Six Figure Mentors Review

Six Figure Mentors Quick Review
The Six Figure Mentors is an online training program that claims to help people start an affiliate marketing business. It has a free membership which provides basic material on starting an online business and it has several paid memberships where you get access to more comprehensive training and additional tools and services. The lower-priced products might be worth purchasing but the ones that go above $100 should be avoided at all costs. One of the main reasons this program is so popular is because of its lucrative affiliate scheme, you could potentially earn thousands of dollars from some of their high ticket products. However, it is my opinion that these products are way overpriced and not worth the investment. For a cheaper and more comprehensive affiliate marketing training program check out Wealthy Affiliates free video series on this topic.

Overall Rating

Hi and welcome to my review of the Six Figure Mentors, Six Figure Mentors are a network marketing company that provides training on a variety of internet marketing topics. From affiliate marketing to building websites, they cover a lot of topics but is their training any good and are there better alternatives? Hopefully, after you have read this review, you will have an answer to both these questions.

I was actually first introduced to the world of affiliate marketing by Six Figure Mentors, their sales page made it seem that it would be easy to be earning a six-figure salary with their training.

I was new and very naive and when someone tells you that making money online is easy and all you need to do is follow their system and pay them a small fee, it felt too good of an opportunity to pass up. I mean who doesn’t want to become rich with a minimal amount of work?

Unfortunately, as you will see from this review, my experience with them wasn’t exactly rosy and I would later find out that the business model they operate under is highly unethical.

Six Figure Mentors Review

It’s still kind of foggy how on earth I landed on one of their slick landing pages. I can still remember I was searching for ways to start an eCommerce business and somehow I found myself watching Stuart Ross (the co-founder of SFM) on a tropical Island living the life I wouldn’t mind having and telling me it was all possible if I followed their system.

The owners are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, both of whom I would later find out have a history of running MLM companies that didn’t last.

Not that should be held against them, I admire people who get up after a failure and look to succeed no matter what.

I do wish I knew about their past ventures and had seen the promotional videos they run (similar to how they run their SFM promo videos), I would have had a more clear idea of what they were selling and made a more informed decision whether to join or not.

Stuart is from England and Jay from Canada, both had individual success in the online world, Stuart was a successful affiliate marketer and Jay was doing well in MLM industry

They joined forces near a decade ago and after some initial struggles, they founded the Six Figure Mentors.

What is the Six Figure Mentors?

six figure mentors review

The Six figure Mentors claim to provide an online platform for entrepreneurs that will give them the tools, training, and support to start an online business or even help any grow an online business that people may have.

They claim to teach you how to be an affiliate marketer and earn high ticket commissions by promoting their products. Although this isn’t necessary, the training is primarily focused on promoting SFM products.

They preach the only true way to make money is through high ticket affiliate marketing. One of their hooks is to make you believe that it takes just as much effort to sell a low priced item as it does an expensive item and this is why you should only focus on high ticket affiliate sales.

Of course, I later found out this was utter rubbish, but they are persuasive and reel you in with the thoughts of earning big affiliate commissions just from 1 sale.

Six Figure Mentors Review


The Six Figure Mentors have four membership levels.

Free Access – You get access to five videos in which Stuart Ross covers the following topics;

  • Advertising Online
  • Websites
  • List Building
  • Providing Value
  • Products/Promotions

If you are new to internet marketing, you may find some of the information useful but that is all there is in the free membership and you will always be encouraged to upgrade to one their paid membership.

Student Access – $29.95 This gives you access to some of their live video recordings and short courses. Also, you are eligible for commission on their entire range of products.

Below I just want to point out the deceptive nature of these network marketing companies.

On the actual Six Figure Mentors website, the membership description is very simple and not hyped up.

However, they have an additional sales page for this membership and it makes you believe that it includes everything you need to go from zero to 6 figures and that the actual cost of the product is $500!!

six figure mentors review

Trust me, having tried out the system, it’s not worth the price they charge let alone what they say it is actually worth.

Essential Membership – $297 enrollment fee + $97 per month will give you access to their digital business lounge which includes hosting for your websites, access to landing page creator, graphics creator for eBooks and a link tracking tool. Plus, your commission percentage is raised.

Essential Plus – $2500 per year, you need the essential membership to enrol. With this membership, you get access to more webinars and higher commissions.

