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AliDropship Review – A Fantastic eCommerce Plugin

Owner – Yaroslav Nevsky Legit – Yes Recommended – Yes Rating – 90/100 Website – AliDropship Welcome to my review of the Alidropship plugin, I had seen a few Facebook ads about this plugin and how it could help people start a dropshipping business. As many of you may know, before I started affiliate marketing,I dabbled in eCommerce. It was a failure and I moved on, but I have always wanted to have another go at starting an eCommerce business and hence why I keep on researching possible opportunities. The Alidropship plugin is used to create dropshipping eCommerce stores,dropshipping...

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Same Day Ecom Profits Review

Product – Same Day Ecom Profits Owner – Jani G Legit – Yes Recommended – Yes Rating – 65/100 Website – Same Day Ecom Profits Welcome to my review of Same Day Ecom Profits, sounds like a get rich quick scheme, right? I was sceptical about buying this product with its overblown claims and the fact that the person behind this product is not an ecommerce expert. However,upon further inspection, I saw that it sold really well on Warrior Plus and had a low refund rate. So, despite reservations about the claims made on the sales page, I went ahead and purchased it. Now,some of you may or may not know,but I originally got interested in making money online through ecommerce. I dabbled in retail arbitrage through Amazon FBA but that was a huge failure. So, I focused more on affiliate marketing as a way to build an online business without breaking the bank. However,it has always been my intention to have another crack at ecommerce and hence I am always looking for training programmes or courses that could help me later on. Start Your Own Drop Shipping Business with Up to 2000% Profit So without further delay, let’s get on with this review of Same Day Ecom Profits. Before I go on with the actual review, I should tell you about the upsells and that this product is actually part of a long sales...

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Viral Autobots Review

Product – Viral Autobots Owner – Luke Maguire Recommended – Maybe Price – $29/$39/$49 Website – Hi all, today I will be reviewing a piece of software called Viral Autoboots,it claims to find for you facebook content with high engagement that you can use for your own fan page. Viral autoboots is the product of a well-known  internet marketer by the name of Luke Maguire. It has actually been on the market for a couple of years and I came upon it by chance,I was looking for products on the JVZOO network that could help me increase my website traffic...

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Serpstat Review – Affordable SEO Tool

Hi and welcome to my review of Serpstat, an all-in-one SEO research tool that comes with advanced features at a very affordable price Finding a all-in one SEO research tool that is affordable has been near impossible, most of the major SEO tools like Ahrefs,MOZ and SEMrush start around $70 pm.I had given up finding a decent SEO tool at an affordable price until I came across Serpstat. In this review of Serpstat, you will see how it stacks up against the big players and why you must have it if you do any type of SEO,PPC advertising and...

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Traffic Titan 2.0 Review

Product – Traffic Titan 2.0 Owners – Chris ‘x’ and Ken Price – $9.95 Rating – 85/100 Recommended? – Yes Website – Hi all, welcome to my review of Traffic titan 2. Traffic titan is a software and training product that claims to teach you how to get tons free traffic to your affiliate offers and make shed loads of money at the same time. It comes with 7 software tools that will help you find affiliate offers, get traffic and make money. Does it work? Well, that’s what you will find out in this review. Before I...

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