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Welcome to my review of eComhunt, do you want to start an eCommerce business but are struggling to find a profitable product to sell? Well, eComhunt may just be the service you are looking for.

When you start an eCommerce business, whether it be through the traditional stock and ship method or dropshipping, there are two areas that will determine whether your business will be a success or not. Choosing the correct product to sell is one of them and the other is the ability to drive targeted traffic to your website.

With eComhunt, they hope to solve one of these problems, namely, finding a profitable product to sell. However, they do delve into traffic generation and offer tutorials on this subject but the main focus of eComhunt is researching in-demand products and providing the data to their members.

eComhunt Review

eComhunt review 2019

Before I carry on with the actual review of eComhunt, I want to say a few things about the founder,Mordechai Arba. He is an eCommerce entrepreneur and currently runs multiple successful stores, he knows how to identify highly profitable products and how to drive targeted traffic through Facebook ads. This is one of the main reasons why I recommend this service.

He wanted people to help people find a product to sell without doing all of the necessary research and get them to start their eCommerce business with a high chance that their chosen product will be a best seller. This is the reason he started eComhunt so that people would spend less time on product research and more time on growing their eCommerce business.

eComhunt Features

This is an updated review of eComhunt for 2020 and it still remains one of the best services that will allow you to find in-demand products for dropshipping.

The main goal of eComhunt is to provide its members with a daily list of in-demand products that have been thoroughly researched to give them the best chance at finding a highly profitable product.

The products are curated by a team of experts including the founder of eComhunt, Mordechai Arba, their process of finding hot products to sell is spying on successful eCommerce stores, analysing what is trending on the big platforms like Amazon and eBay and then seeing how much engagements some of these products are getting on social media.

If it meets their criteria, it will be listed on eComhunt, they try to update daily but not every product they assess passes their test.

They also provide some valuable data points for each product that passes their criteria, these include the following;

Cost and Profit – Product cost and recommended selling price

Analytics – Source of the product (usually AliExpress), number of orders, no. of reviews and overall rating.

Saturation inspector – The no. of stores selling the item

Engagement – Data for the no. of likes, comments, shares and overall reactions on Facebook.

Product videos

Links to all the online stores selling the product

Facebook ads – Spy on the Facebook ads that people are using for the product

Facebook ad targeting – all the data you need to properly set up Facebook advertising campaigns

Influencers – List of Instagram users who have a large following in the niche that you can potentially advertise to.

I should stress that the products they list are mostly from AliExpress, for anyone not familiar with AliExpress, it is one of the largest online retailers that sells millions of products at cheap prices. It is a very popular platform for international dropshippers because the quality is generally high and profit margins can be substantial.

An example of one of the products they recently listed is a pair of anti-fog swimming goggles, as you can see, the recommended selling price is over 3 times the actual product cost. Your potential net profit after advertising costs is still over double what you will have paid for the product.

eComhunt review 2019

If you like the product, you can import it into your Shopify store through eComhunt, the process is straight forward, just link your store and import the product with the push of a button.

ecomhunt review

It must be stressed that although the preferred business model is dropshipping using the Shopify platform, you can use some of the product ideas to launch your store on any platform of your liking, whether it be Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc.

The main goal of eComhunt is to find products that are high in demand, which platform you sell it on should not really matter.

eComhunt Webinars and Tutorials

ecomhunt review 2019

There is a range of tutorials and webinars, most of these concentrate on how to set up successful Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook ads are the main way the founder of eComhunt, Mordechai Arba, drives traffic to his stores and this is what he teaches.

Most of the webinars are behind a payment wall, to access these you will have to upgrade to a Pro membership. However, there are a couple of free tutorials that you can access as a free member.

There is also a regularly updated blog that covers a variety of topics related to eCommerce and dropshipping. Some of these blog posts include detailed case studies and tutorials and is worth checking out just for the free content.

eComhunt Success stories

As a company that provides its members with profitable dropshipping products, you would assume that there will be many success stories that people have had by selling the products they have recommended. Otherwise, there is really no point to their service, fortunately, there are a no. of success stories where people have gone on to build a successful eCommerce business using the data that eComhunt provides. Click here to read more about some of these success stories.

eComhunt Pricing

eComhunt offers two membership options, a free one and a monthly subscription plan. I believe the free option provides more than enough material for you to find a profitable product to sell.

The monthly subscription plan is $29 but they are currently offering it for 31% off and it is now $20.

ecomhunt review 2019

With this, you get access to all the features including examples of Facebook ads that are currently running, Facebook targeting data, links to the stores that are selling the products and access to all their premium webinars and tutorials.

The main attraction of the Pro membership is the ability to spy on current Facebook ads, this will give you an idea of what kind of ads to run yourself and also you get access to ad targeting data which will help you advertise to your target audience.

The Pro membership will be helpful for those who have little experience in running Facebook ads, however, if you do not require any training on Facebook ads, then I highly suggest you stick with the free membership.

Final Thoughts

eComhunt provides a good solution for people who want to start an eCommerce business but are struggling to find a profitable product to sell.

It’s free to join and you will get access to some of the most trending products on social media, this will definitely speed up your process of choosing a product which is probably one of the most time-consuming aspects of starting an online store.

The paid membership gives you more data and some good Facebook ads training, but I don’t think this is necessary unless you are a total newbie to running Facebook ads.

You should be aware that the data they collect to assess the popularity of a product is all based on Facebook engagement metrics. This is why they go heavily into Facebook ads as the best method for traffic generation, so you should have a decent advertising budget to promote these products.

Overall, I think eComhunt provides a really good service that will help eCommerce entrepreneurs identify hot and trending products that have a high chance of being best sellers.

Overall Rating

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  1. I have been thinking about starting a dropshipping business and choosing a good product that has great potential to sell well is one thing I worry about, there is just so much information out there on what you should do. This is why I have been looking into products like ecomhunt, I think they will greatly help someone like me who has little experience in this area.I will definitely look into the pro version because I also am new to Facebook advertising and it would be great to learn from people who have found success with this ad platform. Thanks for writing this article, it has given me another option when it comes to choosing a product to sell

    • Hi Gomer

      Thanks for your comment, yes, choosing a product is one of the toughest parts of starting an eCommerce business, this is especially true if you are new to the industry. In this regard, eComhunt will help you a lot.

      All the best

  2. Thanks for this in-depth review, I’ve been looking for an ecom software to use that will help me get started in the dropshipping industry without paying a fortune for one on one membership and getting scammed. I’ve heard a lot about this new software called Ecomkey, would you do a review on it. Just trynna get the most bang for my buck. Thanks.

    • Hi Erik

      Thanks for the comment, I have not heard of eCom Key but I will look it up and see if it merits a review. Thanks for the heads up.

      All the best


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