Product – Earn Easy Commissions
Owner – Chuck Nguyen
Legit – Yes
Recommended – Maybe
Rating – 60/100
Website –

Hi all and welcome to my review of Earn Easy Commissions,this system is around a year old now and I have often had it pitched to me through various marketing channels. I did become a free member when it was first opened up to the public but I never went through the program as I was busy with other projects. However,recently I decided to go through it and see if it lived up to its claims and if it was a legitimate program that I would recommend to others.

Now,you may have read other reviews of Earn Easy Commissions,some are positive and others are quite critical. I will not sit here and say that this is the only review that you need to read to make an informed decision on this program. I will say that if you have read any of my other reviews then you will know that I try to be as fair as possible and try to provide positive aspects to a program even if I disagree with its overall business model.

Why do I feel the need to mention other reviews? Because it seems some people are upset that not everyone says glowing things about Earn Easy Commissions and seem to falsely believe they (people who wrote those not so positive reviews) only do this to promote another company.

In this case, the other company is Wealthy Affiliate,to be fully transparent I do believe that Wealthy Affiliate are a fantastic company and out of all my reviews they sit at the top. However,there are some who think that all Wealthy Affiliate members just disparage other systems, this is blatantly false.

If someone doesn’t think a system is worth promoting and believes another one will serve you better, isn’t it right that they tell you instead of just promoting every system whether it is good or not? I believe it is although I know others will disagree.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest before I carry on with this review of Earn Easy Commissions.

Earn Easy Commissions Review

So,what are my thoughts on this new system from Chuck Nguyen? Well,after my little rant at the beginning you may think that my review of Earn Easy Commissions might be a little negative. However,I must say it is actually a decent system with which you can make some money even with a free membership.

Before I go on and explain the compensation plan,I will briefly explain what you get when you join as a free member.

Earn Easy Commissions is the brainchild of Chuck Ngyuen,you may or may not be familiar with that name. Over the years Chuck has been involved in various programs,his last one (which I was seriously considering to join at that time) was called Digital Elites.

He made the same bold claims about Digital Elites as he does for Earn Easy Commissions. That program came and went but I think he learnt a few things and put together a much better system without a monthly subscription plan (if I remember correctly Digital Elites was $49 pm).

So what exactly is Earn Easy Commissions?

Earn Easy Commissions is a DFY system,similar to a couple of other programs I have reviewed on this site. Namely Webcopycat and Yoonla.

All you do after becoming a free member and going through the six steps (which includes watching some lengthy videos) is start promoting the system via your unique affiliate link.

I must mention that the system has gone through some major changes since it was first launched.

I believe when it was first launched you could build an email list via the leads you referred into the system. This was done for you by Chuck and his team,but recent emails from Chuck suggest that this has been discontinued.

So,the main reason this system has really taken of recently is that they pay you $1 per qualified lead (this is increased to $1.20 for VIP members ,more on VIP membership later).

What does a qualified lead mean? Well it is spelt out in the membership area and basically what they want is for leads to be active with the program. Regardless of whether they upgrade to the VIP membership or choose to stay as a free member.

This is primarily because people can (and do) play the system,some affiliates will buy traffic that guarantees sign ups but those people have no intention of ever doing anything with the system. So, to prevent people from sending useless leads and gaming the system,the leads need to be qualified.

The qualified leads must also be from one of these Tier 1 countries.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Leads from any other country will not qualify you for the $1 commission.

Membership Levels

There are two membership levels within the Earn Easy Commissions system.

  • Free Membership
  • VIP Membership

As a free member you are also eligible for commission for any lead that upgrades to the VIP membership.

VIP membership costs $750 one of payment or $100 pm for 12 months. As a free member,if any of your leads upgrade to VIP membership, you get either;

  • $100 if the lead pays in full
  • $14 pm if they decide on the payment plan

You also get access to promotional materials and Chucks private Facebook mastermind group.

There were other ways you could earn as a free member but from the looks of things,those income streams have been discontinued.

As a VIP member,you get the opportunity to earn a bit more than a free member.

  • You get $1.20 for every qualified lead
  • $500 for VIP upgrades
  • $67 pm if they take the monthly payment plan
  • $100 for every tier 2 VIP upgrades
  • Profit sharing pool
  • Access to Chucks VIP circle

There are other benefits listed on the website like getting monthly GetResponse and ClickMagick commissions but recent announcements in the private Facebook group leaves me unsure if they are still part of the VIP membership.

Tools and Training

The are a variety of videos within the members area that tell all about the system,how to promote your affiliate link and why you should upgrade to VIP membership.

What really interests me is a video series Chuck is doing called zero to $10k,I have been following this series and it has some useful information.  A lot of the videos are about mindset and setting challenges for yourself  however, at this moment there is nothing regarding how to start and scale an affiliate marketing business which is what I am interested in.However,I am following his video series and if there is anything worthwhile,I will update this article.

My Final thoughts

I think this is a good system that needs some tweaking,which I believe Chuck is doing.

I think Chuck is really invested in making this work and this is shown in his Facebook group in which he is very active in and always asks for input on how to improve the system.

There isn’t much in the way of learning how to become an affiliate marketer but I think that will be covered in his zero-10k video series.

The negative aspect of it is that people sometimes advertise it as a get rich quick scheme and it doesn’t help when the Earn Easy Commissions sales page suggest you can make 6 figures with this program. I highly doubt anyone will make a 6 figure income with this system,they may in the future but not in its current iteration.

I also wish there were better traffic training and more traffic sources other than solo ads.

This wouldn’t be my primary program to make money with as I have seen many similar systems come and go,however,because it pays out on a CPA basis,it could be a good side income earner. Plus it is free to join,so you have nothing to lose.

There are better alternatives to Earn Easy Commissions,if you want a done for you system I recommend you check out Covert Commissions. This is one of the best DFY systems I have come across and they literally provide everything you need to start earning affiliate commissions.

Are you with Earn Easy Commissions? How have you found it so far? Would love to hear your thoughts on this system