Six Figure Mentors Training

I went through the training and I noticed the tone changed, no longer was I going to be rich quick but now it will take time and that success does not come quickly.

I fully agree with that statement, if only I was told that when I first landed on one of their sales pages where Stuart implied this was gonna be easy.

Still, I believed if I followed the training I would see success.

So, I followed and completed many of their short courses, they have many short courses, and none of them really teach you much. Most of the video tutorials were no longer than 3 minutes, so most of it was really basic.

These short courses are part of their DEA (Digital Experts Academy) programme, the DEA also has 4 other high priced course which I will get to later.

They did have a hosting service where you could set up a WordPress blog, but this was pretty useless because they had no in-depth tutorial and niche research, SEO, how to drive visitors to your site, basically all the stuff to make your site a success is never covered.

Not really worth the $97 per month I was paying. There are far better services that cost half the price and comes with more tools services like premium WordPress hosting, premium keyword research tool, live webinars, in-depth marketing tutorials and so much more. 

Their forum was so quiet, wasn’t very active nor was their Facebook page.

I stopped attending the weekly live calls because I wasn’t really learning anything from them and found it a waste of time.

So, after 3 months I couldn’t afford the $97 per month subscription anymore and I left.

Luckily for me, I never bought into their elite membership, so I didn’t lose as much as others have lost with SFM.

I left them on good terms, it’s just, later on, I found out that the business model they operate under is extremely flawed and deceptive.

DEA High Ticket Products

I mentioned that their DEA platform had several high ticket products.

If you are eligible for commissions on these products, you can receive anything between $300-$2000 per sale.

Of course, despite what they say, selling these products isn’t easy.

So, what are these products and what do the buyers get from them?

DEA Silver – Designed to get you up and running your own eCommerce business especially focusing on dropshipping

DEA Gold  A program designed to teach you everything about becoming a digital marketer, covers everything from copywriting to designing funnels

DEA Platinum A three-day event that will teach you how to build your brand and effectively market yourself to the right audience. Also, they cover what business model is right for you and help you build a professionally made website with everything from logo and personal branding being taken care of.

DEA Black – This is all about networking with other leaders in your industry and taking your business to the next level. There are also regular masterminds and events exclusively for DEA Black members.

Prices range from $3000-$20000 and the commission for each membership sold is either 5% or 10% depending on what membership level you are at.

Honestly, the people who buy these products usually have money to burn because most of the training could be acquired for way less and if you look hard enough you may find it for free.

My Experience With The Six Figure Mentors

Because I was new to this whole internet marketing industry and didn’t know the true extent of deceptive marketing tactics that is prevalent, I was so in awe of both Stuart Ross and Jay Kubbasseck and their slick marketing tactics and believed their message.

I honestly thought I had found a pot of gold, I was even more impressed when they made me fill in an application form.

I thought to myself ‘wow these guys are serious, I am truly on my way to financial independence’ was I in for a rude awakening.

After I opted in, I received 7 free videos, at the time I was impressed, however, looking back on it now, I realise it was just a way for them to get me to upgrade, which I was more than happy to do.

I don’t think I actually watched all the free videos, I upgraded to the monthly membership of $97 per month and paid the$297 enrolment fee.

Should have noticed the red flags there and then, I mean what was the application fee for?

Anyway, excited that my financial situation was about to be changed for the better, I started attending the daily call-up, where Jay would give some motivational talk and other stuff about not letting negativity affect your life.

They do preach a lot about getting into the right frame of mind when starting an online business and I believe this is good advice to take on.

But I also believe they preach this so that you buy all of their products.

You also get to speak with one of their business consultants, they are more like sales consultants trying to get you to upgrade to their elite membership.

Although, thinking back now and knowing what I now know about the industry, the consultant I spoke with wasn’t pushy at all.

However, I only had one call from the consultant that was assigned to me, and after not upgrading to the elite package, I never heard from him again.

Final Thoughts

Is Six Figure Mentors a scam? No, it actually has some decent training but as you can see from my review the price you pay for that is way too high.

I am thankful to Six Figure Mentors for introducing me to the world of Internet Marketing, although it didn’t live up to expectations it did open my eyes to what is possible in this industry.

