• Product – Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners – Kyle & Carson
  • Legit – Yes
  • Recommended – Yes
  • Rating – 98/100
  • Website – WealthyAffiliate.com


Chances are you’ve found yourself here researching to see if Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate company, one that will help you build a sustainable online business. Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate or a scam? Will they provide you with a blueprint for online success? Well, I hope my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate answers these questions for you.

Here is the short version of my review.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the best affiliate marketing training currently on the internet. There is a reason you may have seen so many positive reviews about this company, their training works and they have built up a reputation of being ethical marketers.

Some of the many benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

  • World Class training
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to Kyle & Carson (Owners)
  • Premium Web Hosting
  • Constantly improving training
  • Live webinars
  • Active community
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Wealthy Affiliate has now been providing world class training for affiliate marketers for well over a decade. They have hundreds of thousands of students and growing and they do have everything you need to start a successful online business.

It is more than a training programme, the community within Wealthy Affiliate is very active and more than helpful and you can literally receive help during anytime day or night!!

One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is that there are training on all aspects of internet marketing and not just limited to affiliate marketing. There is a diverse range of training available from creating high converting landing pages to running a successful PPC campaign.

This can sometimes be overwhelming but if you follow the main training as laid out within the member’s area, you will advance much faster.

The other aspect of Wealthy Affiliate I like is that their owners, Kyle and Carson, are very active within the community and you will see them answer questions in the live chat area or posting regular updates regarding WA.

In this review, you will see exactly why Wealthy Affiliate is my no.1 rated programme for affiliate marketers.

What you get with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate provides a comprehensive training programme for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.

All the training is structured that makes it easy to follow and implement and there is training suitable for beginners and advanced marketers.

How many training modules are there? I really don’t know, there seem to be hundreds and I wouldn’t be surprised if it reached 1000 or more. I have provided a screenshot to give an idea of the diverse range and sheer amount of training available within Wealthy Affiliate.

You can see I have highlighted the number of classrooms, there are (13 in total) and within these classrooms, there are hundreds of training material. Probably the only big online business model not covered in Wealthy Affiliate is eCommerce.

The main training within Wealthy Affiliate

Despite the huge amount of training available, the team behind WA, do provide members with a blueprint for what training will be suitable for members, to begin with.

The Certification course

This is the most comprehensive course in affiliate marketing anywhere on the net, it consists of 5 levels covering the basics in affiliate marketing to advanced content marketing. Each level consists of 10 lessons composed of both written and video tutorial.

It takes you from Understanding the basics of affiliate marketing to building your own website from scratch. Even if you are a non-technical person, the training here makes it possible for you to have a website up and running in no time.

This course will introduce you to keyword research (and why it’s so important) and you will get access to their own keyword research tool. This will help you with finding a niche that will hopefully build you a sustainable online business.

The way to make money online is to help people with their needs and keyword research is how you do this.

I’ll give an example, using Wealthy Affiliates own keyword research tool, I typed in the search term “good hearing aids” and got the following results.

As you can see it also gave me a host of other keyword ideas. Now, how does this solve a problem? Well, maybe someone is looking for good hearing aids and want some reviews or information about these products before buying them. You help them by researching and providing an unbiased overview of the range of hearing aids available in the market.

Of course, the training goes more in depth but I just wanted to provide you with an example of what is possible.

Also, provided within this training is ways to leverage social media accounts for traffic and branding purposes and the different ways to monetise your website.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Some people may not be able to find a profitable niche or the niche they are passionate about is too competitive or there is no market for it. The guys at WA realise that not everyone will find a subject to build a website around, and this is where the affiliate Bootcamp comes in.

This is as comprehensive as the certification course, except the training is geared towards promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Since Wealthy Affiliate has the best training in affiliate marketing, the basic concept is to find other courses and compare it to that of Wealthy Affiliate.

The owners are confident in Wealthy Affiliate that if you honestly compare any other course with that of Wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate will always come out on top.

This doesn’t mean, that members are supposed to trash legitimate training courses, it’s just to show the training here is simply second to none.

This course also encourages its members to research deceptive online courses, that are overpriced and do not provide proper training.

I myself have been deceived by digital MLM companies and that is why I wrote this expose of the industry.

These are the so-called opportunities that pull people in by selling them an impossible dream of easy money but in reality, the only people making any money are those at the top of the pyramid.

In the case of MLM, the only way to keep on making money is if you have enough recruits under you.

This is why the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is needed, too many unethical Internet marketers just looking to make money by selling people get rich quick schemes.

