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Hi and welcome to my review of Printify, are you looking to start an eCommerce business selling products with your own unique designs printed on them? Then a service like Printify can most definitely help you.

eCommerce is a booming industry, as more and more people do their shopping online, it presents entrepreneurs with ample opportunities to start their own eCommerce business. Starting a traditional eCommerce store is expensive, however, with a business model like print on demand dropshipping, you will not need to make a huge investment to get started.

What Is Print On Demand?

Print on demand is when you sell products with your own designs printed on them, but you only print products after a sale has been made. In other words, you will not need to purchase a huge amount of inventory neither will you need to rent any kind of storage space. This saves you a lot of money and is one of the reasons why starting a print on demand business is becoming very popular.

However, some of the major stumbling blocks of starting a print on demand business are things like sourcing products, finding good printing services and then finding ways to fulfil orders.

To do all this by yourself will be time-consuming and your business will suffer as a result, fortunately, there are services that will take care of all this for you and one of those services is Printify.

Printify Review

Printify Review

Printify is a print on demand dropshipping company that was founded by serial entrepreneur James Berdigans in 2015. Its headquarters are in Latvia but they also have offices in the USA. Since opening, they have grown exponentially and processed tens of thousands of orders per month.

Over 50,000 eCommerce stores rely on Printify’s print on demand services to run their business.

They have become an all in one hub for people looking to start a print on demand business and they hope to help eCommerce entrepreneurs make more money with less effort. They are continuously expanding their products and services and in this review, you will find out why are so popular for people who are looking to start a print on demand business.

Printify have made the process of starting a print on demand dropshipping business much easier and affordable.

By using a service like Printify, your only task will be to create a winning design and choose a product to print that design on. You then upload your completed product into your store and make sure that it is synced with the Printify service.

They will take care of everything after you have made a sale.

Printify will print your design, fulfil your order and deliver the product to your customer, your profit will be the difference between the base price of the product you purchased from Printify and what your customer paid you.

This is how Printify works;

1. Select your product from their huge collection, they provide products from a wide range of categories.

2. Upload your design and start customising the product to your satisfaction.

3. Choose a print provider from the list provided by Printify.

4. Import the products into your store.

5. Make a sale and everything else from billing to fulfilment and delivery is taken care of by Printify.


Printify Products

Printify have a catalogue that contains over 250 products in five categories, they are;

Men’s clothing

Women’s clothing

Kids clothing

Home & Living


The clothing category has the largest range of products and is also the most popular with print on demand sellers.

However, you also get access to a great range of products from the other two categories home & living and accessories.

These include items like wall décor, bathroom mats, shower curtains, mugs, bags, phone cases jewellery and a host of other high-quality products.

Each product comes with a base price, which is the amount you pay Printify, you will have to set your own pricing mark-up that will determine how much you get to keep after a sale.

For example, the t-shirt below costs $9.25 ( you get a 20% discount if you subscribe to their premium plan), after production costs are added which includes the printing and fulfilment, it will cost you $13.25. If you want to earn a 60% profit on every sale, the price of the t-shirt will be $21.20, your profit will be $7.95 and the rest goes to Printify.

Printify Review

The above is just given as an example, from my experience, most print on demand sellers price their products way more than 60% return.

Printing Services

Printify provides you with access to over 90 high quality printing services, most of them are from the USA but there are some from the UK and China. They are continuously looking to expand their printing partners for their customers

Majority of the printing services use direct to garment printing technology ( DTG) because this is the most cost effective for low volume orders. However, many of the printing services do provide other printing options like sublimation, screen printing,3D printing and embroidery.

You will get to choose which print provider you work with depending on what product you want to sell.

Under each product description, there is a list of printing services that you can use, each service is different, and it will be up to you to see which one meets your needs.

For example, some print providers may not stock all available sizes for a certain item, or they only print on the front and not on the back of a product. Some have cheaper delivery times but longer production times.

Mockup Generator


With Printify’s mockup generator, you can upload your designs and see how they would look on your chosen product. This way you can get a feel for what the end result will look like and if you need to make any design adjustments or change your product selection.

However, Printify does suggest that you purchase some samples before you make any kind of decision because seeing a product online can only give you so much information about its look and overall quality.

eCommerce Integration

Currently, Printify is compatible with these three eCommerce platforms;

Shopify – Printify is the no.2 best-reviewed Print on demand app on the Shopify app store and is the easiest to set up. Out of all three eCommerce platforms, I would advise people to go with Shopify.

