Bingify Review

Hi and welcome to my review of Bingify, a strange name isn’t it?? So what is Bingify? You may have guessed from the name that is a product to do with Bing Ads. More specifically it teaches you how to run Bing ads for CPA offers. 

Bingify is the product of one Marcus C and Rishy. What really intrigued me about this offer was the fact that they teach you how to promote CPA offers by direct linking.

Usually what experienced marketers teach is to build your own landing page, collect leads and then promote affiliate offers.

As usual, the sales page made some hyped up income claims and how quickly you can start seeing results. Apparently, I could make $2000 a month and get a whopping 120% ROI!!! Some serious claims but I have come to the realisation that the internet marketing industry is full of over the top claims and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

This may be a sad indictment of the IM industry but I have more or less accepted the fact that the claims made on sales pages will never be met, especially those in the make money online niche.

But Bingify did intrigue me, primarily because I wanted to see how I could get cheap clicks from Bing Ads by direct linking to affiliate offers and this what they claimed they would show.

So without any further delay lets get on with this Bingify review.

Bingify Review

bingify review

Bingify is a video tutorial course that shows you how to research and promote CPA offers on the Bing advertising platform. Why Bing? Because they are affiliate friendly, what I mean by this is that you can directly link affiliate offers,which is not the case with Google. Plus, with Bing ads its still possible to get super cheap clicks

The Upsells

Like all the products from Warrior Plus affiliate network,there are a few upsells,I didn’t purchase any of the upsells.

First Upsell – The Done For You Campaign $27/$17 (Downsell)

They give you 5 of their best CPA campaigns,with keywords and ad copies.

Second Upsell – Bingify Platinum Package $37/$17 (Downsell)

Goes into more advanced concepts in CPA marketing,basically more tutorials than the front end offer. Plus they chuck in keyword optimisation software,which will apparently optimise your Bing ad keywords for better conversion. Gave this a miss as well.

Third Upsell – $67/$47 (Downsell)

A software that will scrape ad copies of your competitors and suggest long tail keywords for advertising campaigns.


Just as Upsells are part and parcel of the IM industry, giving useless bonuses is also part of the game.

With Bingify you will get 5 bonus products,ones is a very basic keyword research tool and the rest are PLR products.

Bingify Training

The actual training consists of 4 modules,each module has no more than 3 videos ranging in length between 3 to16 minutes.

First Module – Niche Selection

This is a 16-minute video that covers how to do niche research with Bing Campaign planner. This is a petty informative video and I did learn a few things.

 What Bing campaign planner did was to show you the trends in any niche,keyword volume and even where most of the searches were being made.

By analysing these trends you have a pretty indication if the niche you selected is worth going after or not.

Unfortunately, just before Bingify was released Bing discontinued the campaign planner.

Much to his credit,Rishy, did mention that Bing would be scrapping this tool and said that Google trends could be used in a similar fashion.

However because training is focussed around Bing and the data the campaign planner provides,using Google trends as an alternative will not be as effective plus you will get no search volume data or any other metrics that the campaign planner provided.

I still think you can learn a few things from this module and use the methods shown with similar tools. For example if you could use the methods shown with Google AdWords.

Second Module – Why Bing Ads?

There are two videos in this module,the first one goes over the benefits of advertising on Bing over Google especially for affiliate marketers.

Since Google doesn’t let you advertise with direct linking to affiliate offers and Bing does,Bing is the more obvious choice to advertise with. You also get cheaper traffic with Bing

The second video is about understanding the key metrics in PPC advertising and how they can help you run successful campaigns.

These are the 6 metrics the video goes over;

  1. CPC
  2. CTR
  3. Impression
  4. Quality Score
  5. Ad Position
  6. Bids

Having a solid understanding of each will help you avoid making costly mistakes and get a better return on investment in your campaigns.

Third Module – Keyword Research

There are two videos in this module,the first video walks you through how to do keyword research and analysing on your competitor’s ad copies.

The second video was probably the most informative out of all the video in this training. It goes in depth about keyword match types and how to choose what keywords you want to bid for.

Before it was mentioned in this video, I had no idea about keyword match types and its importance in running a successful PPC campaign.

Explaining keyword match types is proving a bit difficult for me,I wrote a few lines and even I couldn’t make head and tail of what I wrote,so if you want a thorough explanation,read this article from WordStream.

Suffice to say this video was an eye-opener and will definitely help in my future PPC campaigns.

Fourth Module – Campaign Setup

In the final module there are four videos,two videos shows you how to setup an advertising campaign in Bing.I found these videos helpful as it was a good insight into watching a successful affiliate marketer setting up a PPC campaign right in front of you.

The third video is about optimising your ads by eliminating bad keywords and improving ad copy.

The fourth video is a summary of the whole training and highlights what you need to concentrate on most.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is a decent product with some good tips on how to find and promote CPA offers on Bing. Don’t believe the sales page claims about making hundreds just by following the tutorials,that will never happen unless you are an experienced CPA marketer in which case this product will not be very useful.

Also, keep in kind mind that Maxbounty  (The CPA network that is recommended in the training )requires a telephone interview to be accepted.

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