Best Dropshipping Products For 2020

In this article I will reveal to you the best dropshipping products for 2020 

Dropshipping is one of the most popular ways to start an online business because of two primary reasons, it doesn’t cost much to start, and it is simple to run.

However, one of the toughest parts to starting a dropshipping business is finding a profitable product to sell. So, for this article, I have personally researched hundreds of products through a variety of methods to give you the 19 best dropshipping products for 2020

Now, to find the best dropshipping products you will have to know what the best dropshipping niches are. Although I do not have access to the data to determine this, the people over at Oberlo carried have out an extensive data analysis for which niches are best for dropshipping.

You can find the article here and I highly recommend you read it as it may give you more ideas on the type of products to sell

So, their data suggested that the following niches do best when it comes to dropshipping

Women’s clothing and accessories

Home & Garden

Healthy and Beauty

Men’s Clothing & Accessories

I have been in this industry a while and I have a good grasp of what to look out for when it comes to product selection.

So, using the above niche list as a guide, I came up with a list of 19 best dropshipping products that I believe are perfect to start a dropshipping business with.

Included in the list are the following data;

Google trend analysis

Search volume for the product

Wholesale price and suggested selling price

Best suppliers on AliExpress to source the products from

I used a variety of tools to gather this data, including several keyword research tools and product hunting tools, these include the following;

19 Best Dropshipping Products For 2020

Women’s Clothes & Accessories

1.Maxi Dress

These are hugely popular clothing items, especially during the hotter months, they come in many different sizes and are comfortable to wear.  Google trends show it has solid interest all year round.

Keyword Search Volume

Serpstat – 49400

Ubersuggest – 201,000

Jaaxy – 4728

Suggested retail price – $30

Wholesale price on AliExpress – $12.59

Best AliExpress suppliers




Suggested keywords to target for SEO

Cheap Maxi dresses

Green maxi dresses

Long sleeve maxi dresses

2.Women’s Blazer

As you can from the Google trends graph, women’s blazer is a steady product that has solid interest all year round. According to the sales data from Aliexpress, the countries with the most transactions are the USA, Russia and France. So, these will be the best countries to target for any advertising campaigns you may run.

Keyword search volume

Serpstat -22,200

Ubersuggest – 60,500

Jaaxy – 5878

Suggested retail price – $60

Wholesale Price – $23

Best AliExpress suppliers

Stylish Shero

Top Star Fashion

Vadim Official Store

Suggest keywords for SEO

Navy blue blazers for women

Royal Blue blazers for women

Women’s casual blazer

3.Cotton Legging

Cotton is probably the most used fabric for clothing, they are comfortable to wear both in the summer and winter and they come with many other great benefits. It’s not surprising to see that cotton leggings are a really popular item of clothing and the Google trends confirm this. They are popular all over the world.

It doesn’t have a huge search volume but it’s still enough for people to advertise for it.

Serpstat – 2900

Ubersuggest – 5400

Jaaxy – 70

Suggested retail price – $12

Wholesale price – $4.49

Best AliExpress suppliers

La Chilly Official Store

InitialDream Official Store

Barathrum Store

Suggested keywords for SEO

Organic cotton leggings for women

Best cotton leggings for women

Plus size cotton leggings

4.Winter Hats For Women

Now, as you may suspect, this is a seasonal item of clothing, however, as you will be operating your eCommerce business worldwide, its steady product to sell all year round. Hats have always been a fashion trend and hats catering to those living in cold weathers is a good niche to target.

Search volume

Serpstat – 8100

Ubersuggest – 18100

Jaaxy – 7290

Suggested retail price – $25

Wholesale price – $4.99

Best AliExpress suppliers

UrgentMan Official store

Sagafur Official store

Xthree Official Store

Suggested keywords for SEO

Women’s winter hats with ear flaps

Ladies winter hats for short hair

Winter woolly hats

5.Women’s Fanny Pack

Yup, Fanny packs are back in fashion for both women and men ( thanks to Dwayne Johnson )and looking from the Google trends graph it seems to have held steady over the past couple of years. They serve a practical purpose and you can target people from all walks of life. They are especially popular in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Search Volume for Fanny Packs are substantial

Serpstat – 110,000

Ubersuggest – 368,000

Jaaxy – 3436

Suggested Retail Price $12.99

Wholesale price $2.99

Best AliExpress suppliers

Hengreda Bags Store

TINYAT Official Store

CROWDALE Official Store

Suggested keywords for SEO

Best fanny pack for travel

Best waterproof fanny pack

Best anti-theft fanny pack

By the way, Fanny packs are also known as belt bags and waist packs, so you interchange between these terms for more search engine traffic.

