Welcome to my review of Same Day Ecom Profits, sounds like a get rich quick scheme, right? I was sceptical about buying this product with its overblown claims and the fact that the person behind this product is not an ecommerce expert.

However,upon further inspection, I saw that it sold really well on Warrior Plus and had a low refund rate. So, despite reservations about the claims made on the sales page, I went ahead and purchased it.

Now,some of you may or may not know,but I originally got interested in making money online through ecommerce. I dabbled in retail arbitrage through Amazon FBA but I saw little success in that venture. So, I focused more on affiliate marketing as a way to build an online business without breaking the bank.

However,it has always been my intention to have another crack at ecommerce and hence I am always looking for training programmes or courses that could help me later on.


So without further delay, let’s get on with this review of Same Day Ecom Profits.

Before I go on with the actual review, I should tell you about the upsells and that this product is actually part of a long sales funnel to get you into a high-ticket ecommerce course.

More on the high ticket programme later,first let me tell you about the upsells.

I have learnt the hard to never purchase any upsells from products that show you how to make money,if it’s a software product then I might purchase a upsell, anything else, I give it a miss.


So,I was made aware that there has been an update to this product called Same Day eCom Profits 2.0,the update includes more student testimonials and updated traffic methods.

There are also four upsells;

  • Same Day eCom Profits Ready Made Campaigns $47
  • 4 Week Live Coaching + 4 Ready-Made Ugly One Page Stores $97
  • 2 Week Live Coaching $17
  • 2 Week Live Coaching + 1 Ready-Made Ugly One Page Store $27


Same Day Ecom Profits Review

product is simply a 47 page PDF report showcasing how to get started with ecommerce through dropshipping with simple one-page websites.

What is dropshipping? I have actually written a whole article on this but simply put,dropshipping is an ecommerce distribution model in which you, as the store owner,act as a middleman between suppliers and customers. There is no need to keep inventory or deliver any products,that is the job of your supplier.

I was surprised by the quality of the PDF, it is well written and gave me a few ideas of where to look and find profitable products to sell online.

For example one of the places they tell you to look for stuff is one a website called whatsthecount.com,this site lists all the popular products that are selling well on eBay.

It lists the benefits of dropshipping and how easy it is to get a store up and running.  However, instead of opening a full-blown store on Shopify, Woocommerce or anywhere else, they teach you to sell your items on ugly one-page sites.

What is a one-page site? Its exactly as it sounds,a simple page with the product image, description and a buy button.

Although they say the method they teach is brand new and isn’t being done, that is just telling porkies. This method is taught by all the so called ecom gurus.

What the method is to basically find products that people would buy on impulse,meaning they wouldn’t give it a second thought because its cheap and looks cool or weird.

You then advertise a few of your chosen products on Facebook and choose the one that converts the best.

Along with the PDF,there are several video tutorials that basically covers the same stuff mentioned in the PDF.

You also get access to a few training webinars,however these webinars are not by the author of this product.

Who Is Mr X?

On the sales page of Same Day Ecom Profits,you are promised to meet the inspiration behind this training and he is referred to as Mr X.

Well Mr X is revealed to be a one Greg Jacobs,the name sounded familiar to me and so I Googled him and found out that he was behind a huge ecommerce training launch called MageOmega

This training sells for nearly $2000 and Same Day Ecom Profits is part of a long sale funnel that leads you to that course.

In the membership area, there are banners every few paragraphs telling you to sign up for a live webinar. If you have been in this industry for long you will now that these webinars are not live nor are they exclusive.

In my experience,webinars that sell high ticket programmes are all fluff, with overhyped claims and hardly any revealing moments.

What I liked

I enjoyed the quality of the PDF report,lots of good information and if you ignore the income claims and the get rich quick mentality it promotes,you could start your own single page store.

Some of the videos are also worth watching as you see in action how to research and build a Shopify store from scratch.

What I didn’t like.

The get rich quick mentality it promotes, even the name promotes this idea of earning money fast.

There are a few other things that put me of,first of all, you cannot find a definite winning product within a few hours of running a Facebook ads,especially with a $5 daily budget for each ad.

The report suggests that you could start with as little as $20 and start seeing results,I don’t see how that is realistically possible. If you are a newbie (and this product is aimed towards newbies) creating ads that convert is highly unlikely. If you test a minimum of 3 products with $5 daily budget,your audience reach for each campaign will be pretty small and there is no way (unless you get lucky or are experienced in Facebook ads) that any of them will start yielding results within hours.

The platform they recommend you build the one-page ugly sites is Clickfunnels. I don’t know why they chose this expensive software to build simple landing pages when there are far better and cheaper alternatives. You can even make these simple ugly pages with free WordPress sites.

So starting with only $20 and seeing results may be possible in theory but realistically for the majority, it will take more than this.


With the right training and product, you can build a very lucrative online business with dropshipping that can be scaled to six-figures and beyond.

However,many courses and training programmes make it seem it is easy and Same Day Ecom Profits is one of them.

I did say the PDF report was surprisingly well written and I found some good information from it,however, there are also parts that give it a get rich quick mentality.

This not only gives this industry a bad name but also results in people failing because they find out there is more work than was originally let on.

I think it is worth buying for the $14.95 price, however, don’t believe the claims of earning within hours of implementing their training.

If you are serious about building a dropshipping business,check out my review of Alidropship and Oberlo,both provide fantastic resources to start your own dropshipping store and both have developed an app that will help you automate a lot of the tasks related to dropshipping.

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