Welcome to my Alidropship review, If you are looking to start a dropshipping business and want to know if Alidropship can help you,you have come to the right place.

Alidropship is a company that helps people start a dropshipping business through their fantastic WordPress plugin. Dropshipping is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to start an eCommerce business and with the right training and guidance, it can be very profitable.

The Alidropship plugin lets you create dropshipping stores on the WordPress platform, but that is not all that it does, it has many powerful features that will help in the day to day running of your eCommerce store.

AliExpress Dropshipping With AliDropship

A lot of eCommerce business’s that fulfil orders through dropshipping use AliExpress to find suppliers for their products.

For those who may not be aware of what AliExpress is, it is an eCommerce platform in which small to medium size businesses in China sell to international buyers, many of whom run eCommerce business’s themselves. AliExpress has expanded into other areas but eCommerce remains their core business model.

When starting an eCommerce business, one of the most time-consuming tasks is finding a reliable supplier who will dropship for you, fortunately, there is a pretty good solution to this problem

That solution is Aliexpress, with a huge database of verified suppliers and millions of products in their catalogue, you do not need to spend long nights behind your laptop and try and find reputable suppliers to source your products from.

The AliDropship WordPress plugin syncs with Aliexpress and makes finding and importing products into your store with the simple click of a button, and that is just one of the many features it comes with.

Other time-consuming problems that Alidropship solves are the following:

  • Import products easily
  • Fulfil orders quickly
  • Automatic customer order tracking
  • Automatic product data update
  • Inventory management

With the Alidropship plugin, all these tasks are automated, saving a ton of time and allowing you to concentrate more on marketing and advertising.

There are many other features which I will explain in detail further on in this review.

As you can see,Alidropship have developed a powerful plugin that can turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning dropshipping store in a matter of hours.

AliDropship Review

So, what exactly is AliDropship plugin? It is a powerful software that will help you build and run a dropshipping business with little hassle.

It comes with a ton of features that will automate a lot of tasks and help you run your dropshipping business more efficiently.

There are two variations of this plugin, a standalone plugin that comes with its own themes, and another version that is compatible with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce powers nearly 42% of all eCommerce stores and is the largest eCommerce platform with millions of stores using the plugin.

AliDropship has their own guidelines in choosing which plugin to install on your site.

If you already have a WooCommerce enabled eCommerce store and a have a solid understanding of how WooCommerce works,you should choose Alidropship WOO.

However,if you are just starting out and do not have much experience with WordPress or building any type of website,I would advise you to use the AliDropship plugin

As you can see from the image below,there are only a couple of differences between the two plugins but they are significant.

Alidropship only works with its built-in themes while Alidropship WOO works with all WooCommerce themes. Alidropship WOO is also compatible with all WooCommerce plugins while Alidropship is not.

I would personally go with Alidropship WOO because of its compatibility with WooCommerce and all the advantages that come with it.

Whichever one you choose,either of them will make your day to day running of your dropshipping business much easier.

There is one more option,you can get a custom made dropshipping store with everything done for you.

Think of it as a complete business in a box,from niche research to having your site designed and optimised for conversions. They will build the store for you and hand it over so that you can manage the day to day running for which you will be provided with some extensive training and support.

AliDropship Review – Features

Alidropship comes in two parts, a WordPress plugin and a Chrome extension.

The main function of the Chrome extension is to import products from Aliexpress into your store. You can also edit the product description and images and also set pricing rules.

The Chrome extension makes it easier to identify products with ePacket delivery, ePacket is the cheapest and fastest delivery method for small and lightweight items and is the delivery method used by most dropshippers.

However, you are not restricted just to one delivery method, the Chrome extension gives the option to choose from 12 other delivery method.

Some of them will take more time than ePacket whilst others will be faster, but I do advise you stick with ePacket and then once you have an established store and built a good relationship with your suppliers, you can look for more faster and efficient delivery solutions.

Watch the video below to see the Chrome extension in action.

These are some of the features that come with the Alidropship plugin;

  • Search and Import – Easily import your desired products from AliExpress,also allows you to apply a set of filters so that you can narrow down your product search and import the correct items.
  • Auto-Updating – Through API access,the plugin will keep the most up to date information regarding your products. So any changes that takes place in AliExpress will be shown automatically in your store.
  • Pricing Automation – Through a simple maths formula you can set the price of each item in your store,without having to manually go through each one separately. This is a feature that will save you lots of time and help you stay in profit
  • Automatically fulfil orders – No need to enter each customer detail to process their orders,its all done through the click of a button and the order will be confirmed on AliExpress.
  • ePacket Shipping Filter – A really useful feature that will tell you which products are fulfilled through ePacket for faster delivery.
  • Auto Order tracking – Track your customers orders and update them automatically regarding delivery.

