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10 ways to get traffic from Twitter

With over 320 million monthly visitors, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms, it’s known as a micro-blogging site and despite its limited capabilities, it still continues to grow. With so many active users, it’s a huge source of potential traffic and leads for your website and business. Lots of people are still mystified by twitters purpose, they see no use for a platform that wants you to convey your message in less than 140 characters. Twitter is made for mobile and hence the reason the majority of tweeting activity is done via smartphones. This also makes...

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24 Ways to Increase your website traffic

This article will show you the best tutorials to explode your website traffic. What is one of the biggest headaches for those running an online business? Generating traffic!! Yes, you can write brilliant content, create stunning infographics and have written a brilliant ebook, but if you cannot generate targeted traffic, the only people consuming your work is you, a few family members you have guilt tripped into visiting your site and may be your pet dog that sits you with all day in front of your computer. Luckily there are endless tutorials on the web that show you how...

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