Would I promote Six Figure Mentors? Not likely, like other network marketing companies, they peddle average training products for ridiculous prices.

For the training that has some real substance to it, they are priced way beyond the reach of the majority of people.

You can join as a free affiliate, but you will be limited to what you can promote.

Honestly speaking all these high ticket MLM programmes are for people who have money to burn. The only way to succeed in these types of business opportunities is if you have a high advertising budget.

There are far better ways to start an online business.

One of my favourite ways is through affiliate marketing, click on the button below to find out about the system that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start an online business. It has over 2 million members, has been in operation for over 14 years and consistently stays ahead of the competition through technological innovation, up to date training and always focusing on the success of their members. They have personally helped me have my best month as an Amazon affiliate (proof here) and can do the same for you, if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Click on the button below to find out more about this company and what they have to offer.

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25 thoughts on “Six Figure Mentors Review”

  1. It’s amazing how smooth talkers can pull you in. I’ll admit I’ve bought in to some programs because of an energetic sales person that seemed to have the answers to all of my problems. The sense of urgency is something to watch for too, if it’s worth it you can take your time to decide that. Act now or miss out usually doesn’t pan out. Thanks for the guidance!

  2. I, unfortunately, fell for this one!!! You have a really good and spot on Review here, that is exactly what it was like. They make out early on it is easy, but it is really just upsells all the way. Funny too how we all seem to pass the application form part. mmmmm….
    But I guess, you live and you learn, and sometimes you pay alot for bad mistakes!

    • Hi Sharon

      I have now found out that all the digital MLM companies have this worthless application process, it’s really geared towards newbies because it seems like they are really invested in your success.

      I have since learned and hopefully people will not make the same mistakes I made.

      All the best

  3. Minhaj,
    What an honest and straight forward review of SFM.
    I had seen them online and it sounded like just another scam, but you really put it into perspective.
    I’m glad I found a review on them from someone who was actually a part of it. You get some real good inside information.
    I agree with you on your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliates. I did join them and it has been the best move I made in years online. I have since moved all my sites there.
    Thanks for all the insight of SFM and all my best to your success.

  4. I’ve come across Six Figure Mentors on numerous occasions, mainly through Youtube – SFM members creating ad videos to entice folks to enter their email addresses for a free video series which then leads to buying the expensive course.

    It’s quite funny because every video seems exactly the same – members in front of a pool, on a beach or somewhere out in the open that represents “freedom”, and then they use the kinda language that creates empathy so people can relate to it.

    From your review, I can see that the SFM does offer value, but I’m sorry to hear your experience wasn’t a great one. I’m not keen on these MLM type of programs that show you how to promote the same products you buy because you’re basically stuck in the “make money online” niche rather than building a business from your passion.

    When you really look into this program, they are actually charging you for training to shift their own products lol. How does that make sense? The training should be FREE if you think about it. They’re just training you up as an affiliate of their program – the same as MOBE, Empower Network, and Digital Altitude.

    That’s the trouble with the MLM industry – You’re brainwashed into buying and selling “their” expensive products as opposed to building your own business.

    Looking at your #1 recommendation, it’s a much better option!


  5. Hi Minhaj,

    Nice review about SFM. Program like that should really be exposed so people will be warned what they are joining too. I mean, of course, the sales page would be nice but once you are inside, you’re in for an awakening.

    Anyway it’s good you mentioned Wealth Affiliate. That one is really a gem. People will not regret once they find out what WA has to offer.

    All the best,


  6. MLM opportunities always seem to promise a decent education and training system but seldom does this happen – these two minutes courses that you mention here are a great example.
    I just don’t trust anything online that you have to pay out to get started with – always sends alarm bells ringing.

  7. Hi, Minhaj.

    First of all being completely honest, as soon as I saw the name Jay Kubassek, it alone caused me to think that this Six-figure mentors’ program is nothing but a complete scam.

    I know this gentleman from a previous opportunity that I mistakenly got myself involved with back in late 2005. Kubassek had roped me, along with others, to join a program, (now no longer in existence as it got shut down) that promised financial freedom to everyone. Just follow that company’s “proven program” and it would be impossible NOT to succeed. A bunch of b.s. that then being wet behind the ears, I along with others fell hook, line and sinker for.

