Niche Scraper Review – The Best Product Hunting Tool

Hey, welcome to my Niche Scraper review, a tool that will help you find profitable products to sell for your dropshipping business.

If you are a regular reader of my blog (and I hope you are), you will know that one of my favourite online business models is dropshipping. It’s easy to get started, it doesn’t require much initial investment and you don’t have to worry about stocking inventory or delivery as that will be taken care of by your supplier.

In recent years, drop shipping has become a popular method for new entrepreneurs to start their first online business and many people are having huge success with it.

Where most people fail or succeed is the ability to find a winning product, some people just find the product research phase it too exhausting and give up, while others sometimes choose the wrong product.

Luckily there are tools and services that will make the process of finding products that have a high chance of being big sellers, many of them I have already reviewed like eComhunt, Pexda and Ali Inspector.

Niche Scraper is a similar tool to the ones I just mentioned and I just recently became aware it and having tried and tested out the service, I decided to write up this review.

Niche Scraper Review

Who is Behind Niche Scraper?

Before I get on with the actual review of Niche Scraper, I want to say a couple of things about the guy behind this product. His name is Eric Smith and he has been running successful drop shipping stores for a few years.

His success shows that he knows how to identify winning products for eCommerce and I think this is important to mention because you can be confident that the Niche Scraper system works. I highly recommend you check out his YouTube Channel.

What is Niche Scraper?

The core feature of Niche Scraper is the web scraping tool that allows you to research and identify drop shipping products from AliExpress. It also allows you to spy on successful Shopify stores and see what kind of products are selling well, this provides you with further data into the best types of product for dropshipping.

Honestly, this is one of the best product hunting tools I have used, it gives you access to data that isn’t available with other similar tools, data that will help you make an informed decision on whether a product is worth selling or not.

Niche Scraper Product Hunting Tool

In the product hunting tool dashboard, there are two tabs, one to research products on AliExpress and the other to spy on Shopify stores.

AliExpress Research

Niche Scraper review 2019

When using the AliExpress research tool, you can either search product ideas by keywords and apply some filters or you can check out some of the product ideas that are automatically extracted for members of Niche Scraper.

There are quite a lot of filters you can use to narrow down a good product, they are;

Recent Order – AliExpress gives you the order volume for the last 6 months, with Niche Scraper, you get the most recent sales data. You can filter products that have had the most sales in the last seven days.

Growth – The rate at which sales are growing over the past 7 days, this will provide a good indication on whether a product has a steady sales growth and might even provide an indication if a product is going viral.

Competition – The no. of drop shippers selling this item, the smaller the no. the less competition there is from other drop shippers.

AliScore – This is a score that determines the overall chance of how well a product will do if you started dropshipping it. It’s based on several data points and essentially the higher the no. the better chance that the product will be a winner.

Top Country – The country in which the most sales are being made. Another useful data points especially when you decide to run Facebook ads as you can specifically target countries.

You can also filter by-products that have supplier videos, you can either use the videos in your own product description page or use them to give you some ideas for Facebook video ads. There is another useful filter that will show you products that are shipped from within the USA. Identifying suppers within the USA means faster delivery times and this obviously leads to better customer satisfaction and more sales.

You can play around with the filters and select your own criteria but to have the best chance at finding a good product to drop ship, make sure the numbers for growth and AliScore are high and that the number of competing drop shippers is low.

So, after you have applied the filters and entered your product keyword, your results will look like the one below.

Niche Scraper Review 2019

Ideally, you want the numbers for growth, competition and AliScore all in the green, this will mean that the product has a high chance at being a big seller for your dropshipping business.

Niche Scraper Shopify Spy Tool

This is a very useful tool that will allow you to spy on other Shopify stores and analyse any recent products they have started to sell.

There are several filters you apply but the two you should make use of is the store popularity filter, this will only show recent product addition from Shopify stores with a high Alexa ranking. Websites with a high Alexa ranking means that the site is getting a lot of traffic, so you can be assured that these sites are making money and the owners know how to identify products with good potential.

Niche Scraper Review

The other filter is business type, you can choose to spy on all types of eCommerce stores or just verified drop shippers. I think it is best to spy on all types of eCommerce stores this way you’ll get more product ideas and also see how successful eCommerce stores design their site and market their products.

Niche Scraper Hand-Picked Products

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like the research phase of starting a dropshipping business and would prefer if you were handed a ton of potentially winning products, you are in luck because Niche Scraper provides this service as well.

