Are you looking to start a dropshipping business but do not know what to sell? Fortunately, there are a lot of dropshipping research tools that will provide you with the data to help you decide what to sell. In this article, I have listed the 10 best dropshipping research tools that will help you identify profitable products to sell online.

Dropshipping is an easy business to operate and that is why it’s so popular, however, just because it is easy does not mean it will be profitable. Most dropshipping stores just like most businesses will fail at the first attempt and one of the main reasons is because people do not properly research the product they are selling. Hence the need for a good product research tool for dropshipping

The first two research tools may surprise people, I included them because they provide extensive data on what people are searching for on Amazon. If you want to start an eCommerce business, you really do not want to compete with Amazon, these tools will help you identify what kind of products are being searched for on Amazon and give you a good insight on what products to sell and which ones to avoid.

All of these are paid tools but some of do offer a free trial or a free limited version.

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools

#1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides a range of tools for people looking to sell or are already selling on Amazon. When you start any kind of eCommerce business, its good to have data on what people are searching for on the largest online retailer and that is Amazon. Jungle Scout does this for you, it comes with many features, most of which you will not use (unless you are planning on starting an Amazon FBA business). However, for Amazon product research, Jungle Scout will give you extensive data on what people are searching for on Amazon and give you insight into what kind of products to sell. If a product has high demand and low competition, this will be a good product to dropship.

#2. Helium 10

This is another Amazon product research tool, its very similar to Jungle Scout and comes with many of the same features. It has an amazing Chrome Extension that allows you to analyse a lot of data on Amazon products and for any product you research, it will give a score of how easy or hard it will be to sell the product on Amazon. If there is little or no sellers for a product that has a significant search volume, the tool will display a certain score to indicate this. Once you have validated a product through some of their other tools, you can start dropshipping this product via your own store.

#3. SaleHoo

This may be a surprise to many, SaleHoo is well-known for providing one of the best directories of verified drop shippers and wholesalers. However, there is also a very good product research tool called the SaleHoo Research Lab. With this tool, you will be able to see what products are selling well on Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. You get access to lots of sales data that will let you see if a product is worth selling or if there is too much competition. This is a good dropshipping research tool and maybe the best value for money on this list.

#4. Sell The Trend

This is a relatively new dropshipping research tool, it comes with many features that will let you see what products are trending on AliExpress. You get an estimate of how many Shopify stores are selling these products, this will allow you to gauge the competition and analyse the viability of selling any of these products. There are features that will allow you to spy on Shopify stores and see what their best-sellers are and you can also spy on the Facebook ad campaigns of many of the successful Shopify stores and get an idea on how a successful Facebook ad looks like. A very good tool, especially if you are thinking of dropshipping products via AliExpress.

#5. eComhunt

One of the original dropshipping product research tools that specifically focuses on finding trending products to sell from AliExpress. Every day you will get data on products that are selling well on AliExpress, you get data on the no. of products sold, the overall rating and the no.1 of positive reviews it has. Other data points you get access to include the no. of Shopify stores that also selling these products, this will tell you if there are too many drop shippers selling the same item. You also get access to the Facebook ad campaigns of drop shippers who are selling these products, this will allow you to analyse their ad creatives and also spy on their Facebook audience. Other features include spying on successful Shopify stores, links to Instagram influencers and allowing you to import these products straight into your Shopify store.

#6. Niche Scraper

Another of the original AliExpress research tools for dropshipping, Nichescraper is a fantastic web-based software that comes with some powerful features that will allow you to find winning products to dropship. There are three tools inside of Nichescraper that you can use to research for products to dropship. The best way is probably to look through the handpicked products from the team behind Nichscraper. You can also search for products yourself and by using their advanced filtering options you can narrow down the results that show only the products with the best potential. This tool also allows you to spy on other Shopify stores and gives you access to many successful Facebook ad campaigns that many of these Stores are running.

#7. Dropship Spy

This is one of the newer dropshipping tools to hit the market, it’s an online tool that comes with many features. There are two main tools that will help you with finding a profitable product to dropship, the first is a tool that will allow you to spy on Shopify stores and get data on their best selling items and also gives you data on their traffic sources. The other is a tool that will allow you to search for products that are selling like hotcakes on AliExpress and gives sales data for the past week. The tool also allows you to spy on Facebook ad campaigns and has a tool that will build you a targeted Facebook audience for your ads.

8#. SalesSource

Another relatively new tool, SalesSource is much more than a product research tool, you also get features that will help you with your store design and features that will help you boost your sales conversions. However, its research tool is the core product and it comes with an amazing number of features to help you identify the best products to dropship. You will be able to spy on stores, identify what their best selling products are and also spy on their Facebook ad campaigns. Its an all-in-one dropshipping software suite and comes with a 7-day free trial and is well worth checking out.

#9. Pexda

This dropshipping product research tool has been around a while, its an online tool that will give you a daily feed of hot selling products on AliExpress. You get a detailed report for each product and includes sales data for the past week, links to Shopify stores that are selling the same product and data for any Facebook ad campaigns they may be running. If the product is being sold on eBay or Amazon, you will get a small report for this and a link to the product page on those platforms.

#10. AliDropship Premium Products

AliDropship are well-known for their superb dropshipping plugin, however, they have a host of other plugins that will enhance the functionality of your store and one of the newest plugins they just released is called Premium Products. This is not really a dropshipping research tool, it’s more like done for you research tool. Every week you will get one hot product from AliExpress, you will get a unique product description that is optimised for conversions, you will also get high-quality images and relevant customer reviews. You just have to import the products into your store, you also get multiple video ads for each product, Facebook ad copy and Facebook audience targeting data. This is new service from AliDropship, so it is untested, however, they do have a stellar reputation and most of their software is of the highest quality, so if you don’t want to do any research yourself, this could be a good solution. Please be aware that this plugin is only for stores built on WordPress, you don’t need the AliDropship plugin to make it work.

Final Thoughts

Finding a profitable product to sell is one of the toughest parts of starting a dropshipping business, it takes a lot of time to do proper research and gather the necessary data before you identify a product that has the potential to be a good seller. The tools I have listed (and there are many more that I haven’t mentioned but are equally just as helpful) will definitely reduce the time you spend researching product but that does not mean whatever product you choose to sell will be sure winners.

In fact, it’s more than likely, that the first few products you decide to sell will be failures, this is part of running a business. Don’t give up just because one of the recommended products you decided to sell didn’t make you any money. Most people fail because they give up too easily, don’t be one of those people, do your research, test products and keep working until you find that one product that will change your fortunes.

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