    Turned out that this opportunity was a complete, 100% fraud. Federal authorities here in the U.S. shut this company down. In fact well before that took place and actually while I still was a member, Kubassek himself got bounced out of this bogus company all because his recruiting tactics went against this company’s policy. One can see that as the company itself was not by any means legit, for them to kick out Kubassek showed how low he could go when it came to his efforts to illegally make money in the midst of pulling off a scam.

    I remember Kubassek, now more than a decade ago telling me that his desire would be to become a multi-millionaire so that he could retire by the time he reached age 40. He has created yet another scam opportunity for a person to make money, only it’s just that it will never happen with anyone who would get involved with another one of Kubassek’s scams. I can only guess that as he’s still at it conning people that Kubassek is not yet filthy rich and living in retirement.

    This program as you described it is nowhere in the vicinity of it being called legit. Kubassek and his co-creator actually have the unmitigated gall to charge a person $2,500/year at this program’s most advanced “Essential Plus” level regarding training? I truly hope that no one individual is stupid enough to give these two that amount of outrageous money. I can assure any individual, having dealt with Kubassek myself, that he/she had just gotten ripped off and, no, the person would definitely not receive the amount of training necessary to create success with this MLM business.

    Your grading this opportunity as 50 on a scale of 100, (which in any school equals out to an “F” or failing) is quite appropriate for this fraud of a program.


    • Hi Jeff

      Sorry to hear of your experiences with these people, the problem is they are very good at selling you a dream, they make it seem everything is so easy. What I should have done at the time was researched these guys,maybe when I red about their past ventures that failed I would have not got sucked into this scheme.

  8. I read the entire review. And, as I was reading it, questions popped into my mind. Answers to some of these questions could become part of the review. Here are the questions:

    1. Why was the fee not worth paying? Can you get the same service elsewhere? For how much?
    2. Insider’s perspective can be misleading if you (the reviewer) did not make money with the product. However, it seems that you stayed long enough with the program (3 months, you said). Did you use the program everyday? How many hours in total did you use the program for the 3 month period?
    3. Did you try recruiting? Any success with that?
    4. Regarding the Aweber account, why did you not use it?

    • Hi Romeo

      Thanks for commenting and I’ll try to answer each of your questions.

      1. You get little support and generic training and you can get better training from a few places. To name a few

      Wealthy Affiliate

      Clickbank University


      All provide a better service at cheaper prices.

      2.I did use the programme everyday, but I was mislead, I really wanted to learn about traditional affiliate marketing and how to do SEO,I didnt know at the time, but they are an MLM company more interested in recruiting people to their high end offers. 

      3. Nope, I wasn’t aware that I had to recruit when I joined, I really thought I was going to be learning how to do affiliate marketing,SEO, how to create websites.

      4.Again i was new to all this stuff an had no idea what the purpose of a autoresponder was, theere was little raining on how to link my aweber account to their system and that was it, no training on how create forms,how to send autoresponders,may be they teach you that at the next level.

      All the best

  9. I really enjoyed reading your review. I, myself discovered a similar program called Rise. They made big promises and explained how high ticket prices are important to succeed. They sent me a ”free” package by mail which was a manual that would reveal everything + bracelets with a slogan… all of this for free… oh yeah, you have to pay for S&H. When I got the thing, I read most of the pages but it was all about motivational talk and mindset so I went to the last pages directly only to find out they are asking got $5000 a month to get started.

    So I understand your review and you made a incredible job at warning people. Thank you for that. My questions are…. Were you able to take action on some of the training they gave you? Did you succeed a getting some referrals? What about applying what you have learned in your current businesses, was it worth it? What would you say are the main signals or warnings we should watch out for when we come across a promotional video about such opportunity? Thank you very much. You have a beautiful site, and very easy to navigate.

    • Hi Michael

      I have never heard of the programme you have referred to, I may look it up,looks like another MLM scheme.

      As for your questions, I do credit Six Figure mentors in introducing me to the world of affiliate marketing and all that is possible with it. I never received any referrals as all their methods were paid advertising and you needed at least $500 pm to see any results (that figure is my estimate you probably have to spend much more).

      I think the number 1 warning signal is their sales page making it look too easy,earning online is not easy but it certainly is possible with the right guidance.

      All the best

  10. Hey Minhaj.

    Thank you for this review and opening our eyes for us.

