Hey there,welcome to my review of Jaaxy, I have been wanting to write a review of this awesome keyword research tool for a long time but other commitments meant I had to put it on hold.

Whether you are starting an affiliate marketing business or a dropshipping business,you will need access to a good keyword research tool and there are plenty to choose from. Some are good and some bombard you with way too much unnecessary data. Fortunately,Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that provides you with all necessary the features you need for your online business.

Jaaxy is my go-to research tool for keyword analysis. It’s a web-based application, so there is no need for download and it provides a robust set of features that makes it more than just a tool for keyword research.

Although there are many free keyword research tools, they do not provide you with the data you need to fully assess the potential of a keyword for your business.

There are many premium keyword tools as well, however, Jaaxy measures up to most of them in terms of data and speed but what separates Jaaxy from the rest is it’s competitively priced packages.

This is one of the many reasons Jaaxy truly stands out from the rest.

The need for keyword analysis

You know how many search requests Google processed last year? 2 trillion!! And according to Search engine land that is a conservative figure 

Of that, 15% requests are totally new,that is roughly 30 billion new searches, 30 billion new keywords that can be targeted for niche research for easy rankings.

Easy to rank keywords can give your website a major boost in search engine rankings. When building a website, you should write content around what your target customers want. Remember you should never write for search engines,you should only write what your customers will find helpful.

This is where keyword research comes in, in order to find out key terms your potential customers are searching for on Google and other search engines, you must have access to data that they are searching for.

Before Google started restricting access to their keyword planner to only AdWords customers, it was the main keyword research tool that the majority of people used for their keyword analysis.

Still,  while Google’s keyword planner was helpful, it did not provide one of the most important metrics for keyword analysis and that is competition.

This is important because if competition for keywords that you want to target is very tough,there is little chance you will be able to rank for it. This is why it is necessary to have some data that tells you how difficult it will be to rank for any keywords you that you might want to target.

Therefore, an alternative keyword research tool was always needed and this is where Jaaxy comes in.

Jaaxy Review

Unlike the plethora of new keyword research tools that seem to pop every other month, Jaaxy has been around for a while.

The team behind this keyword research tool are very successful marketers, so they are aware of what is needed for a productive keyword research tool.

This tool is beneficial to both new and experienced internet marketers but especially to beginners.

You see, when I first started in internet marketing, I was introduced to some powerful marketing tools, many of which were not necessary for a beginner like me.

I subscribed for tools that provided me with access to data that I really didn’t need but thought I needed because all the big Gurus told me I needed them.

As a new marketer, I didn’t need access to competitors backlinks, how much they were paying for advertising, their social media influence, and other unnecessary features.

What makes Jaaxy different to many other keyword research tools is that they keep everything simple and easy to understand.

No fancy graphs or charts for trend analysis and other useless data that new marketers have no need for.

I needed a keyword tool that is easy to use and understand and one that provided me with three necessary metrics:

Monthly searches

How much traffic I can get should I rank on the first page of google

How tough it would be to rank

Jaaxy provides you with all the features necessary to analyse whether it will be easy or hard to rank a keyword.

Although it provides more features and I will explain them later on, the three I mentioned are the only pieces of data that new online business owners need if they are to rely on a lot of organic search traffic.

Jaaxy Features

Jaaxy provides a lot of features, many of which you will use a lot of and others that you may use sparingly.

The main feature of Jaaxy is its ability to provide accurate data for keyword analysis.

These include the following data for keywords

Average Monthly searches – The monthly searches a keyword gets on the major search engine networks, this includes Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Although it is recommended to go after keywords that get at least 50 searches a month. I go for anything that has at least 10.

Average monthly traffic – if you rank in the first page of Google

Quality Search Results (QSR) – The number of websites ranked in Google for that keyword, this is one of the numbers Jaaxy uses to calculate competition.

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) – A colour coded indicator to show whether a keyword is worth trying to rank for. A quick look at this data will tell you if a keyword is worth trying to rank for. There are three colour codes.

Green = Easy

Yellow = Maybe

Red = Difficult.

You ideally want each keyword to be green or yellow.

SEO – a number based on how difficult a keyword is to rank. The higher the number, the easier it is to rank.

As you can see from the image below, not only does Jaaxy provide these metrics for your keyword, it also suggests related keywords and provides their data as well

The data I look at is monthly traffic and KQI, these two alone will tell me if the keyword is worth going after. In this case, it is.

