recognise that I was being taken for by an MLM company and what they were promising was near impossible for newbie marketers (actually stats show that 99% of MLM participants fail to earn money).

Although I wasn’t in the programme for long, it did provide me my first introduction into the world of digital MLM and gave me a reason to avoid all MLM companies and warn others against them as well.

The Owners

The owners are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, both of whom I would later find out have a history of running MLM companies that didn’t last.

Not that should be held against them, I admire people who get up after a failure and look to succeed no matter what.

I do wish I knew about their past ventures and seen the promotional videos they run (similar to how they run their SFM promo videos), I would have had a more clear idea of what they were selling and made a more informed decision whether to join or not.

Stuart is from England and Jay from Canada, both had individual success in the online world, Stuart was a successful affiliate marketer and Jay was doing well in MLM industry

They joined forces near a decade ago and after some initial struggles, they founded the Six Figure Mentors.

What is the Six Figure Mentors?

Six figure Mentors claim to provide an online platform for entrepreneurs that will give them the tools, training, and support to start an online business or even help any grow online business that people may have.

They claim to teach you how to be an affiliate marketer and earn high ticket commissions by promoting thier products. Although this isn’t necessary, the training is primarily focused on promoting SFM products.

The preaching of high ticket sales by SFM was what kept me from joining Amazon associate programme and other similar programmes.

I believed their hype that you cannot make much with small commissions and that it takes the same effort to sell both low priced and high-priced products.

Of course, I know now that is BS, but I believed them at the time and this is what all digital MLM companies preach.

They do this so that you buy their overpriced products just to have the opportunity to sell it to some other aspiring marketer.


Like all MLM companies, SFM have several levels of membership, four to be precise.

Affiliate access –  This is their affiliate programme and is free to join. You get commissions on some of their products.

Student Access – Free trial and then $25 per month+ $29.95 application fee. This gives you access to some of their live video recordings and short courses. Also, you are eligible for commission on their entire range of products. This is not worth the application fee and monthly subscription.

Essential Membership – $297 enrollment fee + $97 per month will give you access to their digital business lounge which includes hosting for your websites, access to landing page creator, graphic creator for eBooks and a link tracking tool. Plus, commission percentage is raised.

Essential Plus – $2500 per year, you need the essential membership to enroll. With this membership, you get access to more webinars and higher commissions.

My Experience

Because I was new to this whole internet marketing industry and didn’t know the true extent of deceptive marketing tactics that is prevalent, I was so in awe of both Stuart Ross and Jay Kubbasseck.

I honestly thought I had found a pot of gold, I was even more impressed when they made me fill in an application form.

I thought to myself ‘wow these guys are serious, I am truly on my way to financial independence’ was I in for a rude awakening.

After I opted in, I received 7 free videos, at the time I was impressed, looking back on it now, I realise it was just a way for them to get me to upgrade, which I was more than happy to do.

I don’t think I actually watched all the free videos, I upgraded to the monthly membership of $97 per month and paid the$297 enrolment fee.

Should have noticed the red flags there and then, I mean what was the application fee for?

Anyway, excited that my financial situation was about to be changed for the better, I started attending the daily call up, where Jay would give some motivational talk and other stuff about not letting negativity affect your life.

They do preach a lot about getting into the right frame of mind when starting an online business and I believe this is good advice to take on.

But I also believe they preach this so that you buy all of their products.

You also get to speak with one of their business consultants, they are more like sales consultants trying to get you to upgrade to their elite membership.

Although, thinking back now and knowing what I now know about the industry, the consultant I spoke with wasn’t pushy at all.

That call was the last I heard from them.

The Training

I went through the training and I noticed the tone changed, no longer was I going to be rich quick but now it will take time and that success does not come quickly.

I fully agree with that statement, if only I was told that when I first landed on one of their sales pages where Stuart implied this was gonna be easy.

Still, I believed if I followed the training I would see success.

So, I followed and completed many of their short courses, they have many short courses, some are listed below.

  1. Amazon Basics
  2. Blogging Basics
  3. Chrome
  4. DropBox Basics
  5. FaceBook Basics
  6. Foursquare Basics
  7. Gmail
  8. WordPress Basics
  9. Google Analytics
  10. HootSuite Mastery
  11. Moz
  12. Twitter Ads

I initially believed they would be in depth, but they are just basic stuff and the video tutorials are less than 2 minutes long.

These short courses are part of their DEA (Digital Experts Academy) programme, the DEA also has 4 other high priced course which I will get to later.

I went and set up my Aweber account and connected it to the SFM platform, although I was under the impression that my autoresponder would have SFM swipe files installed, that was never the case.

The 3 months I was there, I never once used my Aweber account.

I really wanted some tutorials in building a blog and writing about stuff like SEO, Digital marketing, keyword research etc, but none of that was taught, or if it was, it was very basic.

Not really worth the $97 per month I was paying.

Their forum was so quiet, wasn’t very active nor was their Facebook page.

I stopped attending the weekly live calls because all they amounted to was don’t be negative, check these 4 kids out who have made it big time, Stuart and Jay are great and attend their many conferences.

So, after 3 months I couldn’t afford the $97 per month subscription anymore and I left.

Luckily for me, I never bought into their elite membership, so I didn’t lose as much as other have lost with SFM

I left them on good terms, it’s just, later on, I found out that the business model they operate under is extremely flawed and deceptive.

DEA High ticket products

I mentioned that their DEA platform had several high ticket products.

If you are eligible for commissions on these products, you can receive anything between $300-$2000 per sale.

Of course, despite what they say, selling these products isn’t easy.

So, what are these products and what do the buyers get from them?

Instead of explaining what each product provides, I have posted the images below because they all seem to say the same things in different ways. All that really changes is the price.

six figure mentors review

Prices range from $3000-$20000 the commission for each membership sold is either 5% or 10% depending on what membership level you are at.

Honestly, the people who buy these products usually have money to burn because most of the training could be acquired for way less and if you look hard enough you may find it for free.


Is SFM scam? No, it actually has some decent training but the price you pay for that is way too high.

I am thankful to SFM for introducing me to the world of Internet Marketing, although it didn’t live up to expectations it did open my eyes to what is possible in this industry.

Would I promote SFM? Not likely, like other network marketing companies, they peddle average training products for ridiculous prices.

For the training that has some real substance to it, they are priced way beyond the reach of the majority of people.

You can join as a free affiliate, but you will be limited to what you can promote.

Honestly speaking all these high ticket MLM programmes are for people who have money to burn. The only way to succeed with these types of programme is if you have a high advertising budget.

There is far better and cheaper alternative.

If you want to start an online business, you should start with a company that has a track record of unrivalled success and continuous improvement of the platform. A company that continues to innovate through the use of the latest web technologies. There is only one company that consistently does this.

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