These are products that have been manually picked by the team behind Niche Scraper and they try and update the list daily, although that is not always possible.

However, you do get access to every single product they have picked over the years, so you have a lot of products to choose from.

One of the best aspects of these hand-picked products is the additional data you get with them.

Some of these data include the following information;

Wholesale price

Retail price

Profit margin

Link to the supplier on AliExpress

Link to the store selling the product

Video ad engagement score

Link to the Facebook video ad

Facebook ad targeting suggestions

Snapshot of the daily orders for the past week

That is a whole lot of data that is very useful when looking for winning dropshipping products. The links to the Facebook ad copy and targeting suggestions are especially helpful if you are going to be running Facebook ads, it will definitely give an advantage over your competitors.

Store Analysis

This is another fantastic tool that will give you more product ideas from some of the most popular Shopify stores.

You will get access to their most recent product addition as well as information regarding who their suppliers are ( that is if they have sourced the product from AliExpress).

A fascinating feature of this tool is that it provides you with an estimate of the traffic and revenue the store is receiving on a monthly basis. This won’t help you in any determining what product to sell but it does show you the huge potential that drop shipping provides. Many of these stores are doing well over six figures a month and some are even doing seven figures.

Something you should definitely take advantage of takes note of how these stores write their product description, what kind of images they use and where the images are placed. These are very successful stores and it would be wise to copy some of what they are doing in their business.

Facebook Video Ad Generator.

This is a neat little tool, it creates small video ads from your product page URLs. Essentially what it does is extract the images from the product page and turn it into a slideshow. You can choose what image you want to use and add some royalty free music.

You can add some text on the top and bottom of the video to grab your customers attention and also create a call to action on the end screen. It’s a nice tool but it is limited and probably the weak point of Niche Scraper, I prefer Content Samurai for video creation purposes.

Training & Resources

There are six video tutorials and they cover how to use Niche Scraper properly and starting your first Facebook ads campaign. The tutorials are well explained, Eric is a good teacher, but I do wish there were more tutorials, especially on other traffic methods. He does have more videos on his YouTube channel, so that is something worth checking out.

Niche Scraper Pricing

There is a free membership of Niche Scraper, but you only get limited access to its features, for full access it will cost you $39 per month. I really do believe the monthly charge is worth it, even if you only subscribe for a few months.

Final thoughts

I have reviewed several product hunting tools for drops shipping and I honestly believe that Niche Scraper is the best. It comes with so many features that give you a high chance of finding a good product to sell. It may be slightly more expensive than its competitors but it definitely comes with more features. If you are struggling to find products for your drop shipping business, I highly recommend Niche Scraper.

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6 thoughts on “Niche Scraper Review – The Best Product Hunting Tool”

  1. Hey there Minhaj!

    This seems like a great tool for finding great products on AliExpress and Shopify. I will really have a look at it to see what products are good to sell for my niche. I’m not that positive, but it might work! 

    Thanks for a really really great review! What would you search in my niche (ebook readers etc) if you were me?


    • Hi Marios

      Thanks for commenting, Niche Scraper is a great tool and has been really helpful finding product ideas to dropship. For an eBook reader, you could start at looking to selling eBook accessories, like screen protectors, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, eBook covers etc.

      All the best

  2. I actually just finished reading another article you had published on a dropshipping business when I noticed this publication as well – this looks like a very interesting tool. 

    I think one of the main worries to people going into this business is finding the correct items to sell, otherwise you will end up with a backlog that nobody really wants (and out of pocket as well). It’s nice to see a niche tool like this set up for dropshipping products, and I think it’s a great idea that they allow you to spy on other Shopify stores etc. 

    How easy is the learning curve with this tool?

    • I love Niche Scraper and its pretty straight forward to use, it provides a lot of data which is to understand and you get a lot of product ideas. 

      All the best

  3. Been looking at different product hunting tools for eCommerce and this one came to my attention, looks very similar to ecomhunt but with more product data. Thanks for the in-depth review, I will try out the free version. Just out of curiosity, do you know of any tools or services that can connect m with suppliers in the USA? Thanks 

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment, yeah I agree with you, this tool is similar to eComhunt but does come with more features. As for tools or services that will give you access to US suppliers, see my review of Spocket. It’s a fantastic dropshipping app that you may find very helpful.

      All the best.


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