Dropship Lifestyle Review – Good Course But Expensive

Hi everyone and welcome to my review of Dropship Lifestyle. Dropshipping is becoming an increasingly popular way to start an online business, many new entrepreneurs are attracted to its low start-up costs and simple business model. It is something I definitely want to do sometime in the future and this is the reason why many of my reviews and articles are related to eCommerce and dropshipping. Dropship Lifestyle is one of the most popular dropshipping courses and is the subject of my review today.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simply an eCommerce fulfilment method, traditional eCommerce operations require you to store and deliver the products that you sell. Dropshipping is much simpler, you don’t need to stock inventory or worry about delivery charges. That will be taken care of by your supplier, the image below will provide a better visual representation of how dropshipping works

Who Is Anton Kraly?

Anton Kraly, the person behind Dropship Lifestyle, is a serial entrepreneur, he always dreamt of running his own business and when he found out about the opportunity that eCommerce provided, he didn’t look back.

In his first year, he did nearly $700,000 in sales and by year three it was close to $2 million, suffice to say he had a pretty good grasp on how to run a successful eCommerce store. In 2012 he shared is 7- point blueprint to starting a dropshipping business with the world and it has since grown to one of the most popular courses in dropshipping. The course has helped nearly 6000 people start their own dropshipping business and even won an award from Shopify.

Dropship Lifestyle Review

This is an updated review of Dropship Lifestyle for 2021

I first wrote this review around 3 years ago and regularly update it because one of the good things about Dropship Lifestyle is that they constantly improve the program to reflect the current trends in dropshipping.

This review reflects these new changes but my overall impression remains the same for this dropshipping course.

What started out as an internal document for Anton and his team to follow whenever they started a new dropshipping store is now a comprehensive course on how to run a dropshipping business.

There are a lot of reviews on Dropship Lifestyle and most of them are not kept up to date. This is primarily because the course is updated regularly. It is currently on its 8th version and from what I have observed, it’s a completely different course to what it started out as.

10 Day Mini-Course – No Longer Available

dropship lifestyle review

This was a free 10-day course but is no longer available with the new updates from dropship lifestyle, which is a shame because it was quite informative. Now, there is a free webinar you can sign up for, but not much is revealed ad it is just a funnel to get you to sign up for the main Dropship Lifestyle Course.

DS Labs – No Longer Available 

This was their cheapest product and came with multiple mini-courses, the topics covered include the following;

  • Production research and selection
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Checklists for launching new stores
  • Generating traffic

It also provides a database of dropshipping suppliers, a selection of videos on paid advertising and access to their private Facebook group.

However, with their recent updates, this has been integrated with the main premium Dropship Lifestyle Course.

DSL Premium Course -$3497 (was $2997)

Pretty expensive for a dropshipping course but it does include everything to get you up and running, the course is mostly delivered through video, although there is some text-based material.

You get access to their business forum, where you can get support and network with other members and access to their own Shopify theme and dropshipping app. They also recently added a comprehensive AdWords course that will teach you all the ins and outs of launching successful PPC campaigns on the Google ad network

 The premium gives you access to the following;

  • Priority support
  • Social Media Advertising Course
  • How To Sell Your Store
  • Supplier Directory
  • Outsourcing Course
  • Course on setting up a business if you live outside the USA

This course was split into two sections but with the new updates, it is now one whole course. As well as the above, you also get access to their active Facebook group and lifetime support, you also get access to their own Dropship Lifestyle Shopify Theme, their own app, and their list of 8000+ verified suppliers. In total, you access to over 22 hours of high-quality video training with ongoing support and updates but I personally believe it is a little too expensive

Dropship Lifestyle – Premium Plus – $4997

With the DSL Premium Plus course, in addition to the Premium course (also called the Drpship Blue Print), you will get the following:

  • Complete set up of your Shopify store
  • Set up of your Social Media Marketing channels
  • 3 Months of private mentorship (Used to be 1 year)
  • No Bali retreat 

This package is sort of like a done for you deal, I personally am not a fan of DFY business in a box deals but for some people, it is the easier option.