You can dig deeper for more related keywords by clicking on one of the suggested keywords, for example, for the keyword ‘How to make money with Twitter’ Jaaxy provided me with a set of related keywords.

One of those keywords is ‘How to make money with twitter for free’ now if I click on that keyword, Jaaxy will provide me with even more related keywords for making money with twitter

Jaaxy allows you to group all your searches and save them as a list which you are then able to download as a text document or CSV file.

As you can see I have a lot of keyword lists, I keep them for content ideas and give them away if people are struggling with niche research.


Jaaxy has a feature called brainstorm, this feature lists all the trending topics on the major search engines, twitter, Amazons best seller list and Alexa’s leading stories.

Click on any of the trending topics and Jaaxy will provide you with a list of keywords and their data

Honestly, I haven’t found much use for this feature, I suppose it could be useful If I found a trending topic in my niche and the keywords were easy to rank.

Other Features

Search Analysis

One of my favourite features of Jaaxy other than the keyword research tool, is the search analysis function.

This is really a cool feature that the creators of Jaaxy have programmed into this keyword research tool.

What search analysis does is it provides you with the top 10 search results for any search term you enter into google, yahoo or bing.

But you can get the results directly from those search engines I hear you say. What extra data does Jaaxy deliver?

Well as you can see from the image below, I entered the search term ‘best golf rangefinder’ and next to the column titled ‘search engine listing’ is another column titled ‘view details’

This is where you get all the useful data.

Jaaxy provides you with all the data you require to see what it will take to rank on the first page of google or any other search engine you may have used.

Some of the key data that are provided to you are:

Meta description

Meta keyword tags

Word count


Keyword density

Alexa Rank

Having access to this data, you will get a more accurate picture of what you will have to do to get ranked on the first page of the three major search engines.

Having access to the word count and keyword density is useful as google likes content that is thorough and not stuffed with keywords. So by accessing this information you now where you stand to achieve similar rankings.

Site Rank

Another useful feature is Jaaxy’s site rank. With this feature, you can check the search engine ranking position of any website for a given keyword.

You can use this to check your websites ranking for whichever keyword you are targeting.

The data highlighted where one of my keywords rank and how much it has moved up or down since I last checked.

Jaaxy 2017

If you check daily,weekly/monthly it will show you what your ranking was before and how many places you have jumped or dropped.

This will allow you to further optimise your site for better ranking position.

Affiliate Programme finder.

I hardly use this feature but it is pretty helpful if you have trouble finding affiliate programmes to promote.

You just enter the name of the niche you are in or even a keyword you are targeting and depending on which affiliate network you choose to search, Jaaxy will extract all the affiliate programmes that are relevant to your niche or keyword.

There are 4 affiliate networks that Jaaxy can extract this information from, they are as follows:


Commission Junction

Link share

Digital River.

Although this is a good feature, the results are not always accurate, some of the affiliate networks didn’t have the affiliate programme when I clicked through to their website.

On another side note, be wary of affiliate programmes from Clickbank, unfortunately, it has gained a reputation over the last couple of years of accepting junk products.

Jaaxy Pricing

Jaaxy has a free trial in which you get 30 searches and limited access to some features.

There are two paid options. They are almost identical except that the enterprise edition is much faster and you can sort data much more quickly.

Jaaxy review

Is Jaaxy for you?

If you run a website that relies on organic traffic, yes jaaxy is for you.

If you want to find profitable niches to build an online business, Jaaxy is for you.

If you want access to accurate keyword data from monthly searches to keyword difficulty, Jaaxy is for you

If you want to check your site rankings, Jaaxy is for you

If you find SEO fascinating, Jaaxy is for you.

If you want to find affiliate programmes to promote at the click of a button, Jaaxy is for you.


Jaaxy is one of the most powerful keyword tools on the market, it doesn’t bombard you with unnecessary data that confuses people,its interface is easy to use and the data is easy to understand. It is a brilliant tool for affiliate marketers,niche marketers and anyone who does any kind of online marketing.

It is by no means perfect but it is definitely the best keyword research tool at its price range. If you want a lite version,join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member and you get Jaaxy lite with the membership. Which in my opinion, is a bargain deal.

Whichever way you go It is a tool I  highly recommend and one that you should utilise for any keyword research you may do.

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