Product List Genie Review

Are you looking for a real review of Product List Genie, from someone who has tried the system? Well, you have come to the right place, in this article I will thoroughly review the complete Product List Genie system and see if it will help your eCommerce business.

One of the toughest parts of starting any kind of eCommerce business is finding profitable products to sell. Whether you are selling on Shopify, Amazon or any of the other major eCommerce platforms, your first priority will be to identify a product that will be profitable for your store.

A major reason many people fail with eCommerce or just don’t even start is that the research phase of finding a product takes a lot of time and many just give up. Another reason is that people do not thoroughly research their chosen product and they end up with a losing product which does not sell well.

Fortunately, there are many tools and services that will help people find a good product to sell, many of these tools I have reviewed on this blog, my two favourites being eComhunt and Niche Scraper.

I found out about Product List Genie by searching for alternatives to the products I have already reviewed and as you shall read in this review, I am impressed by it but have my reservations.

Product List Genie Review

Who is behind Product List Genie?

Before I review any kind of product, I always like to find out more about the people behind it, in this case, the person behind Product List Genie is someone called Giancarlo Barraza.

He is a successful entrepreneur and runs several eCommerce stores, so he definitely knows what to look out for when it comes to choosing a product for your eCommerce business.

He also has his own YouTube channel which has some good videos on topics related to running a successful drop shipping business, although it looks like he hasn’t uploaded a video for a few months, check out his YouTube channel here.

Product List Genie Features

Product List Genie comes with a lot of features, some of them are useful while others I feel are unnecessary.

The core feature of Product List Genie is finding profitable products for your drop shipping business, the main dashboard is well-designed and easy to navigate.

There are two ways you can find products with PLG, you can either select the hot products tab on the top of the dashboard or the select Niches tab on the main menu, they both give you the same set of data for every product.

Product List Genie

Under the hot products tab, you will find a list of products that are selling well over on AliExpress, you get access to the entire database of products since Product List Genie was launched. While under the niches tab, you will be able to select products from 16 different categories.

Under each product you will get the following data;

AliExpress price

Recommended selling price

Overall profit

You also get a link to the product video (if the vendor has one) and some targeting data for Facebook ads. You also get an example of the kind of ad that works for Facebook, this is a rather useful feature especially for those who have never run a Facebook advertising campaign.

Although, I have to say that most of the ad examples for each product are very similar, so its best not to copy them word for word but to use them as a template for your own unique ads.

Product List Genie

Each product also comes with its unique description which you can use for your own, again I would advise against this as you will want your own description to be unique and SEO friendly. However, even if you have no plans to rank your store on the search engines (in which case having duplicate content doesn’t really matter), having your own description will help to make your store stand out and its good for branding purposes.

You can also connect your Shopify store to Product List Genie and import any products you want to sell.

Audience Genie

This is a useful feature from PLG, especially for those who are not familiar with Facebook targeting. There are over 50 niches for which you will get a broad set of targeting suggestions.

Facebook gathers so much data about its members and some of these data points are available to advertisers. However, even then it can be confusing for first time advertisers to get the targeting right and there are targeting options that are sometimes overlooked.

Now, audience genie does not mention all targeting options for every niche but it does give you some broad ideas on what options are available and also suggests how to use these targeting data for your Facebook ads.

List Of eCommerce Stores

Here you get access to a large database of high traffic eCommerce stores that have been built on many different platforms.

The data is presented in spreadsheet format which must be downloaded on to your PC, so you will need a spreadsheet software like Google Docs or MS Excel to read the data. The data is useful, especially if you want to analyse what kind of items successful eCommerce stores are selling but I wish the data was provided in another format because sifting through large amounts of data on excel is time-consuming. 

Store Ranking

List of the top-ranking Shopify stores with links to their top-selling products and Facebook ads, however, most of the links to the Facebook ads are not working and go to the following page.

product list genie

Another thing to note is that although the dashboard says there are over 140,000 stores in the database, I can only access links to the first 50 while the rest are always unavailable.

Even so, this would have been a good feature if the links to the Facebook ads worked but they do not, and I was disappointed by this.

Ads Spy

This is another feature that disappointed me because it didn’t work as it should have done. The basic function of this feature is to provide you data about Facebook ads on stores you want to spy on, however, whenever I entered a store URL, it came back with a dead Facebook link.

Other Features

Shopify Theme – You get access to their own Shopify theme, which looks decent.

Reviews Genie – This allows you to import AliExpress customer reviews into your store, however, it’s still in beta mode, so has not been fully developed yet.

Fulfilment Genie – Another feature that is still in beta mode, basically it gives you the option to fulfil AliExpress orders inside Product List Genie.

AliExpress plugin – I think this may be a solution for WordPress users, but there doesn’t seem to be any plugin to download.

14-day challenge – This is a set of training videos where you will be shown how to start a profitable drop shipping store in just 14 days. I really do not like challenges like these, it gives a false impression that starting a profitable business is like a step by step process when it is not. Yes, you can start a dropshipping business quickly, but for it to be profitable will take a lot more time than 14 days. However, the training is good, so take notes and follow through but be warned you will most likely not be profitable in just 14 days.

Live Training – The owner holds live training every day via Facebook, however, there is no mechanism in place to watch these training if you should miss the live session.

PLG Paid Services

Inside the member’s area, there are additional services that you can purchase for your dropshipping business.

These services include the following;

Single Product Theme – $95 – A one-product theme that comes with features to maximise conversions.

General Theme – $97 – A Shopify theme full of conversion-focused features.

Store Make-Over – $97 – Your store will get a complete make-over from the team behind PLG.

Facebook Ad Copy Service – $17 – Get a professionally written Facebook ad copy.

Product Page Service – $87 – Enhance your product description page for better conversion.

Video Service – $47 – Get a professionally made product video.

Pricing & Upsells

Product List Genie costs $97.97 per month but there is an 8-day free trial in which you can test out the system risk-free.

When I signed up there was a couple of upsells, one was for their own Shopify theme, which can also be purchased inside the member’s area.

The other upsell is for personal coaching which I believe was $197, I can’t be sure, I didn’t take the offer.

There are some upsells that have been discontinued but for some reason, they are still mentioned on their affiliate sign up page.

Final Thoughts

Product List Genie is a good system, but it does have its downsides.

The reason I signed up for Product List Genie is that I wanted to find dropshipping products that had a high chance of being big sellers. In this regard, PLG does a good job, you are presented with potentially winning products on a daily basis and lots of data that will help you in running Facebook ad campaigns.

The training is also pretty good, however, the live training that is delivered via Facebook is not recorded, so if you miss the notification, you miss out completely. They should think about recording the live training so people who cannot attend have access to it later.

The Facebook ad spying tool was not functioning properly which was disappointing nor was store ranking tool.

Overall, I think it’s a good system but overpriced for what I wanted, which was just to find products to sell online. The other features were unnecessary for me, but others may find them useful.

The good thing is, you can try it for free and see for if it suits your needs.

Have you tried Product List Genie? I would love to hear your thoughts on this system.

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