This package used to include their annual retreat to Bali, but that is no longer the case, now it is only included in their most expensive package.

Dropship Lifestyle Ultimate – $8997

This is a new addition that I recently found out about when I was updating this review, in addition to the other courses, you get 6 months of private mentorship, 6 months of content marketing, and a sales funnel course.

Dropship Lifestyle Unlimited – $25,000 (Wow!!)

If you have this much money to spare on a coaching program, you might as well get mentored by a qualified stock market trader and see faster returns. With this package, you get lifetime private mentorship, 12 months of content marketing, and a pass to their annual Bali retreat

Dropship Lifestyle Affiliate Program

I was surprised to find that Dropship Lifestyle had a closed affiliate program, the only way to become an affiliate is if you purchase the products. For such a popular digital course, this kind of surprised me, however, upon further research, it looks like they did initially have an affiliate program that was open to everyone, but the owner closed it down.

Not that I am complaining, I don’t promote products that do not justify their price and Dropship Lifestyle is an overpriced course.

Refund Policy

I do like that they have a 30-day refund policy, but it does come with conditions, you will have to prove that you took action on the material. In other words, you will have to show that you completed every task that the course asked of you. So, even if you do get back your money, you will most likely end up making a loss because of advertising costs.

My Thoughts

There is no doubt that Anton has developed a solid dropshipping course and it has helped a lot of people, but it isn’t without criticism.

My first issue is with the price, for a dropshipping course it is really expensive, I have researched a lot of eCommerce programs and Dropship Lifestyle is up there as one of the most expensive and it is definitely the most expensive dropshipping course I have come across.

From personal experience, a lot of people who are looking to start an online business are on a limited budget and courses like Dropship Lifestyle will be out of reach for them.

My other issue is that the course only focuses on paid advertising methods, so not only will you be spending a lot for the course, but you will also have to budget for advertising costs which can be very expensive, especially if you are new to online advertising and have unsuccessful campaigns.

As someone who enjoys the challenge of ranking websites on search engines, it was disappointing to find out that they offer nothing in terms of SEO training.

What Do I Recommend?

Although Dropship Lifestyle is a good course, it is too expensive for my liking and this puts it out of reach for so many people.

If you have the budget and do not mind spending thousands on a digital course, then Dropship Lifestyle may be suitable for you, however, I do believe there are better options that will cost you far less.

Shopify, which is one of the leading eCommerce platforms for dropshippers has a fantastic range of resources just for dropshipping.

Check out these Shopify guides for more information.

Shopify eCommerce Academy

Complete Guide To Dropshipping

Find Products To Sell Online

I also recommend you read my reviews of Alidropship and Oberlo, both companies have developed fantastic pieces of software that will help you in running a dropshipping business. Both also have fantastic resources on dropshipping and provide excellent support.

They also do not cost anywhere near what Dropship Lifestyle is charging.

There is no reason to go spending thousands of pounds on courses when most of the information can be found for cheaper or free. 

Have you tried Dropship Lifestyle? Do you agree with my review? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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14 thoughts on “Dropship Lifestyle Review – Good Course But Expensive”

  1. Hello Minhaj;
    I have been doing affiliate marketing a year now, and seeing your review definitely opens my eye’s to drop shipping. I see you have mentioned Alidropship and Oberlo, checked them out on your other posts. People will appreciate the info on drop shipping. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Hi Minhaj, thanks for sharing your Dropship Lifestyle review.

    I’ve had a little bit of experience with dropshipping in the past, but unfortunately, the company I was working with turned out to be a scam.

    Overall I feel DL is a legit course, but like you said, I also feel it’s overpriced.

    When I first read through the review I thought it was quite nice that they offer a 10-day free course, which is a great way for beginners to get started in dropshipping. I also liked that it was drip-fed over that period of time.

    However, as I continued to read the review, I was very shocked by the costs of the other programs/upsells, and that really put me off wanting to give this product a full try.

