Commission Machine Review

Hi and welcome to my review of The Commission Machine.

The Commission Machine is a product by Michael Cheney and is sold on the JVZOO network. It is actually one of the first products I purchased on the subject of making money online.

For anyone who is not familiar with Michael Cheney, he is a very successful internet marketer and makes a seven-figure income. He is one of JVZOO’s top affiliates and vendors and has some of the top selling products on the JVZOO network.

The Commission Machine was released around a couple of years ago and is still a very popular product today.

However, popularity does not equate it being a good product and that is why you are here reading this review, to find out if the Commission Machine is a good product and if it will help you make money online.

Commission Machine Review

Before I get on with the actual review, I want to say a couple of things about the sales page of the Commission Machine.

The hype of the sales page plus the video testimonials and Mr Cheney showing of his PayPal balance made me believe this $20 product (at the time, now it is $47) would lead to my financial freedom.

And then you have the message below.

commission machine review 2019

Forcing people to make money whether they like it or not? Unfortunately, back then I was a newbie and believed anyone who told me that making money online was simple as copy and paste.

The unfortunate thing about this is that despite the exaggeration of the sales page and the get rich quick mentality it instils in people’s minds, the Commission Machine is actually not a bad product.

It’s a shame that Mr Cheney has to make ridiculous claims to sell this product and the hyped-up claims of the sales page are probably the main reason it has such a high refund rate on JVZOO.

So, what is inside the Commission Machine members area?

Before you can access any of the material you paid for, you will be invited to attend an orientation call that will provide even more training. However, it’s really a recorded webinar (not live as it claims) where Michael will pitch you a high ticket coaching program.

When I first purchased this, I did attend the webinar, back then it wasn’t Michael who was hosting it, but someone named Dean Holland.

It wasn’t a training webinar but more of a sales pitch for Mr Hollands high ticket program.

I have known for some time that Michael had moved on from promoting Mr Hollands program and created his own high ticket offer and uses an evergreen webinar to sell this program.

This is called this 7-Figure Franchise and it comes with a hefty price tag, it basically gives you a license to sell every single product that Michael Cheney has developed and comes with the opportunity to earn 100% commission on all front-end sales and 50% if you manage to sell the 7-Figure Franchise.

If you ever buy the Commission Machine I suggest you avoid purchasing this high ticket offer.

Unless, of course, you have a couple of thousand dollars to spare, I would still advise you to spend your money on something that is useful and not on something that tells you that making money online is easy.

So, what about the actual contents of The Commission Machine and what is it about?

Commission Machine Training

Basically, you get access to 7 training videos from Michael Cheney where he shows you how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

The videos are pretty decent and most of them are just over 20 minutes long, they cover the following modules;

Research – How to find affiliate products to promote, he focuses on products in the internet marketing niche because it is lucrative. He suggests using the JVZOO affiliate network to find products to promote. Although JVZOO is a legitimate network and there are good products you can promote, there are also a lot of junk products that do not deliver. He doesn’t go in detail on how to avoid the bad products but suggests if it has sold a lot, you should think about promoting it. The problem with this approach is that there are a lot of bad products that have sold really well on the JVZOO network

Angle – How to sell the product to your audience, this is a good video and I enjoyed it a lot.

Providing Incentives – How to get your audience to buy from you, topics covered include providing bonuses, scarcity tactics, offering discounts.

Messages – This expands more on module two, Michael shows you examples of email messages he sends and the stories he tells to get his audience to buy from him. This is another video I enjoyed, storytelling is a very effective marketing tactic and Mr Cheney is a master storyteller.

Deploy – This module is all about how and when to send you email messages. I thought this module would cover how to set up your autoresponder, but it doesn’t, which was disappointing especially from a newbie point of view

No List Method – If you do not have a list or access to an autoresponder to build a list, this module shows you a couple of ways to promote affiliate offers through Facebook.

Advanced tactics – A couple of methods are revealed that should increase your affiliate earnings.

Most of the stuff he teaches is good and you can pick up some golden nuggets especially on the video about how storytelling is a good way to sell products.

Michael Cheney is an email marketer and a very good one, obviously what he does works, and this is what he teaches.

However, his methods may not be suitable for everyone, I know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable following his affiliate marketing tactics.

If you are on My Cheney’s email list, you know that he sends email messages often and they are always promotional messages. He is always selling something and its very in your face kind of marketing, I used to be on his list but unsubscribed after while because it just felt spammy.

Is Commission Machine suitable for everyone? Nope and I wouldn’t advise it for absolute beginners.

There is nothing on how to set up your autoresponder or create landing pages, everything a newbie would be unfamiliar with and will need some guidance on.

Will you be earning over $2000 a day by just copying his methods? No way, that is the type of over the top claims that give this industry a bad name.


There a couple of upsells with this product.

The first is a done for you system which costs a one-time fee of $97. You get access to 7 done for you affiliate promotions. There are email swipes and bonuses you can use as your own to help you build your email list.

The second is a product called Commissionology, this is a monthly membership in which you get access to Michael Cheney’s entire catalogue of affiliate promotions and any new promotions he does. This costs $27 pm.

Final Thoughts

The Commission Machine is a decent product that can be useful to affiliate marketers who have some experience with email marketing.

As for newbies, I would never recommend this product as most of what he teaches will fly over your head. I speak from experience as I purchased this a couple year back thinking it was the solution to my financial freedom (I actually believed the hype of the sales age and thought everything would be copy and paste easy!!).

I recently started viewing the videos again and found some of them very useful, especially the video on storytelling. However, I only found them useful because I had a good grasp of what affiliate marketing was and how it works.

The training modules never delve into this and if you haven’t got a good grasp of affiliate marketing, this product will confuse you even further.

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  1. Wow great name, and I like that the page is very different than other WA posts which all look the same. Pay to play scam, so true. Any recommendation for where you would go for other affiliate product ( I actually do internet marketing too.) WA is great but they don’t go products besides their program and Jaxxy… but ether way loved the post.


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