Serpstat Review – My Favourite SEO Research Tool

Hi and welcome to my review of Serpstat, an all-in-one SEO research tool that comes with advanced features at a very affordable price

Finding an all-in-one SEO research tool that is affordable has been near impossible, most of the major SEO tools like Ahrefs, MOZ and SEMrush start around $70 pm.

I had given up finding a decent SEO tool at an affordable price until I came across Serpstat. In this review of Serpstat, you will see how it stacks up against the big players, why it is one of the best SEO tools on the market and how it can help find easy to rank keywords and grow your traffic.

The SEO research tool marketplace has been dominated by 2 or 3 big players for the past decade or so. Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majestic and Moz are the four large organizations that have shaped the SEO tool landscape.

However, as I said, most of these tools are beyond the means of most new bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Most of us will be on a tight budget and cannot afford the huge monthly fees that these tools charge.

However, Serpstat is different, not only is it as powerful and feature-rich as the tools I mentioned but Serpstat comes with pricing plans that are tailored for everyone.

Today I am going to take an in-depth look into what Serpstat does right (and what it does wrong) and show you exactly why this SEO tool is becoming more and more popular.

Let’s get started.

Serpstat Reviewserpstat review

Serpstat was released around 2013 and was initially a reasonably basic keyword research tool. It had some positive reviews and enjoyed some mild success, but even back then it was already being dwarfed by the size of SEMrush (Ahrefs wasn’t providing keyword data in those days).

There was nothing wrong with their product, in fact, it was pretty good. But they just didn’t have access to the huge amount of computing power required to get a level of detail and insight comparable to SEMrush and Majestic.

But with continued improvements and reinvesting heavily into their platforms architecture while expanding their already respectable amount of computing power, they can now be regarded as a legitimate competitor to the other SEO tools

Fast forward 5 years or so and Serpstat is stronger than ever. It has evolved from a curious keyword research tool into a complete SEO analysis and research suite. They can boast of a database that contains:

  • Keyword Data from over 160 Countries
  • 1.7 billion keywords in the US database
  • 137 million keywords in the UK database
  • 592 million Google suggestion keywords (US)
  • 114 million Google suggestion keywords (UK)
  • 2.9 million PPC keywords (UK)
  • 14.5 million PPC keywords (US)
  • Backlink database comparable to Ahrefs and MOZ

So, as you can see, in a little over 5 years, this SEO tool has grown exponentially and their keyword database is in league with the likes of SEMRUSH, MOZ and Ahrefs.

Due to this Serpstat can boast of over 30,000 clients who rely on their services on a daily basis. There is a lot of reasons for its popularity, one of them is their multiple paid subscription packages, you have a total of 8 to choose from and the lowest starts at $19. SEMrush only has 3 and its lowest package starts at a whopping $99.95!! 

Plus, Serpstat has a free version you that allows you to use their tools on a limited basis.

Serpstat Features

Serpstat can be broken down into 5 different sections. They are all inextricably linked with one another and navigation between them is as intuitive as you would expect from a serious SEO software company.

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank Tracker
  • Site Audit

Let’s take a look at each of these modules in a little more detail to see what you can expect from the platform.

Website Analysis

This section has two website analysis tools, they are;

1.Domain analysisThis tool will analyse any domain name you enter into the search bar and provide data for all organic and advertising keywords associated with the domain. It will give you data into its competitors organic and paid keywords as well as all the domains top ranking pages along with their keywords.

2.URL analysisPretty much the same as domain analysis except that this will analyse URLs and provide data for any keywords paid or organic that is associated with that page. It also lists competing pages and shows what keywords they are ranking for and Serpstat will also provide any keywords that one URL is ranking for but not the other. This is a great way to find new keywords to rank for.

Both these tools also let you compare domains and URL’s side by side and analyse to see how many keywords each are ranking for and whether any 2 or 3 domains and URL’s are ranking for the same keywords.

As you can see from the image below, I compared the domains of Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama and it gave me all the keywords that these two competing companies are ranking plus how many of these keywords are common to both.

serpstat review

And a small sample of the common keywords between these two competing domains

serpstat review

Keyword Research

Keyword research was what started it all for Serpstat, it was their only offering when they launched back in 2013. When I first reviewed Serpstat, their keyword research feature was the weak point, however, they have improved it over the past year and now it is one of my go-to keyword research tools.

