InboxPounds Review – A Legit Rewards Program

Hi and welcome to my review of InboxPounds, this is an online rewards program that allows you to earn cash by completing online surveys, read emails, play online games and signing up for promotional offers.

InboxPounds, as you may infer from the name, is targeted towards the UK market, you may be more familiar with its American counterpart, Inboxdollars, which is one of the most popular online rewards programs.

Both rewards programs are owned by Cotterweb Enterprises a Minnesota based company that also runs a couple of other online loyalty programs.

Cotterweb Enterprises was recently acquired by Prodege LLC, which owns many popular reward programs including Swagbucks, MyPoints and ShopAtHome. So, if you had any concerns about InboxPounds being a scam or not very trustworthy, that can be laid to rest.

InboxPounds Review

Before I carry on with this review, I want to clarify a few things.

If you have been looking to make money online for a while, you will most definitely come across companies that pay you to take part in online surveys.

While there are a lot of legitimate companies that do pay you for taking surveys, like InboxPounds and Swagbucks, none of them will ever give you the impression that you can quit your job and earn a living by doing this.

Online rewards program do not require you to pay them a fee to sign up. If you come across any website that asks for payment to get access to high paying surveys, run the other way. Survey companies do not charge you to take their surveys and there is no reason why anybody else should charge you to get access to something that is free.

Now, back to my review of InboxPounds.

Like I stated earlier, there are several ways that you can start earning some cash with InboxPounds, the most popular method is taking surveys.

You are given the opportunity to part take in surveys from a wide variety of companies. Survey topics vary from company to company as does the payout. The highest amount I have seen is £1.20 but you rarely get above £1. So, if you see surveys that are paying within this range, try to take them because they are few and far between.

As you can see from the image below, most surveys are worth no more than £0.60.

Inboxpounds review 2019

To get the most out of the surveys you are offered is to look for ones that take the least amount of time to complete and pays the most.

Something to take into consideration is that most of the survey companies will require you to answer some qualifying question s before taking the survey. This is because they want to make sure you are the correct demographic, they are targeting for the data they want to collect.

This can get frustrating because sometimes, you find yourself not qualifying for a lot of the surveys and you end up wasting a lot of your time.

This is the main reason I don’t like part taking in these paid surveys, I have personally experienced many rejections and feel it is really not worth the effort most of the time.

However, it’s best to try a few and see how many you are accepted in to, just don’t spend to much time if you keep getting rejected.

Cash Offers

These offers have more earning potential but to be eligible for the ones that pay the most, you will have to sign for special offers, this will mean making a purchase of a paid product or signing up for a monthly subscription service.

How much you can earn depends on the type of offers that are available, the highest offers are from gambling companies. However, as I said, you will have to sign up to their service and make a deposit to be eligible for the cash reward.

I don’t gamble so these offers were of no interest to me, on a side note, I would advise against gambling, it’s easy to lose a lot of money an get yourself in debt.

There are a couple of offers that I found that may be worthwhile and have a decent cash reward.

The first is Nielsen Computer Panel, Nielsen, for those who may not be aware, are a global market research company based in the US.

inboxpounds review 2019

With this offer, you will install a piece of software on your computer which will allow the company to collect data about how you browse the internet. To be eligible for the reward, you will have to keep the software installed for 14 days, the payout at is £4.50. If you keep the software installed, you will also be entered into their monthly prize draw to have a chance at winning more cash prizes.

The other offer I found interesting is a market research firm called Mobilexpression, they do research into how people use the internet through their phones.

You will need to install an app on your phone where they can monitor how you use the internet. Each week you will get a credit that can be eventually exchanged for a gift card from a wide range of retailers.

Although they did interest me, I decided against signing up for them, we already have little privacy on the internet, I really don’t need more companies accessing my online data.

Search The Web

InboxPounds have their own search engine (although it is powered by Bing), you can earn some cash credit if you use it to search the web. However, it is not as straight forward as it sounds, you will not be credited for every search you make and when you are credited, it will be no more than £0.07 and usually, it’s just £0.01.

The best way to earn from this method is to make it your default search engine if you use Bing search, this may not be a huge problem, however, if you use Google, your search results will not as comprehensive.

Personally, this is another method I wouldn’t bother with.


The final method of earning with InboxPounds is through referral, a lot of companies provide some sort of incentives for people to refer their friends, families and acquaintances to them and InboxPounds is no different.

For every person you refer, you will receive 10% of their total earning, so to have the best chance at earning regularly, you must make sure that they are active on the platform.

Final Thoughts

InboxPounds is a decent online rewards program, its not as good as some of the other ones I have tried like Swagbucks and it doesn’t have a wide variety of ways that allows you to earn some cash or win prizes.

Although the main way to earn is through taking surveys, it’s also the most frustrating because the pay-out is small and you will get a lot of rejections. I personally would avoid the surveys unless the reward is over £0.50 and the survey doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

InboxPounds, like all the other legitimate rewards sites, does not advertise itself as a business opportunity and you should not as such. There is no way you will earn enough even for a part-time income, at best if you are consistent, you may earn enough for a decent night out or a couple of gift cards.

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Have you tried InboxPounds? What has your experience been like? I would love to hear your thoughts on this popular rewards program.

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4 thoughts on “InboxPounds Review – A Legit Rewards Program”

  1. HI,

    I have been looking in to different ways of making money online. I have seen that filling out surveys is one of the ways. What kind of surveys do you have to fill in? Is it mainly for market research? Also how long are these surveys, I’m expecting them to be quite short for just 25p.

    • Hi Tom

      Yeah, all the surveys are for market research, they cover different topics and a lot of the times you may not qualify for the survey. As for the length of time, it could take anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes. When I do take surveys, I look for the ones that take the least amount of time but pay the highest. Hope that helps.

      All the best.

  2. Hey, I just want to thank you for this article, I am always on the lookout for new ways to earn some extra cash. I don’t think I am eligible for InboxPounds but the other ones you mentioned like Swagbucks and Inboxdollars, I will definitely check them out. I have seen those other sites you warn about, they are definitely something people should stay away from. 

    • Hi Stella

      Thanks for your comment, yeah, if you are not based in the UK, then InboxPounds is not for you, but you do have other choices. There are plenty of rewards sites other than the ones I mentioned, my only advice would be to not spend too much time on these sites.

      All the best


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