Are you looking for some dropshipping store examples? Maybe you want to start your own dropshipping business and want to take a look at some good examples of how a well-designed dropshipping store is laid out. Or maybe you are looking for some inspiration on what kind of products you should sell and want to see examples of successful dropshipping stores.

In this article, I have listed 20 examples of dropshipping stores, some of these are successful dropshipping stores while most are just examples of how a dropshipping store should look.

So, how do I know that they are successful? Well, I don’t really but they are generating a lot of traffic, which most likely means that they are doing well.

To check their traffic stats, I used a couple of tools, Similarweb and Serpstat, these two tools gave me useful data on how much traffic the store is getting and where the traffic is coming from. I also researched what their most popular products were and if they are running any Facebook ads, if they are, I will provide the link to their ads so you can analyse them yourself and see what a successful Facebook ad looks like.

To find these stores, I used a few sources, they include the following:

  • Shopify Exchange Marketplace

At the end of this list, I have included a few dropshipping stores built on WordPress, these dropshipping stores have been built with the popular AliDropship plugin. Some of them are generating income while some are just brand new, but they are good examples of how a dropshipping store on WordPress is supposed to look

Dropshipping Store Examples

This is a general niche store, they sell a wide variety of products and have a very simple store design.

It gets around 150k visitors a month and 24% of that is from search and 11% from social media of which Facebook is the largest source of traffic.

Some of their top sellers include the following products

  • Makeup bag
  • Mystical moon lamp
  • Reflective drawstring bag
  • Anti-snoring gadget

They advertise heavily on Facebook and some of their ads have been running for around a year which means that they are converting, check out the ads here. This store has seen some tremendous growth seeing that it has just been a couple of years in operation.

This is one of my favourite sites, it looks amazing and all the product pages are highly optimised for maximum conversions. They must have an arrangement with wholesalers or liquidators that allows them to dropship branded products are bargain prices.

According to Similarweb, this site gets around 1 million visitors a month of which the majority is referral traffic from a deal/coupon finding site, while only 4% is from search and just 0.48% is from social.

If you are interested in starting dropshipping print on demand products, this store will give you some inspiration on what to sell. Print on demand products are a great way to sell your own unique products and they especially do well for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

Some of the best-selling products include the following:

  • Cushions
  • Mini-me cushions
  • Halloween masks
  • Pillowcase

The store gets around 70k visitors a month, most of it is referral traffic but a significant proportion is from search and Facebook ads.

To check out some of the ads they are running click here.


This is a relatively new store that utilises drop shipping for their fulfilment needs, it’s a simple Shopify store that uses the popular Brooklyn theme and sells a wide range of products in multiple categories.

Around 21% of its traffic is from search engine and 28% is from social media with Facebook ads generating the largest source of social media traffic.

Some of its most popular items include:

  • Dual colour eye shadow
  • Smartphone mount for cars
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Magnetic cable
  • #5.

This is a really well-designed Shopify store, it’s visually appealing, they mainly sell gadgets, kitchen accessories and beauty products and their product pages are very well optimised with a lot of conversions focused features.

Their main source of traffic is from social media of which Facebook is the largest contributor, the store doesn’t have any significant search engine traffic, but it is starting to pick up slowly.

Some of their best-selling products are:

  • Fruit infuser
  • Silicone dishwashing gloves
  • Soap pump
  • Garlic press


Personally, I feel this is not a very well-designed Shopify store, it has a minimalistic design but is not very appealing to the eyes. They mostly sell gadgets, as you would have guessed by the store name. Their product pages are decently optimised but they do have a lot of 404 errors which may explain why their search traffic has drastically gone down over the past few months.

I found this store through the Shopify exchange marketplace, it’s a dropshipping store that sells diaper bags, which I didn’t know was actually a thing!! It’s a very narrow niche but reading from the details, it is making money and has decent organic traffic from Google. It has a very simple design and the product pages just have the bare minimum in terms of description and images. Just goes to show, you shouldn’t focus too much on creating an awesome looking store in the beginning, find a winning product and then start to optimise your store.


This is a nice store, the homepage could be better designed, it’s a general store that sells a wide range of products. Unlike the homepage, the product pages are highly optimised and include gif images which always gets the attention of customers. It has a bunch of optimisation apps and some of its bestselling products include:

  • Permanent tattoo eraser
  • Water purifier cube
  • Quick slim patches
  • Herbal foot spa

It doesn’t generate enough traffic to show up on Similarweb or Serpstat but its social proof app does show that it is making sales on a regular basis, so it is getting traffic.


