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Easy 1Up is an MLM business opportunity that claims to help you make money online through their various digital marketing products. However, as with all MLM opportunities, it’s best to do your own research and see if their products and services are worth what they charge you for. Luckily for you, I have researched this company thoroughly and while it is not a scam, the program offers very little in the way of high-quality digital products, carry on reading this review to find out more and why I do not recommend it.

Who is Behind Easy1 Up?

The founder of Easy 1Up is a person named Peter Wolfing, who according to the company website, has been marketing for 26 years. He is the CEO of a company called Multiplex systems that apparently helps companies by developing software that generates leads for them.

I say ‘apparently’ because after some research I found his LinkedIn profile, there is no company website regarding Multiplex systems and when I Googled the company name, it only came up with a simple WordPress site. Maybe it just doesn’t have a website, although that is weird for an internet marketing company.

Anyway, further research revealed that he has been involved in several other similar companies to Easy 1Up, none of which remain today.

So, what is Easy 1Up?

Well, according to the company website, they are all about empowering entrepreneurs through continuous learning and staying ahead of the competition and by ‘competition’, I think they mean other deceptive MLM companies!! There is zero information about the company apart from the 5 products they sell which I will get to later. For a site that gets over 100,000 monthly visitors, they sure are thin on content.

Easy 1Up Review.

There are 6 membership levels in the Easy 1Up product line, they all come with a one-time fee. However, you cannot sign up by yourself, you will need to be referred by one of their affiliates.

This is because the system runs a reverse 1 up system, whereby every second sale goes to your sponsor and every second sale of your recruit goes to you. It’s basically a cash gifting system and the products are there just for recruiting purposes. They provide little to no value, it is for all intents and purposes a pyramid scheme.

To understand how pyramid schemes work and why they are unethical watch the video below.

Now, back to the products of the Easy 1 Up system, basically what you get with each membership level is a series of videos about digital marketing.

Different topics are covered in each membership, however, there are no details on the specifics of each topic. This leads me to believe that not much thought was given to the content and it was just put together very quickly.

You will most definitely find better material on YouTube, but like I said the products are just there for recruiting purposes, they provide little to no value at all.

All the products come with an additional 10% admin fee, which I suppose goes to the owner since he is paying out 100% commission on all the products.

Elevation Basic – $25

easy1 up review 2019

Topics covered include learning the basics of network and affiliate marketing. This includes learning how to create lead capture pages, lead generation techniques and writing affiliate reviews.

Elevation Elite – $100

easy1up review 2019

This is where I believe they just put in any topic without much thought, some of the listed topics don’t even make sense. You are introduced to video and social media marketing, but as the image above shows, some of the topics look out of place and without an explanation, I don’t understand why they are there. I mean why is Udemy listed and what does ‘Home Base Your Website Or Blog’ mean?

Vertex – $250

More filler content, topics covered include how to start your home based business, affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

Vertex Elite – $500

easy1 up review 2019

A course called ‘Money Counts Live Business Building Course’ is delivered in two parts, also covered are more traffic generation methods and dropshipping?? When I saw dropshipping on this list, I knew for certain they were just filling in the gaps.

Vertex Pro – $1000

easy1 up review

As the list of topics in the previous section was pretty small, I think they thought they had to make up for it by including a long list of topics in the final membership level. Just look at the image above and see what topics are covered. Some of the topics look out of place and others do not make sense!!

This strengthens my point that the products are there just as a front for their cash gifting recruitment scheme.

Vertex Live- $2000

They have recently added a sixth product called Vertex Live which costs $2000, I am not sure what you get with this product but it looks like they may be holding conferences in which you will get complete access to if you purchase this product.

easy1 up review 2019

Easy 1Up Compensation plan.

Easy 1Up run a unilevel compensation plan, probably the oldest and most popular type of comp plan in multi-level-marketing.

Unlike forced matrix systems where you have a limit to frontline recruits, unilevel systems do not have such limits and you can recruit as many people as you can.

You will receive 100% commission on all sales you make except for every second sale which will go to your sponsor. This is the ‘reverse 1Up’ system and I honestly don’t know why they made it this way, but MLM wouldn’t be MLM without a confusing compensation plan.

As is the case with all MLM companies, it is a pay to play system, to be eligible for commissions, you would have to purchase the product first.

The fact that you get 100% commission should really tell you all you need to know about the quality of the products, if I had to guess I would say most of the products are of PLR quality.

It honestly surprised me when I found out that the program was still running. I thought that maybe it had been shut down. If you are thinking of joining I should warn you that a couple of similar systems have been shut down by the FTC. If you have heard of MOBE and Digital Altitude, they were two high flying digital MLM companies that came crashing down because of their business practices.

I am not saying the same fate awaits Easy 1Up, but they do run a similar business model and their primary revenue is through recruitment which is not sustainable in the long run.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the worst products I have reviewed on my site, and I don’t say that lightly. One of the main issues I have with Easy1 Up is that there is hardly any information about the products they are selling and whatever information you do get is very vague.

The only reason anyone would buy these products is that of the earning opportunity, without the 100% commission, I doubt anyone would be coughing up any money for these products.

I would advise anyone to avoid programs like Easy 1Up, they are straight up recruitment schemes and also the FTC is coming down hard on these kinds of business opportunities as shown by their shut down of similar companies like MOBE and Digital Altitude.

You obviously read this review of Easy 1Up because you want to start an online business. I personally make money through affiliate marketing, which I believe to be the best online business model for new entrepreneurs.

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