    It’s interesting how people misuse the internet for their bad intentions.

    They seem to have many different ideas on how to seduce people to get on board.

    Making everything look so legit and full proof, promising instant success, as if success is just round the corner and showing what we could achieve if we sign up, never even mentioning hard work as part of the process.

    And then continuously up selling us again and again once the initial payment is made.

    But, in the end, it’s really up to us to see the signs and leave.

    I hope a lot of people get to read your review, so scams like these or similar can be avoided.

    Anyway, thank you again, Minhaj!

  11. Thanks for this info.

    I found out about Stuart Ross because of a YouTube video ad that I saw. I actually ended up signing up for one of his free training and was considering going for the paid training program.

    Good thing I decided to do some research first and found this review. Like yourself, I ended up joining Wealthy Affiliate and echo your recommendation.

    Good luck with everything.

  12. MLM companies I believe have saturated social media groups for people looking for genuine work from home opportunities, so much that great business models are treated with the same sceptism.

    The prices this company charge are absolutely outrageous!

    Do they offer a free all access trial to see what your subscribing to like other credible business platforms?

  13. Hi Minhaj, the word 6 figure is itself a red flag for me. IIf it’s that easy to make that money, they would have kept the secret all to themselves. The fact is that’s just a hook to draw people in. People who will pay them so they get their 6 figures!

    A rating of 5/10 is terrible. In the beginning, you wrote Legit? Then ‘No’. I read at the end, you said yes it’s not a scam. May be I miss something.


    • Hi Song

      I try to be as reasonable as I can, the fact is they do have some decent products and that is why I do not call it a scam. However, the prices they charge in no way reflect the low quality of the training material and that is why I say they are legit but I do not recommend them.

      Al the best.

  14. I have to agree with you that anything that is similar to a MLM company I want to avoid all together.

    I just hate having to sign up people to promote a a few products and that’s it. I’d much rather help people find what they are already looking for and get paid for doing so.

    Also as expected the price for what their asking is way too much — so I will be sure to stay away from six figure mentors.

    Thanks for your honest and in depth review about this company.

  15. I have read a bunch of negative reviews about Six Figure mentors program again and they were all complaining about high prices and mediocre training. The fact that they are not a scam and offer decent training does not mean that they can charge 97$/month for their training. At least, offer some decent support besides empty promises. I’m tired of programs advertising how you can make a ton of money overnight. But I guess that is what people want to hear after all.

    Additionally, they cover only the basics they do not actually teach you how to run your own business and these DEA high ticket products really look like a scam to me. Thank you for shedding some light on this program.

  16. Great advice here. Thanks for the info. The problem with being a beginner is sorting through all the different ways to make money online. There are also fake promises with money back guarantees etc. It’s easy to fall for the get rich quick scams if your a newbie. I think making money online requires dedication and doing the right training.

  17. Thanks, I joined SFM last year and didn’t even watch most of the videos as I was “busy”. Anyway, I nearly got drawn in again by an impressive Facebook ad.

    For anyone else, I am going to learn digital marketing in my own way not someone else’s program. At the moment, I am learning from a digital marketing course on Udemy that was just £20 or so.

  18. Hi Minhaj,
    OMG I wish I read your review before. I work 3 jobs 60 hours a week and I thought this program might help me pay some debts. I joined and you are right in everything you mentioned. Well said in a way that I totally agree but I can’t describe in my own words. I felt something wrong from the beginning but the way they give you their videos you feel you are on the right track. Yes they are not scam or the Counselor is not pushy as soon as you can’t purchase their elite program or other one. I was paying $97 monthly membership and still do and everytime I want to cancel my membership I fear that I am losing the last hope to pay my debts. All my debts are medical unfortunately and sometimes I don’t have enough food on the table. The two things that let me rethink , although I appreciate their video of positive thinking but It’s Incredibly time consuming and don’t get to the point. With my 60/w plus my family commitment it was almost impossible to get the training because they takes hours and hours of just talking. Other training I get they are direct to the point and what I learn in two hours for o e course it takes me maybe 10 days in SFM. I will cancel my membership tomorrow . Also with this uncertain situation of Covid 19 and many people losingbthier jobs I can’t afford any of that. Thanks again for sharing other ways of business to make money.
    Thanks again for your review its really helpful.


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