My Online StartUp Review (Used To Be Earn Easy Commissions)

Hi all and welcome to my review of Earn Easy Commissions (now its called My Online Startup), it has been a while since I wrote this review and I had totally forgotten about it. I decided to update this review, so I had to check out if the system had changed.

Not to my surprise, not only had the system changed but they now go by the name of My Online StartUp. One of my original criticisms of Mr Chuck was that he kept changing his programs and that is why I found it hard to recommend his products.

However, I kept an open mind when I signed up for his new system and the following is a brief review of the My Online StartUp system.

My Online StartUp Review

Overall Rating

So, what are my thoughts on this new system from Chuck Nguyen? 

The brains behind My Online StartUp is Chuck Ngyuen, you may or may not be familiar with that name. Over the years Chuck has been involved in various programs, his last one (which I was affiliated for a short time) was called Earn Easy Commissions.

He made the same bold claims about Earn Easy Commissions which obviously did not meet expectations and so he has had to revamp and rename the system. Now he has developed another program that I was initially very sceptical of, however, it is free to sign up and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of training videos.

My Online StartUp Members Area

my online startup review

My Online StartUp is a free training program that will teach you the basics of how to make money online. Its training program is delivered completely via video tutorials and contains 9 modules with a total of 51 videos.

These videos vary in length, some are quite in-depth while others are not so much.

The main method of making money online it teaches it through affiliate marketing, which is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to start an online business.

As I said, I wasn’t expecting much from this program because my previous experience with Chucks system was not so good.

However, this is a decent affiliate marketing training program and the video tutorials are well-made they are mainly targeted for absolute beginners.

If you are unsure of what affiliate marketing is and how its works, these videos will help you understand better.

Something else beginners will find helpful (and I hope this continues), is that you can comment on each of the videos and someone from Chuck’s team will leave a reply. So, if something is unclear to you, you can just ask a question and someone will try and help you.

There are a couple of things I do not wholly agree with, especially his main traffic generation method which is solo ads. Solo das are not a bad source of traffic, but despite what people say, it is expensive and it is hard to find trustworthy solo ad traffic sellers.

Also, solo ads really only work with a few niches and from what I have seen, it’s mainly in the health, wealthy and dating niche that solo ads may return some positive ROI for you.

There is one other video that caught my eye and I believe I should warn you about it.

Its titled forum marketing and while this is still a relevant form of marketing, its the actual forum the video concentrates on that troubles me.

The video suggests you go to the infamous Warrior Forum to go and generate leads and while this can work, especially if you a more experienced marketer. If you are a complete newbie, you will most definitely get distracted by the many get rich quick schemes that are sold on the  Warrior Forum Market place. 

However, overall, I am impressed by the video tutorials in the member’s area and as it is completely free, I do recommend you check it out.

My Online StartUp – Products

There are a couple of other products that you can purchase from within the member’s area, these are completely optional and they may be of some help but they are not necessary.

DFY System – This is done for you lead generation system that will help you build your email list. It is free but you will need to invest in a few products and services like an autoresponder, link tracking service and a solo ad service (Udimi). They will provide you with a high converting lead capture page and 250 follow up emails that will promote a variety of products and services.

I am not a huge fan of these kinds of services as it seems like making money online is easy, if you just have everything in place, which is very misleading. Sure, you can make money with it but it is not as easy as it sounds and it really is to your benefit, if you learned how to generate leads by yourself.

Free Blog System – This is apparently still in beta mode as they plan on providing more services in the future, for the time being, all they will do is set up a WordPress blog on their recommended hosting program. The setup is free (although it’s not very difficult to set up a WordPress blog), you will need to invest in hosting service and their recommendation is A2. I personally have no experience with this service, but from what I see, they do provide decent WordPress Hosting.

They will also install a premium theme (Extra from Elegant Themes) and some premium plugins (also from Elegant Themes).

A word of advice, Elegant Themes are the developers of two of the most popular WordPress themes, namely Divi and Extra. However, I do not recommend them for simple blogs, they are code-heavy and use a lot of server resources and unless you sign up for dedicated WordPress hosting and know a little bit of WordPress speed optimisation, your website will be very slow loading. How do I know? because of this site used to have the Extra theme installed and although I do not have many blog posts, the website was very slow.

If you want a fast loading WordPress blog, install the GeneratePress theme (which is the fastest loading WordPress theme is free) and sign up for either the following hosting service;


WPX Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Plus I also believe learning how to set up a WordPress site by yourself will help you in the long term as you will gain a valuable skill set.

Partner Program – $197 (One Time Fee)

This is their only paid upgrade, it’s a one-time fee and gives you access to a few more features and a more lucrative affiliate program. You get access to the forum, case studies, and Chuck’s previous products. It used to be called ‘Insider Level’ but it has been changed to Partner Program.

It has been suggested for a very long time that the pricing will change to a monthly subscription plan for the Partner Program, but every time I log in to the membership area to see if anything has been updated (not much), I am always greeted with the following message:

my online startup review

I don’t know if they are serious or it’s just a marketing tactic but that message has been there for the past year (it is now 2021), maybe longer.

My Final thoughts

My Online StartUp provides some good training material on how to set up an affiliate marketing business. I do recommend you sign up for the free course because it may be beneficial especially if you are a newbie. However, I would not recommend their lead generation system or DFY blog system because you can learn to do it yourself and that is the only way you will succeed in this industry. 

In my opinion, the best affiliate marketing training program is Wealthy Affiliate, they are my no.1 recommendation for absolute beginners and they have a 15-year track record of success. They have produced thousands of success stories over the years, including mine which you can read about here.

Click on the button below and find out more on how Wealthy Affiliate can help you.

