[su_box title=”Invideo Quick Review” box_color=”#c9130b” radius=”6″]Invideo is a fantastic video creation app that will allow you to easily create amazing videos for your business. It comes with some fantastic features that will help you create high-quality videos quickly even if you have very little technical knowledge. Invideo lets you create videos for multiple social media platforms, and you get access to thousands of templates which you can easily modify for your own needs. This is a free to use app, but it also comes with a couple of paid options in which you get access to more features such as text-speech, premium video clips, thousands of ready-made templates and priority support. Click on the button below to fund out more.

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Welcome to my review of invideo, a powerful video creation and editing software that will help you easily create engaging videos even if you hate making videos (like me).

In recent years there has been an explosion in simple video creation software and it’s not hard to see why. Data shows that consumers love videos more than any other type of content and by 2022 88% of internet traffic will be driven by video content, so even if you hate making videos as I do, it must be an important part of your business strategy if you want the best chance at success.

I found out about invideo while looking for an alternative to Vidnami (used to be Content Samurai), which is a very good video creation as well but its always good to see what other options are out there.

A couple of things convinced me to try out invideo, first, they have a free version which will give you limited access to the software but it gives you an overall idea of how it works. This isn’t a free trial, you will always have access to the free version once you become a member, which I believe is a huge advantage it has over Vidnami.

The other is their pricing plans are very affordable and if you search around for a coupon code, you can get 40% off, which is a bargain for what get with this software.

Invideo Review

So, what is invideo and what can you do with it? Put simply, you can create all kinds of videos with invideo and use these videos to grow your business.

What kind of videos can you make? Your imagination is your limit below is the types of videos that can be made with invideo, although, I personally use invdeo for content repurposing and social media ads.

As you can see from the image above, invideo can be used to make all sorts of videos, from social media ads to marketing presentations, whatever your videos needs are, it’s most likely that invideo has the features to produce videos for that purpose.

invideo review

Now, one of the best ways I believe to use invideo is through content repurposing, this is especially true if you are a blogger and looking at ways to increase the number of people who know about your content

What is content repurposing? Well, it’s simply turning your content into different formats like a video, PDF, podcast, infographic etc, there are a few benefits to repurposing your content, you reach a wider audience, generate more traffic to your site and get a backlink to your site which has certain SEO benefits.

If you are a blogger and want to repurpose your content one of the best ways is to turn your blog post into a video, it may sound a little too technical for some but with invideo its very simple.

Invideo Members Area

Inside the member’s area, you will be met with the following dashboard (which by the way is very well laid out and easy to navigate), there are three tabs, with the middle one titled “Article to Video”.

invideo review

When you click on that tab you will be asked to select what format you want the video to be created in. Currently, there are 15 types of video formats you can choose from, for content repurposing, I usually use the video format that is best for YouTube.

However, if you are a creative person, you can probably repurpose your content in all 15 video types and share them across all multiple social media platforms and reach a greater audience.

Once you have selected your video type (in my case its YouTube), you will be presented with three options on how you want to create your video.

invideo review

I usually use the first option where I copy and paste the main sections of my article and the software will create video scenes from each paragraph or sentence. There is a little box on the bottom which you can uncheck if you want to use your own images and video scenes, which is what I do, otherwise, the software will analyse the text and choose them for you.

You also have the option to paste in your URL and the app will scrape your blog post and create a video from it. There is very little difference between the first option and this one, the only reason I use the first one is because my blog posts are quite long and I don’t require the entire article to get my point across in video format.

So, if you use the second option, you may end up editing a lot of the text within the video which you would have done in the beginning with the first option.

The third option you get is to upload your own video or image and then use the invideo editor to clean it up with extra video scenes, images and background sound. I haven’t used this option and yet and honestly, I don’t see the point, if I could make a half-decent video by myself, I wouldn’t need invideo in the first place.

Invideo Editor

So, after you have pasted in your blog post and hit the create button, you will be taken to the video editing section of the software.

You have two options here, you can use the advanced editor, which gives you more features to play around with and really enhance the quality of your video.

Or you can use the Story Board editor which gives you fewer options but editing your video is made much easier. This is the option I use, as I like to keep things simple and I am not a very creative person when it comes to video.

invideo review

One of the best features of Invideo is that with a paid membership, you get access to premium video clips and images from Story Block and Shutterstock without having to pay anything extra. Story Block and Shutterstock charge a monthly fee for these clips and images, but you get them for free with invideo.

So, you can search through the database and look for premium video clips and images that are related to the video you want to create and insert them into the slides. Its very simple to do, just click on the image or video clip, drag it across to the slide and drop it in.

The images and videos are automatically resized to video the format you want.

You also get access to thousands of Royalty-free audio clips which you can use as background music. The video editor allows you to adjust the length of the clips to fit in with how long your video is.

You can also adjust the text of the video as you see fit, make it shorter, add more text or even hide it when the video plays and just have a voice over read the text.

If you want to add a voice-over, you have two options, you can either record your own voice or hire someone to read your script and upload that version. The second option you have is to use the invideo text to speech feature.

This is what I use as I hate the sound of my own voice and hiring someone to do it is a little too expensive for me. The text to speech is very good and is actually one of the closest human speech I have heard from a software.

If you use the advanced video editor, there is a lot more you can do to your video to enhance and make it look more professional. If you are a creative person, you will enjoy using the extra features the advanced editor gives you, however, I personally like to keep things simple and so never use any of these features.

invideo review

After you are happy with your video, you just click the preview and export button at the top and download your video on the next page that you are taken to.

The video creation process with invideo is very easy, it is why I like this software so much, you really do not need to be an expert video creation specialist to make half-decent videos that your audience will find engaging.

Plus invideo provide you with hundreds of templates that you just have to edit to your liking to get a professional-looking video with very little effort.

Invideo Features

Invideo comes with a lot of features, they include the following;

  • 1 million premium video clips from Story Blocks and Shutterstock
  • 3 million images from Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels
  • 100’s of professionally designed video templates ( with more added each month)
  • Make videos in a number of different languages
  • Text to speech technology
  • 15-minute video duration
  • Resell rights for any videos you create

Invideo is a very impressive piece of video creation software, one of the best features from the list above is the ability to create automated voice overs in different languages which is not available in similar applications.

The 15-minute video duration is more than enough time to get your point across and the video templates you get access to are very impressive, especially if you have poor design skills like me.

Support & Training

Invideo support is first class, even when you are creating your videos, there is a small chatbox on the bottom of the screen where you can ask questions if you need assistance with anything. They are also constantly improving the platform and ask their customers for feedback on what they could improve and any features that could be added, so if you have any suggestions, tell them, they are always willing to listen.

They have some decent training videos but the software is so easy to use, I don’t think most people will need it. Also, be sure to check out their blog where they post some really good articles that may help you with your video marketing needs.

Invideo Pricing

As I mentioned earlier in the article, invideo has a free version that gives you access to the software with limited features.

It has two pricing plans both of which will give you access to all its features, there are some differences between the two paid plans, like the number of HD videos you can export per month and the number of premium clips and templates you are allowed to use.

invideo review

The pricing cheap when compared to its competitors but if you sign up for the free version, you may get a 40% discount for any of the plans, so best to sign up for and wait a week or two and see if they still offer this discount.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of video software being released lately, some of them are utter rubbish (most of them actually) there are a few exceptions and Invideo is one of them. This is a fantastic piece of software that will help you create professional-quality videos for your business.

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