I started an Amazon FBA business through retail arbitrage, it wasn’t very successful, mostly because I honestly believe I gave up too easily, I only sold on the platform for around 6 months before I jumped on to something else ( MLM, which was an even bigger disaster). However, I have plans to start another Amazon FBA business and so I have always kept an eye out for the best Amazon FBA courses.

There are a huge number of Amazon FBA courses, but which one is the best or the best value for money? Honestly, I really don’t think there is a best Amazon FBA course. The ones I have listed below are very well-known and all have hundreds if not thousands of success stories. Which one is suitable for your needs will really depend on your budget as all of them are quite expensive.

Selling on Amazon is one of the best ways to start an eCommerce business, why? Two main reasons, firstly because of the Amazon brand, it’s the biggest online retailer and is trusted by everyone and the second reason, there are millions of people already shopping on the platform, so you already have a huge source of traffic.

The problem is knowing what to sell and how to start selling successfully on Amazon. Hence, the reason for the following list of the best Amazon FBA course.

Best Amazon FBA Courses

#1.Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course

Best Amazon FBA Courses

I have decided to put Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course first because it is the longest-running course teaching people how to start selling on Amazon and it is by far the cheapest costing only $499, which seems like a bargain when you see the other Amazon course prices.

Jim is a successful Amazon seller and many of his students have many top-selling products on Amazon including the no.1 top-selling toy on Amazon.com. His course covers everything aspect of selling Amazon whether it’s through retail arbitrage or private labelling. It’s updated constantly and the support is great, you will also get access to his 50,000 member Facebook group where you will be able to network with other successful Amazon sellers. This is probably the best value Amazon FBA course.

#2.Amazon Sharks By Andrew Minalto

Best Amazon FBA Courses

Andrew has been an eCommerce entrepreneur for nearly two decades, he had a very successful eBay business but quit that platform for various reasons and started an Amazon FBA business concentrating selling mainly on Amazon UK and Europe. Suffice to say he has been very successful and has even journeyed his progress on his blog.

Not many people are aware of his Amazon Sharks program probably because unlike most of the other courses, he takes on a certain number of students at the start of each month. This is so that he can provide better support to his students and follow their progress, you can’t really do this if the course is always open and taking in new students.

The Amazon Sharks FBA course concentrates teaching people how to start an Amazon business selling on the UK and European platforms. It’s a comprehensive course that consists of over 10 modules and 20+ hours of video tutorials. It costs £990, however, you can get started for £99 and pay the remainder of the balance later on.

In the short time the course has been running, he has had hundreds of success stories which is amazing because of the limited number of students he lets in each month. If you want to start an Amazon FBA business in the UK and European platforms, this is the course for you.

#3. Ecommerce Empire By Will Mitchell

Best Amazon FBA Courses

Will’s blog, Startupbros, was one of the first sites I came across when searching for information on how to sell on Amazon. His blog is actually a great free resource for all things Amazon FBA. Will has been selling on Amazon since 2002 (wow) and has had his fair share of success and failures which you can read about on his blog.

One of his most comprehensive blog posts is about how he first started selling on both Amazon and eBay by importing products from China. So far this post has over 2500 comments and is a very good read with lots of valuable advice.

Will has a few courses but his main course is called eCommerce Empire and it’s all about how to start a successful Amazon FBA business. Established in 2014, the course has had over 6000 students many of whom have had amazing success stories. It is an ambitious course that aims to have its students up and running an Amazon business within 48 days and another 42 days to reach profitability.

According to the official website, the course has an 83% success rate, which is quite amazing. It’s a massive course that covers everything about Amazon FBA, Will has a full-time staff so support is amazing. One thing that differentiates Will from other Amazon sellers is that he shows you what he is selling on for his own Amazon business and how much he is making in monthly sales, which is around 1 million at the moment.

The course costs $1997 or you can pay in 5-instalments of $497 which comes to a total of $2485. You get lifetime access and all future updates are free. It’s a great course if you have the budget.

#4.Amazing Selling Machine

Best Amazon FBA Courses

If you have ever thought about starting an Amazon FBA business, you will most definitely have come across this course. The Amazing Selling Machine is one of the most well-known and expensive Amazon courses I have come across. The reason It’s so much more expensive than any other course is because of its lucrative affiliate program. Carry out a search for ‘Amazing Selling Machine Review’ and you will get a ton load of people promoting this course mainly because of its affiliate program. The course costs a whopping $4997 and affiliates get around $2900 of that, so you can see why it’s so popular.

I don’t see anything wrong with affiliates promoting this course, despite its astronomical cost, it is a good course, and this is proven by the hundreds of success stories, people have had with it. The Amazing Selling Machine is in its 11th iteration and they continue to add more training and tools to the program.

The program is the brainchild of Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark, both of whom are successful Amazon sellers. The course has other instructors and you also get to network with other successful Amazon sellers as well their own tools and resources.

The main course is an 8-week online web-class by the end of which you should have your own Amazon FBA business, you also get lifetime support and access to all the updates.

If you have the money, it may be worth it, but I personally consider the options I have already mentioned far more value for money. One thing I would advise you do is to download their free Chrome extension called Profit Miner this software will allow you to research what products are selling well on Amazon, its great tool and will help you identify potential products you can sell,

#5.The Amazon Bootcamp From The Selling Family

Best Amazon FBA Courses

This is a course from Jessica and Cliff who are a Husband and Wife team from the USA, they have many courses in regards to selling on Amazon but their main course is called the Amazon Bootcamp and unlike all the other programs I have mentioned, they only teach you how to sell on Amazon through retail arbitrage.

This is the business model I tried but failed at, retail arbitrage is basically finding cheap products on other marketplaces and then selling them on Amazon at a higher price. It’s not as profitable as selling your own products but can produce a job quitting income if done correctly.

The course consists of 14 modules and teaches you everything you need to start a successful Amazon FBA business through retail arbitrage. It includes everything from setting up your Amazon FBA account properly, evaluating products are worth selling and sourcing products from both online and offline retail stores.

The course costs $495 one-time fee and you can also pay by instalments. However, this course is only suitable for people living the USA and Canada, if you live anywhere else, they advise people to take the Proven Amazon Course, which is the first Amazon FBA course on this list.

#6.Jungle Scout FBA Academy

Best Amazon FBA Courses

Jungle Scout is the leading product research tool for the Amazon marketplace, every course I have listed will recommend you invest in this software. If you are serious about starting an Amazon business, this software is a must. The founder of this Amazing software, Greg Mercer, is also an 8-figure Amazon seller, so when it comes to selling on Amazon, who better to listen to than the person who has developed the leading software for Amazon product research.

Although there are a ton of free resources on how to start an Amazon business, they recently released the FBA Academy which is their comprehensive guide to starting an Amazon FBA business. However, it’s not a course you can purchase on its own, it comes free when you invest in the Jungle Scout software. Fortunately, Jungle Scout and its Chrome extension companion can be purchased for a monthly subscription, the cheapest of which starts at $39 pm. So you can get a taste of what they have to offer without having to spend hundreds of pounds on a course.

Final Thoughts

I have only listed six of the best Amazon FBA courses that I have personally read about, I realise there are way more, however, I do plan on updating this course the more I learn a bit more about the many Amazon courses that are on the marketplace.

I should also advise anyone looking to start an Amazon FBA business to exhaust all the free resources and there are many on the internet before they invest their hard-earned money on one of these courses.

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