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19 thoughts on “My Online StartUp Review (Used To Be Earn Easy Commissions)”

  1. Thank you for presenting Earn Easy Commissions. Now I know I won’t waste my time to look for it. If it happens to cross my way I have the immediate answer to it.

    Besides, there is no training and courses the upsells are too high.

    I think your review has covered all what is needed to be known about Earn Easy Commissions.

  2. Hey Minhaj,

    I have also received news from a few marketing friends of mine that the video series of “From 0 to 10k” to be quite educative and useful and thought I should get it.

    But if they don’t give you the basics of launching and scaling your affiliate marketing business, I don’t think I will be getting it at the moment, maybe sometimes in the future.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,I was disappointed in this program,it just constantly seems to be changing and with no solid training,I don’t see me recommending it any time soon.

      All the best

  3. Hey. tried this myself.
    don’t see it as a scam but It all seems a little patchy to me and don’t really see a lot of learning in it.
    I’m sure some will make a nice few $$$ – just hope it lasts.

    • Hi Lee

      It is not a scam.but its is looking more and more like an MLM scheme,there are too many changes taken place,it is not a stable program and hence why I do not recommend it anymore.

      All the best

  4. I have never heard of earn easy commissions, but am I correct that DFY means done for you? You mentioned 4 price levels, can you indicate whether they are yearly or one time fees? I have trouble understanding what this program does, where you say ‘is start promoting the system via your unique affiliate link’. What is that system that is to be promoted? Who is taking care of the website or blog that you put the affiliate link in and how? Am I then supposed to attract an audience and if so, how am I going to do that?

    • Hi Jerry

      Thanks for your comments,yes DFY = Done for you,the fees are one time payments,as for what you do,you just recruit other people into the system. That is it,the system is becoming more like an mlm pyramid scheme and people just hope whoever they recruit upgrades so that they can receive the fat commissions. 

      You can promote the affiliate links anyhow you want,on your site,on social media,in forums etc. You attract people through a variety of means, I mostly do it through SEO,I rank my pages on the first page of Google so that people find this post and read my review. Others do it through social media,YouTube and ads.

      All the best

  5. I think a lot of changes are always bad signs for anyone who is serious. Since it shows that it does not work properly and we all know about MLM business and the bad reputation of them. Thanks for the overview. Initially I was thinking of joining this program but now I don’t.

    • Hi Furkan

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, yes continuously changing the system when it is relatively new is always a bad sign. It means that the owner didn’t properly think it through and is just trying to cover over the flaws in the system and not correct them.

      It is also disappointing that the company has taken the MLM route,which is never a good sign

      All the best

  6. Hi. Thanks for this post! I was going to join this affiliate program, but now that I know about all the money grabbing going on with their Multi level memberships and the resemblance to an MLM, I will definitely be staying clear of them.

    Covert Commissions looks amazing! For the FREE membership, what do you get? Can you make enough money on the free membership to pay for the premium membership?


    • Hi Snow

      I am glad you found my review of Earn Easy Commissions helpful,as for Covert Commissions,yes I believe it is a good program,but there is not free option. They have three paid membership levels. If you want more information,you can check out my review here.

      All the best

  7. Thanks for reviewing this!

    I haven’t heard much about Earn Easy Commissions, but I HAVE been hearing a lot recently about Yoonla, and my curiosity is peaked.

    These kinds of CPA companies seem like they have potential, but I’m not sure what the best are. Is Covert Commissions your #1 pick?


    • Hi Jordan

      Thanks for your comment,I have actually reviewed Yoonla and it is one of my recommended products. You can read my review here. Covert Commissions isn’t my no.1 pick but I recommend it because it is a better done for you system than Earn Easy Commissions.

      All the best

  8. Hi there Minhaj,

    Thank you kindly for creating, sharing and keeping us updated with the changes to this program. It is appreciated thanks.

    I am slighly familiar with Chuck Nguyen, as his name kinda stands out in regards to the affiliate marketing and business opportunities sector due to being a very Vietnamese name!.

    I am actually looking for a nice second income, perhaps the equivalent of a part time job. I am gonna skip this one due to a MLM model, which I don’t like. Do you have any recommendations that are not using the MLM model?

    • Hi Derek

      Thanks for your comment,yes Chuck Nguyen has launched multiple membership sites and he is pretty well known in the IM space. As for a good recommendation, I would suggest you take a look at my review of Covert Commissions,I believe this is a good program for those who do not want to maintain a website or continuously email their list. It is one of the best DFY systems I have reviewed. You can also try dropshipping,but that will require a more hands on approach and I don’t think that is what you are looking for.

      All the best

  9. Whilst I know you are not recommending this product, I may just give it a try for the videos. I am always one for learning new stuff.

    Strangely I have heard of the owner before but cannot recall where from. Maybe in an email from an affiliate.

    When you say it is free does that mean forever or is it time limited ?
    I couldn’t find a link to it in your post or else I would have used it to join.


    • Hi Karen

      Yeah,I suppose because its free there is no harm in checking it out and yes the free membership will always be free,there is no trial period. Chuck has been around the IM scene and is a very successful Clickbank affiliate,he has had some other products that have all been discontinued,his last product was called the Digital Elites Academy,I was thinking of joining but am glad I didn’t because it turned out to be a flop. You can join here (not an affiliate link)

      All the best

  10. Hi thanks for this review on Earn Easy CommissionsI understand from your review that this program is legit and seems to be ok but not for everyone especially with its MLM scheme. Like yourself you need to work hard on a working program like WA and if you do the rewards are very good. I do like your opinions and i have bookmarked your site to look at more scams to stay away from…GOOD JOB GOOD SITE!


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