Weekly Live Webinars

As part of the premium membership, you will have access to the live training that takes place within Wealthy Affiliate. These webinars cover different topics each week and are archived so that you can access them anytime you want. 

After each webinar, there is a Q&A and further discussions between the host and Wealthy Affiliate members.

wealthy affiliate webinar

And you’ll get none of the silly nonsense many marketers use to pull people in, like telling them that the webinar will not be available after a certain period of time. 

The webinars will always be there for premium members to access and they are always full of quality content.

Tools available in Wealthy Affiliate

Keyword Research

I mentioned about the importance of keyword research, WA provides you with its own in-house research tool that will help in this regard.

These are the metrics provided with this tool

  • SearchesMonthly search results
  • TrafficTraffic your website will receive if you rank in the top 3 of Google first page search results
  • CompetitionHow competitive that keyword will be to rank
  • Article powerHow useful the search term is if used in an article
  • PPCThe cost you can expect to pay should you advertise on Google
  • DigGives you similar search terms


sitecontent wealthy affiliate

This is a new feature that Wealthy Affiliate released in 2017, it is a text editor that is integrated with WordPress (the CMS that all your websites in Wealthy Affiliate will be built with) and it will allow you to publish your content without you having to actually login into your website.

SiteContent has a few really good features when you publish your content, it will check it for plagiarism or duplicate content and if it passes those tests, your content will be posted to your site.

Other cool features that come with this new tool is spelling and grammar check and setting goals for content creation.

There are more additional features on the way which will improve the user experience and make creating content much easier.



Website and hosting

With Wealthy Affiliate hosting and website builder, SiteRubix, you can build a website in minutes. One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they are constantly improving their services and platform with the latest technology.

SiteRubix is built with the latest technology and lets you build websites in minutes. If you are with the free membership you can create up to two free websites. However, the web address will have the SiteRubix name in the middle, for example, https://yourdomain.siterubix.com.

A question that is sometimes asked about websites with these addresses is can they get ranked and attract visitors? The answer is a definite yes. Read the following post by a WA member.

SiteRubix sites can get traffic

It may take longer to rank but you still get traffic and with the technology that SiteRubix is built on, your free websites will be optimised and secure.

With the paid membership, you get to host 50 websites built upon the fastest and most secure web servers that are available.

All websites on the Wealthy Affiliate platform are hosted on the super fast Amazon web servers, these are the same servers that host major brands like Netflix, Comcast, and Expedia.

Within the paid membership, you also get other services within the SiteRubix platform. These are the extra features available

  • Check website health
  • See if website has been indexed by Google
  • Ask for feedback
  • Ask for comments on your site
  • Register your domain
  • 24/7 support
  • Dedicated email accounts for each website

Building a website within SiteRubix takes just minutes, there are just 6 steps

  1. Choose the type of website you want to build
  2. Choose domain name
  3. Pick your website title
  4. Choose what category your website will be about
  5. Choose a theme from the thousands available
  6. Build your website.



Hosting your websites on WA isn’t comparable to the cheap shared hosting that is available with the likes of Hostgator and Bluehost. WA only provide the best and this is true for their hosting platform, SiteRubix.

Their hosting is optimised for WordPress, the most popular Content management system in the world. Hosted on the world class and super-fast Amazon web services (AWS) your website’s speed will never be a problem and a faster loading website helps with better rankings in Google.

Because the owners have a  technological background (both are computer programmers) they understand the need for enhanced security.

With WA hosting your websites have several layers of security that prevent hacking and spam even before they enter your website.

They also provide full redundancy, if your website goes down, there is a copy of your website that will be up before your visitors realise something is wrong. This sort of service along with the training and tools available are unparalleled in the industry.

Other features

You also have a live chat area where you can chat with other members, network with them and ask for help. WA provide you with your own personal blog, if you are an advanced marketer or someone who like to share some training that may be beneficial, you get a platform to do this.


You may have noticed in the review I mentioned free and paid membership. There is a free membership that allows you access to the core training in wealthy affiliate and also allows you to build two free websites on the SiteRubix platform.

The paid membership is $49 dollars per month and gives you access to the entire set of tools and training and all updates (and there are regular updates). You can also pay annually that will save you 36% on a monthly cost. For a comparison between Free and paid membership the chart below will tell you more.

Wealthy Affiliate membership

Honestly, I really do think this is the best programme for affiliate marketers,entrepreneurs and anyone else that has ambitons to start up a successful online business.