6.Women’s Wallet

Also known as a purse but the term ‘Women’s wallet’ gets more search engine traffic, so I used it as the title. This is an evergreen product and as Google trend shows, it has a steady level of interest all year round and peaks around the holiday season which means its a popular gift idea.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 4400

Ubersuggest – 74,000

Jaaxy – 6407

Suggested retail price – $16.99

Wholesale price – $4.26

Best AliExpress suppliers

Package Life Store

Sendefn Official Store

Designer Wallet Store

Suggested Keywords for SEO

Best Women’s wallet

Women’s wallet with RFID

Vegan travel wallet

Men’s Clothing & Accessories

7.Touch Screen Gloves

I didn’t know these even existed, I have always been frustrated when winter comes around and your outside, it’s cold, the phone rings and you must take your gloves off just to answer it. Luckily, that is not the case any longer with these stylish looking winter gloves, they allow you to fully operate your phone and keep your hands warm. The Google trends graph does indicate that this is a seasonal item, however, it can be all year seller if you target countries in their winter seasons.

Search volume

Serpstat – 1900

Ubersuggest -4400

Jaaxy – 471

Suggested retail price – $10.99

Wholesale price – $1.97

Best AliExpress suppliers

RDF Tech Outdoor Store

VICTGOAL Sporting Store

Fitness Factory Store

Suggested keywords for SEO

Best touch screen gloves

Mens touch screen gloves

8.Golf Pants

Golf is a huge niche and is played throughout the year, people will always be interested in purchasing golf items and men’s golf trousers are always in demand. There are many different types of men’s golf trousers and sport is very popular in many countries, so you have a lot of targeting options for advertising campaigns. Google trends show that the search is more or less steady with various peaks throughout the year.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 12100

Ubersuggest – 18100

Jaaxy – 4010

Suggested retail price – $60

Wholesale price $18


I couldn’t find any good suppliers on AliExpress but did find a couple of good ones on eBay that sells brands like Nike and Golf for relatively cheap prices.

Nike Golf Pants

Adidas Golf Pants

Keywords for SEO

Men’s golf pants

Men’s plaid golf pants

Funky golf trousers

9.Mens Cufflinks

Cufflinks have always been a popular gift item and they come in many shapes and sizes. One reason they are a popular gift item is that you can customise them and make them unique. Google trends show a steady interest that peaks around the holiday season.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 1900

Ubersuggest – 6600

Jaaxy – 455

Suggested retail price – $15.99

Wholesale Price $1.79

Best Aliexpress suppliers

ZOSHI Official Store

DY Cufflinks Store

Qi Qi Wu Official Store

Keywords for SEO

Men’s cufflinks

Mens customised cufflinks

Best man cufflinks


Bowties is an evergreen product and will always be in demand, according to Google trends it has a solid interest all year round. There are many different types of bowties and they make a good gift idea for special occasions.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 27100

Ubersuggest -49500

Jaaxy – 3229

Suggested retail price – $14.99

Wholesale price – $1.99

AliExpress suppliers

XGVOKH Bowtie Necktie Store

Fashion Tao

Mahoosive Official Store

Keywords for SEO

Self-tie bowties

Custom bow ties

Cheap bow ties

11.Personalised jumpers

This item is popular for both men and women, people always feel special when an item is specifically made for them and jumpers will always be in demand, especially in colder climates. According to Google trends personalised or customised items are not very popular all year round, however, interest in them peaks around Christmas time and I believe they will make a great gift for special occasions like birthdays, mothers and Father’s Day, special anniversaries etc.

Search Volume

Jaaxy – 224

Ubersuggest – 90

Serpstat – 90

There is a lot of good print on demand companies, I have personally reviewed a few on this website. For personalised clothing items, I highly recommend the following companies;



Keywords for SEO

Personalised Christmas jumpers

Cheap personalised jumpers

Personalised knitted jumpers

Home and Garden

12.Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers are always in demand and the good thing is, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are also different types of soap dispensers from manual pump action dispensers to automatic ones that dispense liquid soap through heat sensors. They also make a good gift idea for special occasions like weddings, moving into a new house and anniversaries. Google trends show a solid interest in this product all year round and the search volume is high.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 2400

