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Hey guys and welcome to this review of BuyBot Pro, if you sell on Amazon via arbitrage deals or are thinking of doing so, BuyBot Pro may be able to speed up the process of finding profitable arbitrage deals.

Reselling products on Amazon can be a very profitable business model, I have seen a lot of people have success with it and some are making 6 figure sums just through arbitrage deals.

It’s a simple business model but it does take a lot of time and effort and it is hard work, I used to sell on Amazon via the arbitrage business model and I have to say, it is not easy.

However, if you have access to a service or tool that will help you analyse and source profitable deals, running an Amazon arbitrage business can be made much easier.

BuyBot Pro is not a sourcing tool for Amazon arbitrage sellers but a deal analysis tool, it will provide a lot of data points that will tell you whether an item is worth reselling on Amazon.

However, it does allow you to manually source products from multiple marketplaces. It’s not as powerful or efficient as tools like Tactical Arbitrage or Zen Arbitrage but the feature is there if you like to manually source products yourself.

BuyBot Pro Features

So, BuyBot Pro is a Chrome Extension that works on any Amazon product page, for example, if you find a product that is on sale on another online retail store, you just enter the buy price and it will analyse the deal and provide you with a lot of data points.

The app will give you easy to understand data that will allow you to quickly analyse if a product is worth purchasing to resell on Amazon.

How does BuyBot Pro work? Its very simple, you just enter the price of a product and BuyBot Pro will automatically calculate hundreds of data points and tell you the following:

  • Item category
  • Item details, size, weight, if Amazon is selling the product and if they have the buy box.
  • The items Amazon sales rank, the lower the number, the more likely it will sell fast
  • If you are eligible to sell the item
  • If are you at risk of intellectual property violation – a really good feature that will minimise the risks of getting your Amazon account shut down.
  • If the product contains dangerous materials/ingredients – products that are labelled as hazmat are usually gated and you will have to apply and get permission to sell them. This information will save you from purchasing products that you do not have permission to sell.
  • Suggested purchase quantity – this is another useful data point, the app will suggest how many of the items you should consider buying. It calculates this by taking into consideration your budget, the sales rank, competition and other factors.
  • BuyBot Pro score – This is the number that you will tell you everything you need to know about a deal, its colour coded, so anything in green means it’s a good deal and will be profitable to resell on Amazon. Just by quickly glancing at this score may save you time and money, if it’s red, you avoid it and save yourself from buying a money-losing product and if its green, you know it has potential and you can do some further research.
  • Profit & ROI calculator – See how much you will be making after all Amazon fees have been deducted.
  • Estimated sales calculator – This is another helpful feature that will provide you with estimated sales data for the product you are researching. It will give you a yearly sales estimate and a monthly sales estimate and if it has enough data, it will also provide a projection of what the sales will be like for the next 3 months (90 days).
  • Competitor analysis – You can see how many other sellers there are for this product and even analyse get an idea of their stock levels, no. of customer reviews and the price, they are selling the product for.
  • Manual sourcing – This feature is a recent addition, as I said earlier in this review, BuyBot Pro is not strictly a sourcing application, but it can be used to manually source products online. It is simple to use, however, I am not a huge fan of manual sourcing, so it’s not something I would use.
  • VA Toolbox – If you are too busy to manually source products with BuyBot Pro, this tool may come in handy. You can create sub-accounts for your employees or virtual assistants (VA) and allow them to source deals for you. The app will keep track of their work and you will be able to see how many deals they have sourced for you and how long it took. However, I think if you are too busy to manually source products it best to use a professional service that will do it for you instead of having to hire staff and train them up. Unless of course, you have the budget for it, then it may be a good idea.
  • Mobile app – This another recent addition to their feature list, if you are someone who likes shopping around retail stores for arbitrage deals, then the BuyBot Pro mobile app will be of great use to you. It works just like the Chrome extension and provides the same data, all you have to do is scan any product barcode and the app will tell you whether it’s a good item to sell on Amazon. Currently, it’s on beta testing and its only available for Android devices, however, they do plan on releasing an iOS version soon.

BuyBot Pro Pricing Plans

There are two pricing plans for BuyBot Pro, the only difference between the two is the more expensive plan includes a service called suspension safeguard. This is a service that is provided by another company and they basically will help you to get your Amazon account back if it ever gets banned.

UK prices £24.95pm or 34.95pm (with suspension safeguard) or you can pay yearly and save money on either plan. The same is offered for US customers as well.

BuyBot Pro – Final Thoughts

This looks like a pretty good application, if you enjoy manually sourcing Amazon arbitrage deals, BuyBot Pro is a must-have tool. Now, with the mobile app, you can easily analyse arbitrage deals on the go. I am not a huge fan of manually sourcing arbitrage deals and that is why I recommend either Tactical Arbitrage or Zen Arbitrage for people who want source deals faster from the comfort of their homes. However, I understand there are people who would much rather analyse deals more closely and an app like BuyBot Pro will be useful if for this purpose.

Overall Rating

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