There are so-called educational programmes that will cost you a huge fortune but their training will be inferior to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Plus if people honestly compared the premium membership to other paid memberships, Wealthy Affiliate is a steal.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

There are tons of success stories with Wealthy Affiliate, mentioning them all is impossible but I would like to share a few that caught my eye and are a great inspiration for many within Wealthy Affiliate.

These success stories should also erase any scepticism that many may find with Wealthy Affiliate. 

1.How Carol made over $10,000 on an AdWords campaign

2.How Nathan made an extra $2000 in December 2016

3.How this member made over $8000 in one month as an Amazon affiliate

4.$2000 in one day for this member

5.This members first profitable month.

There are many more success stories, I hope the ones I have liked to gives you some idea of what is possible with the Wealthy Affiliate training programme.


Wealthy Affiliate is the premier training platform for any aspiring entrepreneur, it’s training, hosting and interactive community forum is second to none. To start an online business you have everything in one place. The only negative I have seen made about WA is their hosting doesn’t allow you access to Cpanel and some WordPress plugins are not compatible because of the level security associated with the hosting. Personally, for me, it hasn’t made a difference but for others, this may be a flaw but still nothing to really complain about.

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As a bonus for joining through me, I have compiled a list of 1000 profitable keywords that will hopefully narrow down your search for a niche to promote on your website.

The list is mostly low volume easy to rank keywords that should start getting you traffic quickly if you follow the training on Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign up for a free account and I will send you the 1000 profitable keyword list.

Also, you can expect one-on-one support from me and a discounted first month membership

One last thing

If you made it this far I congratulate you and also want to say thank you for reading this review. You’ll have noticed this is a very positive review about Wealthy Affiliate, I make no apologies for that.

It is the best affiliate training programme on the internet but that’s not the only reason it’s a positive review, it has personal reasons to it and if you read on, all will be revealed.

Making money online is tough, it’s not as easy as some online gurus would like you to believe and separating the good training from the bad is time-consuming. I should know, I’ve been had quite a few times and even then, I hadn’t quite learnt my lesson.

I fell for a few more well-done sales pages that told me I could be making $200 dollars in 24 hours. Well, after being bitten so many times, it was finally time to give those folks over at wealthy affiliate a chance.

Yeah, I had come across wealthy affiliate while I was being fed false promises of endless money and an easy lifestyle. My biggest mistake was being involved with two digital MLM companies, MOBE and Six figure mentors and nearly signed up with another called digital altitude.

I’ve written an article on why you should avoid any MLM business opportunity. Anyway, these 2 MLM opportunities had been exposed by a few Wealthy affiliate associated blogs and I hated them for it. You know the saying “truth hurts” and being told the truth about these companies only made me dig myself in deeper.

I convinced myself these companies were legit and these bloggers were just trashing another “opportunity” in favour of their own.

Anyway, after realising these opportunities were really nothing more than deceitful MLM companies providing overpriced online education, I finally ditched them and joined Wealthy affiliate.

I’ve given my reasons as to why Wealthy affiliate is the best training platform for affiliate marketers but I want to touch upon another point that many are drawn towards this company.

Wealthy affiliate owners and their super affiliates are ethical marketers, you can see it from their blogs and training. There is a reason that internet marketers have a bad reputation, they’ll try to sell you anything for some huge cash reward.

This is made worse by the MLM opportunists trying to recruit for their newest money making venture and building their never-ending downline.

However, Wealthy affiliate associates will give you honest reviews about many so-called opportunities and because of their honesty, many marketers do not like them.

Let’s be honest, if they wanted they could promote these junk products to their massive lists and website visitors (and there are many review sites that just call everything 100% legitimate). However, promoting products that flat out do not work or don’t do what their sales page promises just for an easy commission is just unethical.

Their critics say they only promote wealthy affiliate, well a quick perusing of these blogs tells you a different story. These are just some of the products and services many wealthy affiliate associates have written positive reviews about:

There are many more but these ones are comparable to wealthy affiliate in the quality of their training. There is even a blogger who is a huge advocate of the MLM business model, he has criticised wealthy affiliate training programme but if you read his blog, he follows the exact method laid out in the affiliate Bootcamp training.

Guess imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Just to give an idea how successful Wealthy Affiliate has been over the years in comparison to other so-called training programmes, I leave you with the results from Google trends of Wealthy Affiliate over past 12 months.

The other one is an MLM company that burst onto the scene last year, and like all digital MLM schemes, they had their moment in the sun and then started to dwindle.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my review and if there is anything else I can clarify you about Wealthy Affiliate, please leave me a comment

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