The other keyword tools I use are Jaaxy and KWFinder and along with Serpstat, they are, in my opinion, the best value for money keyword research tools.

Trust me, if you are a solopreneur, you do not need to waste money on tools like Ahrefs, SEMRUSH or MOZ when you will never use half the features they come with.

This section has four keyword research tools, they are;

SEO and PPC Serpstat provides you with a wide range of obvious (and not so obvious) keyword suggestions suitable for both PPC and SEO campaigns. Also provides SEO and PPC keywords of your competitors. Competitor Keyword Analysis – This is one of the most powerful competitor analytics tools available anywhere. This uses Serpstat’s keyword research tool to find out what your competitors are ranking for. This usually provides you with what we call in the SEO world as ‘low hanging fruits’ keywords with weak competition ready to be taken advantage of.

This is one of my favourite tools in this software,I looked up what keywords Affilorama was ranking for and I found some that I know I can get to the first page of Google because of their weak keyword difficulty score.

serpstat review

There are an additional 3 tools within this feature;

  • Search Suggestions – Serpstat has a sizeable database of Google’s search suggestions which are often goldmines for content marketing ideas. Type in a domain or keyword and get a long list of potential ideas ready for development.
  • Related Keywords Database – Make your content marketing work smarter and harder for you. The related keywords database can find multiple keywords relevant to your content that can bring you in extra traffic for no extra effort.
  • Social Metrics – With this handy tool you’ll be able to instantly see how much social traction your content is getting (and you’ll be able to compare it to your competitors). This allows you to get inspiration and see what they are doing that’s working.

Content MarketingThis feature will help you generate ideas for content. You can dig deep into this analysis tool and find out what your audience is asking and looking for and then give it to them.

The hardest part of content marketing is making a decision on what you should write about and whether it will get any traffic. It can often feel like a shot in the dark much of the time, so a little bit of guidance is always a fine thing. Serpstat’s suite of content marketing ideas tools makes your content marketing decisions justifiable based upon real-world data.

A sample of the content marketing ideas I got when I entered the word drones (that’s my niche)

serpstat review

SERP analysis – Query any keyword and analyse the search engine results and see the data that is driving websites to the first page of Google and other search engines.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis is the biggest barrier to entry for anyone hoping to compete with the big SEO tools. As you probably already know, a good backlink analysis tool needs to scrape the entire web (regularly) to be of any use to anyone. This is an extremely resource intensive process which is where many new competitors fail. However, Serpstat has clearly thrown insane amounts of money at this section of their site because they are a serious competitor to the big 3. Their fresh backlink database is of a similar size to Ahrefs and Majestic (possibly a little smaller), but this makes it much bigger and better than SEMrush’s database.

Backlink dashboard – With a single click, you’re going to be given a full breakdown of all the links pointing to a page (or a domain) alongside anchor text ratios and referring domain counts.

Quality Scores – Knowing how many backlinks a site or a page has is only half the battle, you also need to know how powerful (and trustworthy) the sites are to conduct a proper analysis. Serpstat’s quality score is an easy way to get an instant indication of the domain and page quality (without having to go digging through the backlinks individually).

They provide two quality scores based on their own algorithm, they are;

Serpstat Page rank – A score of between 0-100 is given based on the quality of backlinks that are referring back to the domain being researched.

Serpstat trust rank – A score between 0-100 is given based on how trustworthy the backlinks are.

Top Pages – Here you can enter a domain and find out all the top pages that have recently acquired a backlink. This is good for competitor analysis as you can see where your competitors are getting their backlinks from and which to which page and reverse engineer the process to acquire one yourself.

90 Days Of Data – All backlink information that has been collected is fresh and 90 days old at most. This means you’re getting the latest and most accurate information possible and you can rely on the fact that all the links shown are probably still live.

Batch Analysis – Insert a list of your competitor’s domains in this tool to identify patterns between them. Find out if they are all doing something you’re not, and discover domains that link to several of them for potential link building opportunities.