Ubersuggest – 5400

Jaaxy – 463

Suggested retail price – $19.99

Wholesale price – $8.88

AliExpress Suppliers

Awesome Home Appliance Store

SVAVO Official Store

Gelin Sanitary Ware Store

Keywords for SEO

Unique kitchen soap dispensers

Stainless steel kitchen soap dispenser

Decorative kitchen soap dispensers

13.Kitchen Dispenser

A very handy kitchen accessory that mounts on the wall and saves space with its 3-in-1 tools. It comes with an easy to use and safe cling film and foil cutter and also a kitchen tissue holder. Google trends show it has a solid interest all year round.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 90

Ubersuggest – 140

Jaaxy – 64

14.Garden Weeder

A very handy tool to have around when garden weeds start to get out of control, this is a seasonal item, so its best to sell these during the summertime. Google trends show a steady interest that peaks during June, July and August.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 140

Ubersuggest – 390

Jaaxy – 103

Suggested retail price – $12.99

Wholesale price – $4.99

AliExpress Suppliers


Good Friend & Department Store


Keywords for SEO

Long-handled garden weeder

Electric garden weeder

Best garden weeders

15.Drain blaster

Don’t you hate it when your drain gets clogged and you have to use strong chemicals to unblock them? Luckily, there are tools like the drain blaster, that will easily get the job done without having to use strong chemicals. This is a fantastic drop shipping item as it is lightweight and always in demand.

Search volume

Jaaxy – 185

Ubersuggest – 1000

Serpstat – 320

Suggested retail price – $22.99

Wholesale price – $9.93

AliExpress Suppliers

Warm Lifestyle Store

Creating Comfortable Home & Garden Store

Keywords for SEO

High-pressure air drain blaster

Air powered drain blaster

Heavy duty drain blaster

Health and Beauty

16.Massage Slippers

These massage slippers are for people who may be experiencing the early onsets of arthritis, plantar fasciitis and any other type of muscle problem around the foot area. It helps by allowing better blood flow throughout the pain area and bringing soothing relief.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 390

Ubersuggest – 1000

Jaaxy – 132

Suggested retail price – $24.99

Wholesale price $7.69

AliExpress Suppliers

Four Season World Store


Keywords for SEO

Best massage slippers

Massage slippers benefits

17.Laser Hair Comb

We all have to eventually deal with hair loss and while a lot us will not care, there are many that do and will look for ways to grow their hair back. It’s a booming industry and while many will not have the means for expensive laser treatment, there are other alternatives. One is the laser hair comb, this product uses infrared technology to help reverse the hair loss process and also thickens hair at the same time.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 720

Ubersuggest – 720

Jaaxy – 346

Suggested retail price – $19.99

Wholesale price – $8.57

AliExpress Suppliers 

Hailicare Official Store

Keywords for SEO

Laser hair comb reviews

Best laser hair comb

Do laser hair combs work

18.Shiatsu Back Massager

Untie those knots in your back and relax those muscles with a portable shiatsu back and neck massager. This deep tissue massager will get the blood flowing through infrared heating and relieve any pain in your back and neck. They are lightweight and portable which means you can get a massage wherever you may be. A really good product to dropship especially through Facebook ads where you can really drill down into your target audience.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 6600

Ubersuggest – 1900

Jaaxy – 327

Suggested retail price – $49.99

Wholesale price $29.99

AliExpress Suppliers

Healthy Life

ColourfulCat Massager Store

Electric Massage Factory Store

Keywords for SEO

Best shiatsu back massager

Electronic shiatsu back massager

Shiatsu neck massager

19.Facial Steamer

Facial steamers are gaining in popularity and you can see why, they provide a natural way to cleanse your skin, getting rid of oil, dirt, grease, makeup while also unclogging pores, making your face feel fresh and revitalised.

Search Volume

Serpstat – 1300

Ubersuggest – 1900

Jaaxy – 3714

Suggested retail price -$39.99

Wholesale price – $19.99

AliExpress Suppliers

Feecy Canton Store

Keywords for SEO

Best facial steamers

Portable facial steamer

Cheap facial steamer

Final Thoughts

So that is my list of the best dropshipping products for 2020, its not a long list but the data points are valuable and will help you decide if the products are worth sellling or not.

I hope this list helps you choose a product to sell for your drop shipping business, I know how hard it is to start an online business, especially in eCommerce where finding a profitable product has a huge impact on whether your store is a success or not. This is why I researched product ideas and came up with this list, to give you an idea of what kind of products to look out for.

Now, it is up to you, you can take any of these products and test them out with Facebook and Google ads and see if they convert or you can take some of the products I have suggested and use them to find your own.

Make use of the free tools I have suggested and take action with the information.

However, if you want a tool that will help you identify winning products, I highly recommend eComhunt or SaleHoo Labs, both are very useful tools that will help you find profitable products to sell online.

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