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10 Ways to Monetise Your Website

The web has given us so many benefits (and it has its disadvantages but that is for another discussion), one of them being able building your own online business by creating websites and monetising them through various ways. Making money from websites isn’t hard but it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and dedication but the benefits are immense. So even if you do not see success straight away, do not give up, keep working at it and try different methods of monetisation and see what works. One of the reasons people fail at making money with a website...

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Store Coach Review

Product – Storecoach Owner – Hermansen Brothers Legit – Yes Recommended – Yes Rating – 92/100 Website – Store coach Hi, and welcome to my review of Store Coach, this will be an honest and unbiased review and hopefully by the end of the review, you will have a better picture of whether or not Store Coach is suitable for you. One of the best ways to start an online business is through eCommerce. With the rise in popularity of online shopping, running an eCommerce store can be very profitable. Unfortunately, this also means there are unscrupulous marketers who have...

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Terapeak review

Product – Terapeak Category – Ecommerce research Recommended – Yes Website – Terapeak Rating – 90/100 Terapeak is a web based software that allows ecommerce business owners who sell primarily on eBay, Shopify or Amazon to carry out comprehensive market research that can accelerate their growth and increase revenue. The software provides tools to research product popularity, competitor analysis, listing optimisation, historical sales data, spotting new sales trends and other metrics. Access to this type of data will provide a competitive edge over other sellers using the same ecommerce platforms. I first got introduced to Terapeak when I started researching...

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How to generate ideas for a eCommerce business

Ecommerce was the first business model I researched quite extensively when I started thinking about running an online business. My focus was especially on Amazon and their FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) programme. With the FBA programme a lot of the work is done by Amazon,plus listing your products on their platform means a tremendous amount of traffic. Utilising Amazons selling platform is one of the best ways to start an eCommerce business. It isn’t just on Amazon that people are having massive success, e-commerce platforms such as eBay,Shopify and others are giving ordinary people the tools to succeed online...

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Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

The internet has provided people with near limitless sources of knowledge, you can learn anything online. From making tiny houses to learning how to code, the subjects are endless. It has also opened new opportunities for people to make some money and often a lot of money. Unfortunately, because of its unregulated nature, the internet has also become the home of outright scammers and unethical business practices. There are also unethical internet marketers who promote and call every money-making scheme 100% legitimate and bombard their visitors/subscribers with offer after offer. If you call them out on it, you become...

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