    As someone who’s a complete beginner, I feel that the price point of the course is way too high.

    Thank you for suggesting some cheaper alternative courses for beginners though.

    • Hi Stephanie

      Thanks for commenting and I am glad that you found my article helpful, just out of curiosity what company did you start dropshipping with?

      All the best

  3. Thanks for this great review on Dropship Lifestyle. I have to agree with you there that the pricing was the first thing that caught my eye – very expensive. 

    My personal thoughts are that a lot of companies have caught onto the dropship concept and offer courses to people that promise a lot, deliver not so much and cost a bomb. 

    Yes to do dropshipping you will need to learn a bit but I had some products in my online store a few years back that worked on the dropshipping concept and I didn’t even know the term dropshipping back then. I can certainly see how using software to simplify the process would be amazing since I did all my admin work manually. 

    Done right I think that dropshipping can be a very lucrative business that can start to earn passive income over time. 

  4. Hi Minhaj

    I would agree with you that Dropship Lifestyle is massively overpriced and very few people could afford that kind of fe when they are trying to start a drop shipping business. It really dent matter to me how good the course may be, I would not be prepared to pay that amount! Especially as, as you say, there are far cheaper courses to be had.

    Having said that, I may consider the 10 day free course, as if you are going to do drop shipping, high ticket would seem to be the way to go, would you agree? I have tried drop shipping before, briefly, by using Amazon and Ebay, and although it did work OK, the amount that I made was very small.

    Many thanks for a most interesting review.

    Chrissie 🙂

  5. Thanks for your review of  Dropship Lifestyle, it looks like a good training program but I too have my reservations about the price tag. You have given good alternatives at a more affordable price, I will check them out, however, at the moment I will concentrate on affiliate marketing but somewhere down the line I will see if dropshipping is still a profitable business to get into like it is now. 

  6. This is a great review of a market that I have thought about working in. I have just started my research on the subject and you have given me a lot to think about. I will definitely check out Shopify before looking into other possibilities.

     Thank you for all your work and research.


  7. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on dropship lifestyle.I like the way you detailed everything about dropship and it looks good in terms of basic courses the only issue I found is the price which is very high and I could not afford it.

    I found dropship lifestyle legit and if people have money for those upsells can try it.

  8. Thanks for this all-important review of the dropship lifestyle, I ‘ve always been interested in this line of business and have been planning to set one up. Finding this review is quite timely and important for me. It is true that most people setting out to start an online business have a small budget and might not have the capacity to purchace expensive courses.  I will do my research on other programs listed in your article and start building with one.

  9. Thanks for posting. This is an excellent article. I have to agree with you – a lot of people who get into online marketing are often on limited budgets and could find the costs of DropShip Lifestyle extremely prohibitive. I believe that internet commerce is a potentially democratizing force where, with the proper education and support, anyone can create a reasonable income and maybe even more than that. The sky’s the limit, and we are limited only by our imaginations and determination. I don’t agree with such high cost programs that automatically place a financial barrier to who can or cannot benefit. 

    Thanks again, and all the best,


  10. Hello Minhaj

    I think you’re fair in your assessment I have a shopping cart with my own product and fulfillment and I’ve been looking at dropshipping possibilities realizing that small ticket items with Amazon eBay and so forth is generally a waste of time for me.

    I will probably take the more expensive course one because I can afford it but also just his webinar opened up the possibilities I needed to expand my business in ways I hadn’t thought of.

    I would suggest everyone take his webinar it will come with his more expensive offers but that doesn’t mean you have to sign up and I believe you will learn a lot again just from his webinar that is free.

    That being said I think you offer a lot of good advice here and our Fair to some degree in your assessment, however all the things he’s offering are a fair value support system. I find myself a bit skeptical for free or cheap programs that may leave a lot of very important aspects to building a business such as this and that’s could lead to great disappointment

    If I do follow through and take this course I will come back and give you feedback on the results as to whether I was as successful as I hoped


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