Advertising Analysis

Serpstat’s PPC analysis is one of the best in the business thanks to their huge database of ad placements (over 180 million ads and counting). They provide a wide range of tools that allow you to identify opportunities and stalk your competitors.

Competitor Identification – Discover who your main competitors are and find out the full range of keywords they are targeting. A few clicks on this module often leads to the discovery of at least a handful of keywords you’re not targeting (that you probably should be).

Competitor Strategy / Budget – With this module, you’ll be able to figure out how deep your competitor’s pockets are and get an idea of their overall strategy. This allows you to easily outflank them and stay one step ahead at all times.

Other Tools

Again the tools we are mentioning in this section are listed as separate features on Serpstat’s website but we feel they should be lumped together here. They work hand in hand with the larger modules above to create an all in one platform that basically covers all of your digital marketing needs.

Rank Tracking – Serpstat has an incredibly accurate and fully featured rank tracker that is included in their platform. You can check the rank of your website,your competitors website or a client website (if you run an SEO agency) for any given keywords within a certain number of search engines.

On Page Audit – This tool will analyze your sites on page SEO to determine any areas of weakness that could be holding your site back in the SERPs. The entire audit is automated and presents the results in an easy to understand report with recommendations of what to change and how to do it.

Market Intelligence – Identify influencers that are dominating rankings in your niche and track their progress. Be alerted to trends that they are working on and get notified if you’re catching up to them (or falling further behind).

Serpstat vs SEMrush

When it comes to Serpstat vs SEMrush I’d choose Serpstat hands down each and every time. It provides much of the same information and a very good backlink analysis tool, for a cheaper price. Perhaps if you’re a pure PPC guy I could see why SEMrush could be a better option. But if you are on a tight budget and just started this whole SEO thing, Serpstat is a clear winner.

Just look at the number of backlinks it has in its database compared to its competitors and remember that backlink analysis is a relatively new feature that Serpstat has rolled out.

serpstat review



So as you can probably see already from the features I have listed above, Serpstat is a serious platform that demands serious

If you are looking for an affordable all in one SEO tool, look no further than Serpstat.

Serpstat is a great platform that is going from strength to strength. I am sure that they are on the radar of the major SEO software mentioned in this review. Making this much progress in just 5 years is good for competition and may even lead to its competitors lowering their prices.

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45 thoughts on “Serpstat Review – My Favourite SEO Research Tool”

  1. Hi there
    I am an affiliate marketer and am building my site via the traditional SEO way! I know that it’s a long and hard way, but I can see that my site is slowly getting some traction.

    The truth is that I never considered looking at a SEO research tool.Perhaps, there is a reason as why I got so engaged with reading your article. Just reading what Serpstat does, you have taught me a considerable bit….thanks so much ….

    I also have some Ppc’s running and I think that Serpstat can help me out in this regard as well.I thank you for writing up a fantastic and helpful review.

    I am going to give the trial a go and see how it works out.

    Will let you know how it goes!


  2. Hi Minhaj, nice review on Serpstat. I have not used any SEO tool before like Semrush or Moz. Just a keyword research tool.

    More specific I use Jaaxy. My focus is on finding low competition keywords.

    Do you think that Serpstat is better than Jaaxy or you use it in a different way?

    • Hi IIias 

      Jaaxy is actually better for keyword research, they have way more keywords in their database,but Serpstat is more than a keyword research tool. I use Serpstat to find what keywords my competitors are rankibg for and also to spy on what keywords they use in their ads.

      Their keyword tool could be improved,however overall its still a brilliant SEO tool at a really affordable price.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  3. Hi. I am almost overwhelmed with the content of this review. It is so thorough and inspires such confidence in me as an individual in pursuit of improving my SEO ratings. Thank you for helping out with this. I trust the time that you put in to this post will be incredibly valuable to countless readers. Many, many thanks!!

  4. Hi, I have never used any SEO tool before but is very interested to find out what this can offer to my site. Ranking and gathering traffic is certainly not an easy work! thanks for this review and I will certainly keep this in mind next time for my site!