A simple dropshipping store that has a minimalist design and does not use many apps, not really impressed with this store but if it is making sales, then its design shouldn’t really matter. It does have a high Alexa rank, so it is getting some traffic and it sells a mixture of products like home accessories, travel accessories, baby products and other niche items. The product pages are very simple and don’t have conversion-focused apps, I wouldn’t use this dropshipping as a template for my own store.


This is a really nice store that is visually appealing, it’s a general niche store that curates unique items that are supposed to spread positivity in your life. Most of the products are items you will place around the house and some of the top sellers include things like:

  • Windmill watermelon slider
  • A fish toy for cats
  • Magic silicone cleaning gloves.

The store gets around 70k visitors a month of which 11% is from search and 61% from social with YouTube being the largest social traffic contributor. So, we can surmise that they are running a lot of YouTube ads to their offers.


A very simple dropshipping store that sells a range of products related to beauty and personal care as well as household accessories that will brighten up your home. Their product page is very simply but highly visual with a lot of large images and has a sales-boosting app that suggests other related products that the customer should buy.

The traffic has been up and down the past 6 months, but it still gets 80k visitors a month of which half is from social networks and 25% is from search.


This is a very niche store as you can probably tell by the name, its mainly for cat lovers and sells a wide range of products from toys, accessories and clothes. It’s a very well-designed and highly optimised store, their homepage is very well put together and it’s easy to navigate to other areas of the store. Some of their most popular items are print on demand products, things like mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases and they also sell unique cat toys and accessories.

It gets around 170k visitors a month and over 60% of that is from search while 17% is from social media.


This is a dropshipping store that mainly sells a wide range of gadgets, the homepage isn’t the most well-designed but the product pages are very eye-catching, especially with the many gif images they have uploaded.

Some of their most popular products include:

  • 2 in 1 high-pressure washer
  • Reusable zip lock bag
  • Universal screen amplifier

According to Similarweb, it gets around 190k visitors a month, with over half being from social media networks and 9% from search.


This store is for dog lovers of which there is a huge market, I like the overall design of this store, the homepage is very well laid out and they sell a range of products including toys, apparel, jewellery and home accessories. The product pages are well put together, although they could do with a couple of more sales-boosting features.

Most of its traffic is generated through search, social media and paid ads.


I really like the look of this store, its homepage could be better laid out instead of having rows of products, but the individual product pages are well laid out. It has a lot of conversion-focused features like the large fonts, the wobbly add to cart button, the total number of items sold etc. This is what a good Shopify dropshipping store should look like and you should use it as a template for your own store.

Most of its traffic is through paid Facebook and YouTube ads and a lot of its best selling products are gadgets like mini spy cameras, USB sticks, car GPS tracker and mini micro SD cards.

The next five dropshipping store examples have been built on WordPress using the popular AliDropship plugin. All these stores have been built by professional web developers and eCommerce experts, so they are all well-optimised for conversions and they all will make an excellent example of how to build an eCommerce store on WordPress.


This is one of the dropshipping stores that is run by AliDropship, it sells anime-related products which is very niche and the store is very well put together. The menu is easy to navigate and the product pages are well optimised for conversions, there are features that will instil confidence in customers, things like a clear refund policy, insured tracking service, clear shipping details and real customer reviews.

This store is still operational but it does not get much traffic nowadays, a couple of years back it was getting 50k organic search visitors a month but looking at their search traffic now, I think they may have got hit by a Google penalty. Nonetheless, its still a good example of what a dropshipping store should look like.


A nice WooCommerce dropshipping store that sells car accessories, this is an established store from AliDropship that they recently sold.


A beautiful and elegant store that focuses on women’s clothing and accessory, this is another store from their established range which they recently sold.


I personally feel this is one of their blander looking stores, the homepage looks good but the product page could look better with larger images and a couple of extra sales-boosting features.


This is one of the better-looking WordPress dropshipping stores from AliDropship, the homepage is well laid out and the product pages are very well optimised for higher sales.

Dropshipping Store Examples -Final Thoughts

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to start an online business, the store examples I have listed should provide you with a good template on how to build your own dropshipping store.

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