Hi and welcome to my review of Shopabot, Shopabot is the latest software in a long line of software applications with which you will be able to build Amazon affiliate stores with the click of a few buttons.

I have never been a fan of these kinds of applications because they make it seem like it’s easy to make money through affiliate marketing when I know it is not.

However, Shopabot is from a vendor that I respect and so I decided to check it out and write this review.

One of my favourite affiliate networks is Amazons associates’ program, they are a trusted brand and as they sell nearly everything under the sun, you will find something in your niche that you can promote as an affiliate and get paid a commission.

It is also the network most new affiliate marketers join as it is easy to get accepted into.

However, will Shopabot help you make money with Amazons affiliate program? That is what we will find out in today’s review.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Before I go on, I would like to briefly explain what affiliate marketing is as many people who come across systems like Shopabot do not really have a good idea of what affiliate marketing is or how it works.

Affiliate marketing is basically an online marketing method in which individuals or companies recommend the products or services of other businesses for which they will earn a commission if a sale is generated through their effort.

Affiliate marketers will be provided with a special affiliate link that will track all their leads and sales.

Affiliate marketing usually involves 3 or 4 parties;

1. The affiliate

2. The Advertiser

3. The consumer

Sometimes a fourth party is involved in the form of an affiliate network.

Affiliate networks act as sort of a middleman between the advertiser and the affiliate, they take care of providing all the links and materials as well as taking care of paying commissions.

A visual representation of how affiliate marketing works is shown below.

what is affiliate marketing

As you can see it is a very simple process, but it takes time, dedication and a lot of effort to succeed in affiliate marketing.

The time and dedication part is unfortunately what puts a lot of people off and why they go out seeking shortcuts.

This is the reason why software applications like Shopabot are so popular, they claim to give you a shortcut on how to start an affiliate marketing business.

Shopabot Review

Shopabot is a software application with which you will be able to build Amazon affiliate stores pretty quickly.

It is a cloud-based software so there is nothing for you to install and they will host your store for you which will eliminate the need for a web hosting service.

You can build a store as a subdomain on Shopabot.com or you can purchase your own domain name and have your own branded store which I believe is the better option.

As you can see below, Shopabot has a very clean interface, its easy to use and navigate around and you get a few video tutorials on how to get started.

shopabot review

You will also be supplied with a range of themes that will make your store look professional and look like a real eCommerce store.

Shopabot Features

The main feature of Shopabot is the speed at which you can create a niche Amazon affiliate store within a matter of minutes.

As soon as you have linked your Amazon API key to your Shopabot store, you will be able to import products from the Amazon marketplace.

You just need to decide what you want to sell as an Amazon affiliate, enter some relevant information and your store will be filled with your niche products.

As your store is linked via your Amazon API key, there will be no need to update your store for any changes that may occur 

Viral Giveaway

This is one of the main features and what separates Shopatbot from other Amazon affiliate store builders.

You may be familiar with the concept, you advertise a giveaway on your website and ask people to enter their email address if they want a chance to win.

For viral effect, you also ask them to share it on their social networks for more chances to win.

Shopabot allows you to do this so that you can get more visitors to your site through social sharing.

This feature is one of the selling points of Shopabot and although I do agree that it is a good feature, unless you have a pretty big social media following, this feature alone will not bring you instant visitots and commissions.

Viral Products Search Engine

This is another feature of Shopabot that I have never seen on any other affiliate store builders.

As you may or may not be aware but every product on the Amazon marketplace has few social sharing buttons.

However, you cannot see the number of shares a product has received, however, with the Shopabot viral search engine, you can.

It’s a pretty cool feature that will allow you to find the most shared product in your niche and then import it into your store.

Bonus Materials

1.Amazon Affiliate Mastery – A guide to building an authority Amazon affiliate site

2.Free Giveaway Profits – A guide to online resources where you can get free coupons, gift cards and product samples for your giveaway.

3.Free Facebook Traffic – Small eBook on how to generate free traffic from Facebook.


Shopabot Pro – $197 one-time fee, $97 annual or $$19.97 pm

You get the following additional features;

  • Autoresponder integration
  • Blogging platform
  • Multiple Amazon regions covered
  • Multiple giveaway campaigns
  • Add advertising codes like Google AdSense
  • More themes and control over your store design

Covert Commissions Membership – $9.97 pm, $27 pm or $97 annual

This is a done for you email marketing system with which you can promote a host of affiliate offers from multiple networks. It is a system that I believe is superior to Shopabot and you can read my review of it here.

Agency Option

Get a license to create and sell a Shopabot store, you have two options;

  • Silver Package – $97 One-time fee

Allows you to develop and sell one Shopabot store a month

  • Gold Package – $147 One-time fee

Allows you to create and sell 3 Shopabot stores a month.

Final Thoughts

As of writing this review, I have seen multiple products that are like Shopabot, they all claim the same thing, that making money as an Amazon affiliate is hard but that they have the formula for easy commissions.

That formula is apparently automatic store builders, the concept is clever, easily create a store that is professionally designed and is filled with products from Amazon with you affiliate links.

You are then supposed start driving traffic to it for easy Amazon affiliate commissions.

The problem is that it is never as easy as they make it seem, sure I will admit that Shopabot is slightly different than other automated affiliate store builders with its viral giveaway feature.

However, to have any kind of success with these types of systems you will already need a pretty significant social media following, if you do not, it will be very hard to make money with these automated affiliate stores.

If you want to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business, I would not recommend this product or any other type of affiliate store builders.

They may be okay for a side hustle but trying to build a proper affiliate marketing business through automated affiliate stores will not bring you long term success.

There are far better ways to start an affiliate marketing business that will benefit you in the long run.

Affiliate marketing is one of my recommended ways to start an online business, it is how I make money on the two websites I currently operate.

If you would like to build a long-term affiliate marketing business, I recommend that you build an authority website around a subject that you are passionate about and not get sucked into these systems that promise a shortcut to affiliate marketing success.

Don’t be discouraged if you have never built a website before, with today’s web technology it’s pretty simple.

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