  5. I like the fact that the review was comprehensive.

    From the beginning, I was asking myself “What is Serpstat’s advantage against the competition? Is it faster visibility/exposure? price? value? customer service or support? After reading the lengthy review, I concluded that the Serpstat’s advantage is price. However, price can be misleading because it may not be a neutral measure. For example, you could have a cheaper product, cheaper by, let’s say, 20%. But the benefits may be lesser by, say, 40% compared to the competition.

    The challenge is in measuring the benefits, to arrive at the value. The higher the value in relation to cost, the more likely the customer will buy.

    An example of value is – the product generated x customers in x weeks, resulting in revenue of x dollars

    I noted that Serpstat was compared to other products in a lot of ways. It would be nice to have a summary of the comparison at the end of the review. Some readers skip the details and just go straight to the summary.

    Regarding features, how will they translate into benefits for the buyer?

    • Hi Romeo

      Thanks for the comment. I will take your advice and try to summarise the benefits over the competition.

      Price is definitely a huge advantage,when it comes to SEO tools,all the major players have monthly rates that are priced too high for the average user. If you are new to marketing and are on a tight budget,these tools are beyond your means. Serpstat provides a solution for that.

      Plus there is a limited free version for you to try out,its competitors do not have this,which is another advantage.

  6. Loved this review, very persuasive (in a good way). Lots of information, comparisons and pictures. I liked how you added “affordable” in your title, then you explained more about the affordability. One thing you could have added was a description of what a SEO is for anyone new to websites. Overall your review was very persuasive and a nice informative read. – Anna

    • Hi Anna

      Glad you found this article informative, I will take your advice and write a separate article on the science of SEO. I haven’t so far because I am still relatively new to all this stuff and there is still so much to learn

      ll the best

  7. I am just starting out my Affiliate Marketing career and I am looking to learn as much as possible, before committing full time. Finding your site has been a God send since it allows me pit it against the main SEO tool sites you mentioned. I truly appreciated the candid review and I will download the free trial product and hopefully it will help me in my possibly new career as an affiliated marketer. Thank you !

  8. I have been using Serpstat for the last six months to build on my organic traffic. Just starting to show results, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
    I really like their cluster research tool and missing keyword features, which allows me to do some real keyword researching.
    Thanks for the great review,

  9. In my experience, the higher-end SEO tools are almost a must when you have a big enough website.

    Still, this one does present a very interesting alternative in only a fraction of the price.
    It seems to be pretty similar to SEMrush, and honestly I got to appriciate the fact that it is a freemium tool (When compared to MOZ, for example).

    Still, I don’t really do PPC’s, so that’s not too much of an issue for me.


  10. Hi Minhaj, thanks for sharing this new tool. I have heard of SEMrush but like what you mentioned, the price point is a bit steep and I am already committed for other memberships. I am using JAAXY which is an awesome keyword tool but I don’t think it is able to rank and provide the level of analytics as SEMrush or Serpstat. You mentioned Serpstat started out as a keyword research tool but they didn’t do too well in that aspect. Would you say Serpstat and JAAXY can complement each other? Or is JAAXY good enough to handle site ranking and analytics?

    • Hi Jude

      Jaaxy’s keyword database is much larger than Serpstat, however,they are growing it everyday and it is getting better.

      While Jaaxy is a brilliant keyword tool and has other decent features like checking your site rank and analyzing search engine results page,Serpstat is a complete SEO tool,they have more features and advanced analytics tools. Its why I compared it toe Semrush and Ahrefs. 

  11. This is very nice information. Extremely helpful. Nice explanation of all of the providing companies and how that whole thing works. I am fairly new to all of this so this is a great breakdown, as these tools are much needed. It would be easy for me to fall for one of the bigger and well known companies, but as I am starting to learn, the more expensive is not always the best way to go. Thanks for the great and much needed review.

    • Hi 

      Thanks for commenting, true many times the more expensive products do not deliver, however in the case of SEO tools mentioned in this article, they do deliver but they are way out of reach for people who are starting out and Serpstat is more than a viable alternative,its a superb SEO tool. I wish I had known about it sooner.

  12. I am a newbie in Internet marketing. I have been joined and bought many online money making programs but failed to make money. I never joined Amazon’s FBA program, but I did use Amazon’ KDP and CreateSpace to publish some eBooks and paperback books.

