Pexda Review

Hi and welcome to my review of Pexda, a website that claims to find the best trending products for eCommerce business owners to sell in their store.

Finding a hot trending product to sell online takes a lot of time-consuming research and can be very exhausting, especially if you are new to eCommerce. Fortunately, there are companies that provide these services for you and one of those companies Pexda. In this review of Pexda, you will find out what kind of services it provides and if it can help you find a product to sell for your eCommerce business.

Pexda Review

Pexda review 2019

I have personally seen many eCommerce businesses grow just because of a single product and that is all you need, one single product that resonates with an audience and sells well. The tough part is finding that product, researching hundreds of products a day, analysing marketing data and then deciding on which product to sell is time-consuming.

Pexda solves this issue for you, it does all of the heavy lifting in relation to finding hot trending products while you concentrate growing your business.

Pexda not only provides a daily list of profitable products but it allows you to spy on the Facebook ads that people are using to sell these products, this helps you to see what kind of ads are working and you can then create similar ads to sell your products.

With this service, Pexda have taken much of the guessing game out of the equation when it comes to choosing a product and what kind of Facebook ads to use that will generate the most interest for your product.

Pexda Features

The main feature of Pexda is finding products that are most likely to convert well with its target audience. The people behind this are guided by hard data, analysing what products are selling well across multiple eCommerce platforms, seeing its engagement level on social media and if the products can be profitable for their members.

If the products pass this test, they are listed insides the member area along with a host of other information.

With each product, you also get the following data;

Cost & Profit Calculation – You will get a breakdown of how much profit you can make after all costs have been accounted for.

Product Source – A link to where to source the product from ( its usually AliExpress0 along with a breakdown of all the main data points like total no. of orders, overall rating, reviews, shipping cost and overall positive feedback.

Who Are Selling – A link to any independent stores that is currently selling the product, there will also be a link to eBay and Amazon, if they are selling the item as well. Analysing how the product page is set up on successful stores will give you an idea on how to build your own product page that will generate the best results.

Facebook Ad Targeting – Simple screenshots of the targeting data you need for any Facebook ad campaigns you may run. This is all guesswork and they tell that the targeting hasn’t been tested so you should take the advice with caution.

Video Ad Copy – A simple 20 seconds video of the product that you can download and use for your own Facebook ad campaigns. I was not impressed by the quality of the videos and would never advise anyone to use these videos for their ads.

Pexda Review 2019

There is also a Pexda Chrome extension that will allow you to spy on Facebook ads, it comes with a few filters like, how many comments, shares and likes an ad should have that you would like to spy on.

It sounds like a great tool, I mean who wouldn’t want to spy on their competitor’s ads and see what is working for them? Unfortunately, when I tried the app, it didn’t quite work as advertised.

Actually, as of writing this review, it hasn’t found me one ad related to eCommerce, it did give me an ad from Google advertising their Chromebook but that’s not really what I was looking for.

Needless to say, the spy tool has been a disappointment so far.

Who Is Behind Pexda?

Whenever I review a product, I like to find out more about the people behind it, I want to know what kind of experience they have in the niche they are providing a service for. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing about the creators of Pexda on the website, this doesn’t mean the service is bad, but I would have a bit more confidence in the company if I could put a face to it.

I also searched around the web and despite there being lots of positive reviews of Pexda, there is zero information about who is behind this service.

Does this mean that I wouldn’t recommend Pexda to anyone? No, I think it’s a decent service but I do believe there is a better option, which brings me to my next point.

Pexda vs eComhunt

eComhunt ( which I recently reviewed here) provides a very similar service to Pexda and is my preferred service for finding hot and trending products to sell online.

They provide everything that Pexda provides, however, there are some things I like about eComhunt that makes me recommend it over Pexda.

First of all, eComhunt provides a free membership which gives you access to lots of potentially winning products that you can start dropshipping as soon as possible. You can easily import these products into your store directly from eComhunt you also get access to the following info;

Cost and profit margins

Where to buy the product

Stores that are selling the product

Product videos

A saturation inspector that tells you if there are too many other stores selling the same product.

eComunt also has a very active blog that has lots of tips and tutorials on all things related to eCommerce, Pexda, unfortunately, doesn’t have a blog or any kind of tutorials.

Both eComhunt and Pexda rely on Facebook data to provide you with potentially hot products. This is because the main method of traffic generation they advocate is Facebook ads. They analyse what kind of products are being well received on Facebook and then pass the details to their members.

However, eComhunt goes further than just recommending products, their blog has many posts that deal with Facebook ads, their paid membership delves into Facebook ads extensively and guides you on how to run successful Facebook ad campaigns.

However, there is nothing like this from Pexda, not even a simple tutorial on how to set up a Facebook ad campaign.

The area where eComhunt distinguishes itself from Pexda is their success stories which you can read about on their blog.

Many people have built successful eCommerce business’s from their product recommendation and Facebook ad training, this is another reason I would trust eComhunt over Pexda, they have proven winners while Pexda do not ( they may have, but there is nothing on their website about it).

Pexda Pricing

Pexda Review 2019

Pexda has three pricing plans, they all come with pretty much the same features, there is really only one major difference and that is with the standard pricing ( which I subscribed to) there is a 3-day delay on getting access to new winning products. With both the premium and Ultimate plans, there are no delays and with the Ultimate plan, you get access to special products. Although they do not make clear what the difference between winning products and special products are.

You can try the standard plan for a two week trial for just $1.95, it’s worth checking out just to see if anything catches your eye.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling to find a product to sell for your eCommerce business, Pexda may be able to help you. It’s a decent service that provides you with a daily list of potentially profitable products but could do with a few more add-ons, like regular blog updates and tutorials on running Facebook ad campaigns.

There are no proofs that their product suggestions have actually led anyone to open a successful eCommerce store which is the main reason I am hesitant to recommend it.

As I said, it’s worth checking its two-week trial for less than $2 but if you want a system that has proven track record of finding winning products, I highly suggest you check out eComhunt.

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