WooCommerce – The best WordPress eCommerce plugin, if you have experience with building a website with WordPress and want complete control over your store, the Printify and WooCommerce solution is the perfect solution.

Etsy – This is probably the no.1 marketplace to sell unique and creative products and so is a perfect platform for Print on demand products. There are some limitations with this platform and they charge you per listing, not my personal favourite but its marketplace is huge and growing so definitely one to consider.

If you are a software developer, you can access their API and integrate with any eCommerce platforms of your choice.

Printify vs Printful

Earlier I mentioned that Printify is the no.2 best-reviewed app on the Shopify app store, so which is no.1? That award goes to Printful, a company that has been around longer and offers an all in one Print on demand service.

While both services are free to use, Printify does charge a monthly subscription fee for extra features like importing custom products, discount on orders and custom API integration.

Printful is completely free to use and provide discounts on samples ( with limitations) and integrate with 12 eCommerce platforms. They also provide access to their API if you want to integrate with a platform that is not currently supported.

Printful provides other services like product photography, design and branding and have invested over $17 million in the company that has made them the leader for print on demand services.

Printful also provides a range of free training resources that includes a comprehensive guide to starting a print on demand business, weekly webinars on eCommerce related topics and a regularly updated blog.

I do like the service Printify provides, but if I were to start a print on demand business, I personally think, Printful offers the better service that will give me the best chance at success. Read my review of Printful for more information about their products and service.

Printify Pricing

As I mentioned, Printify is free to use, you can connect up to 5 stores and get the following features,

Unlimited product designs

Integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and Etsy.

24/7 Support

Fulfilment and delivery

If you have a growing eCommerce store, the premium plan may be more suitable, you can import custom products and you get a 20% discount on all orders.

For merchants that are processing over 10,000 a day, there is a custom pricing solution, you get access to their API, dedicated account manager, branded customer support and early access to new products and features.

Final Thoughts

If you are a skilled artist and want to monetise your art, selling print on demand products gives you a way to do this. With the service that Printify provides, it has become easier to start a print on demand business, its free to use and they will take care of warehousing, fulfilment and delivery, while you concentrate and making sales for your business.

I personally prefer the traditional way of dropshipping where you sell popular and trending products because you know there is a market for it and the products are easier to sell. However, selling print on demand items can be more advantageous because they are unique to you, they have your designs and they become part of your brand.

Have you used Printify or any other type of print on demand service? Would like to hear your thoughts on this company and whole print on demand business model.

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4 thoughts on “Printify Review”

  1. Good idea and it got me interested in starting my own business. My only problem is, I am not an artistic person but I do recognize the potential of this business. I know that feeling on the customer’s side of being able to demand a print on T-shirt based on my preference, so coming from the customer’s stand point, I can see great potential in this kind of business. But like I said, I am not an artist person and worse, I am not confident with my own designs if ever I force myself to do the designing. Do you know of apps I can use to make good designs so I can pursue doing business with Printify?

    • Hi Gomer

      Thanks for your comment, the designing aspect is my weakness as well, however, there are sites you can outsource this part, places like Fiverr, UpWork and People Per Hour have a lot of talented artists and Graphic designers. Of course, you will have to convey to them what kind of design you are looking for and then there is the issue of price, you will need to see what which option is best suited for your budget.

      All the best.

  2. Hi Minhaj,

    An insightful review of Printify, I have been looking at several print on demand services for future reference because I am interested in this eCommerce business model and Printify is one of the most impressive I have come across. I do like their wide variety of products and the different printing services on offer, I may check out the free version sometime in the future.

    From a personal point of view I didn’t find the comparison of Printify to Printful helpful. There maybe be standards in this industry which caused you to make this comparison, which, as yet I don’t know about, but I found it a little strange that all this effort was put into promoting Printify, to then, to a degree demote it with this comparison. In my mind a separate article about Printful would be more appropriate. Of course this is only my opinion and it certainly doesn’t detract from what I regard as very interesting content.

     I also enjoyed watching the embedded video. It was short, visually appealing and very much to the point. All up I think you have done a marvellous job of promoting Printify and my only recommendation, if appropriate, is to consider doing a separate article about Printful rather than incorporate the current comparison. Never the less I am looking forward to reading more informative articles on your website.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for your honest comment, I am glad you enjoyed this review, as for your comment about my comparison to Printful, it was never my intention to put down Printify, I really wanted to inform my readers of the other options available to them and I do believe Printful offers the better overall service. I have actually written a separate review of Printful which you can read here.

      Thanks again for your insightful comment and I wish you all the best.


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