    You introduce Serpstat’s backlink Analysis and it looks great. I get confused here because many people told me backlink is no more useful, but it seems to be one of the bright spots of Serpstat. Would you please explain on that?

    SEO is an important issue for internet marketing. Do you have any suggestion for some free tools which are good to use?

    • Hi George

      I am pretty new to all this stuff as well,having said that I am aware of the importance of backlinks for SEO as many SEO experts still insist that they are the number 1 ranking factor in Googles algorithm.For a newbie,you don’t need to worry about backlinks at the moment,but once your website starts moving up the search engine and you see that you  outrank certain competitors,backlinks will be one of the reasons why. So you will need to analyse what backlinks they have,so that you can get them as well and have a chance to outrank them.

      You can actually try Serpstat for free,but it does come with limitations.

      Other free options include

      Ubbersuggest (free keyword tool)

      Keywords everwhere (free keyword tool)

      Open link profiler (free backlink analysis)

      Google search console

      Google analytics

      Bing webmaster tools

      All the best

  13. Very well and informed article. I have never heard of serpstat before — mainly just ones like long tail seo, and jaaxy.

    Are you currently using it right now, and if so how are you liking it?

    The only thing I did kinda of like about it, is it does seem pretty affordable compared to some other ones out there.

    • Hi Michael

      Yes I am using Serpstat in conjunction with a few other seo tools, it very useful especially finding low competition your competitors are ranking for.

      As all in one seo tool, I think it is the most affordable one currently on the market.

  14. Hi Minhaj, awesome review you have here.

    Serpstat seems like a great SEO tool. It almost provides everything for you all in one package.

    Now, I can unsubscribe the other SEO tools I’m using, one for rank tracking and competitor analysis and the other one for backlink analysis. Serpstat already has those features, even better.

    But looking at the UI of Serpstat from your screenshots, everything looks more blue. Just not my biggest fan on color.

    Anyway, thanks Minhaj for this great review.

  15. Hello Minhaj;
    Your review on Serpstat is very thorough, until I can make enough money to afford it, I will have to be satisfied with Jaaxy (which is very good). The only thing with Jaaxy is I cannot find out what keywords my competitors are ranking for, and what is working for them. I wish Jaaxy had that feature but I may try Serpstat sometime in the future Wishing you all the best.


  16. I was tempted to give SEMrush a try, but I held off, and kept looking. Glad I came across your review of Serpstat. It is way more affordable. If it’s got almost the same features anyways, I might as well just try Serpstat because it is cheaper, to see if I will really be using all the features, being an intermediate affiliate marketer.

    • Hi Reyhana

      Not only does Serpstat come with an affordable basic plan, but it also has tons of features I didn’t even mention in the review, definitely a worthy alternative to SEMRush and Ahrefs

      All the best

  17. Thanks for the through and honest review. I got to know about Serpstat few days back and quite enjoying it. I was not aware of  its all  features and thanks for explaining it how to use it smartly. I would definitely consider to purchase it soon and probably start with plan A  which is very much affordable comparing to other expensive SEO tools.

  18. When I was just starting to write contents for my website, I never really understood the importance of Keyword Research. I thought that as long as I was offering relevant and helpful information to my target audience, my posts will rank well in search engines. Little did I know that SEO tools were created to help drive traffic.Currently, I am using Jaaxy Keyword Research tool and although I am satisfied with it, I think it does not hurt to add one more, in case it offers other features not available on Jaaxy. I’m glad I can try Serpstat out for free first before deciding if I want to spend money. By the way, can I use Serpstat SEO tool for free for as long as I want? I don’t think it’s practical to spend money at this point when my website is barely new and not making any money yet.

    • Hi Alice

      Thanks for your comment, Jaaxy is a fantastic tool and I use it myself. Yes you can use the free version of Serpstat all the time, it has limited features but still worth checking out.

  19. This is such a comprehensive and detailed review! We need more people like you to review stuff on the internet, these days it’s so full of scam, we can’t really tell the real deals from the lousy ones, until experts like you do the reviews. I will go and check out Serpstat, and possibly get it for my online business. Thanks!

  20. Hi Minhaj, I use Jaaxy for all of my SEO keyword research and I believe it has more keywords than serpsat. But serpsat seems to have a lot of other features that I could utilize on my site. Thanks for such a comprehensive break down I will be taking a deeper look at Serpsat.

    Thanks Emma

  21. Thanks for your detailed review of Serpstat. Not everyone likes such detail on a review. I’m different; I look for articles like yours that would best help me to make an informed decision about which is the best way for me to go, at a given time, depending on what I’m focused on. I like that you’ve compared Serptat to SEMRush; this helps me with my side-by-side comparison. Actually, you’ve saved me some work, here. The pricing table you’ve provided is also very helpful. What I’d like to know more about is any down-side that you can think of, to enlighten me on. Thanks again for the post. I look forward to reading more. 

  22. Wow Minhaj,

    This is great!  It’s the first time I hear about SerpStat and I am impressed by your thorough explanation here in this article.  I personally use all free versions of Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush, Jaaxy and lately Ubersuggest from Neil Patel. This is another one I will add to my arsenal of SEO tools!

    One thing I have to ask though is something you mentioned in your article.  In the section where you talk about SEO and PPC, you mentioned that you could rank better than Affiliorama on some keywords  because of their “weak keyword difficulty score”.  Can you explain what you mean by this, I am not sure I understand correctly.



    • Hi Denis

      Thanks for your comment, as for your question about ranking higher than Affilorama, I think I may have worded wrong. When I analysed what keywords that Affilorama was ranking for, I found some whose data suggested that they were easy to rank for, not that I could out-rank Affilorama for the keywords but that I could potentially rank for them on the first page.

      I hope that clarifies your question 

  23. Hi, Minhaj

    Thanks for the post, I have always been wondering about SEO I have used all-in-one SEO and Yoast or something like that, but I have never tried Serpstat I’ve never heard of it before, but after I read your post then I think I have to try Serpstat, which one is better all-in-one SEO or Yoast what do you think? And what would you recommend? I’m empty about this, but I will try Serpstat now.

    Best regardsSalomon.

    • Hi Salomon

      Yoast SEO plugin and Serpstat are actually two very different aplications, one is a set of SEO research tools (Serpstat) while Yoast is used to analyse if your website is optmised for SEO purposes.

      All the best

  24. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Serpstat.Using SEO in keyword searching is becoming popular these days and we have to go with the technology if we need to succeed.

    I have never used Serpstat because I was using Jaaxy as my keyword research tool .I found Serpstat genuine too I Will try its free membership to see the difference.

  25. This is my first time reading about Serpstat and it seems there are awesome features that one can use to boost his online business. I’ve mostly used Jaaxy keyword research tools and it’s doing a lot for me. However, the serpstat comes with some features that I think it’s worth exploring to see how I can leverage it for my going forward. 

    How long can I use the free offer of serpstat?

  26. I am not aware of SERPSTAT SEO tool. I just came across about SEMRush and Moz before I found Jaaxy of Wealthy Affiliate. I think these are the popular ones so many are advertising it for commissions. I was able to use only the free trial of Moz because I am just starting out that time with very tight budget. I think Moz is a good SEO tool also just like Jaaxy but there is no free version but free trial only. I am glad I found you article. If SERPSTAT offers a free version, it would be beneficial for newbies who are just starting out in online business and considering that you can start for $19.

    • Hi Dan

      I have access to Jaaxy and have used SEMRUSH, both are good but SEMRUSH is just too expensive. Serpstat free version is for life. 

      All the best

  27. Hello Minhaj,

    I have not used any of the tools you mentioned, for exactly the reason you mentioned – they are way out of my price range.

    Your extensive review is excellent and it is easy to see that you have really done your homework on this.

    I love to see reviews from people who are qualified to talk and as a programmer, I think you have the knowledge to share.

    SerpStat looks excellent and I will, based on your comments, take a serious look at the free version and after testing that decide on going for a paid version.

    Until I saw your post, I had never heard of SerpStat, but I think they have created an excellent tool at a price that is very reasonable.

    Great job and thanks for your very clear review.



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