As you can see,these features are enough to justify the cost of this plugin,however, there are even more aspects to this plugin that make it a bargain.

There are various other features like;

  • an image editor to enhance the image quality of your products.
  • WooCommerce support
  • Customise product details
  • Import as many products as you wish
  • Optimise your products for SEO
  • Engage with your customers by allowing them to leave reviews
  • Run promotions by offering discount coupons
  • Retarget those who abandoned their cart
  • Build an e-mail list
  • Multiple payment gateways including PayPal,Stripe ,2CO and others
  • Inventory management

In addition to all of the mentioned features, they have several add-ons that will enhance the customer experience and increase the likelihood of them purchasing something from your store.

These add-ons are;

  • Google Merchant – Will allow you to add your products to Google shopping,a great source of buyer traffic.
  • Facebook Business – Synchronize your store with Facebook product catalogue and make Facebook advertising campaigns more efficient.
  • Recent Sales Pop-up – Build your customers trust by having social proof that people are purchasing from your store,this is also a huge conversion booster. 
  • Social Rabbit – A social media marketing tool that is used to promote your store on all the main social networks.
  • Abandoned Cart – Retarget customers who abandoned their cart through email notifications.
  • Countdown timer – Encourage your customers to purchase by offering them a time-limited discount

These add-ons work with both Alidropship and Alidropship WOO. I would also like to add that if you do decide to go with the WooCommerce compatible plugin,you will have a wider range of add-ons available to you through the WooCommerce extension store.

AliDropship Success Stories

I did a lot of research into Alidropship before I wrote this review and as good as the plugin is,I wanted to read about any success stories they had and fortunately, they have many,some of which they have turned into case studies so others can see how it was done.

They have a few on their site and all of them are impressive. Some of the success stories are listed below.

Alidropship Forum And Training

Alidropship have a wide range of training to help in every aspect of your dropshipping business. They have a list of quality guides on finding profitable niches, how to start dropshipping with AliExpress and how to optimise your store for better conversions.

They also have a fantastic knowledge base where you can access helpful tips on a variety of dropshipping topics.

The Alidropship forum is one of the best-kept secrets in eCommerce, it is a fantastic forum where many successful dropshippers provide fantastic value and it has some really useful threads where I have got a lot of actionable information from.

Even if you do not purchase the plugin, the Alidropship forum is a fantastic place to find some sueful ideas for your eCommerce business.

AliDropship Vs Oberlo

There is a similar product called Oberlo which does much of what Alidropship plugin does, however, there are a few advantages in choosing Alidropship over Oberlo.

The biggest advantage is that Alidropship comes with a one time fee while Oberlo has a monthly cost. Oberlo only works with Shopify while Alidropship is a WordPress plugin,while Shopify is a brilliant eCommerce platform,WordPress is the more flexible platform and you get to keep your store even if you decide to change hosts.

If you ever decide to switch from Shopify to another platform,you will have to start from scratch and build up your store again because Shopify stores are only hosted on their platform.

So,if you plan to dropship with AliExpress and need a tool that automates a lot the tasks related to your dropshipping business I would personally go with Alidropship over Oberlo simply because Alidropship integrates with WordPress and I know that WordPress is far more flexible than Shopify.


You have two options,you can either buy the plugin which costs a one time fee of $89,however, if you download one of their free guides,they will usually email you a 20% discount on the plugin.

They also provide a done for you system whereby they will create a custom-made store you.

As you can see there are 3 options for a done for you Alidropship store,if you have a decent budget then this is another good option for. It will remove all the hassle of building a store from scratch and save you hours of time from doing product research,designing the store,setting up payment gateways etc.


As you can tell from the review, this is a product that I highly recommend if you want to start a dropshipping business.  

This is definitely one of the best eCommerce software I have come across and will make running a dropshipping business so much easier. The automation features alone are worth the one-time fee plus you get free access to all future updates, lifetime support and tons of free resources and access to an active and helpful forum

If you have experience with WordPress, I would highly recommend you choose to install the Alidropship WOO version of the plugin. You just have so much more flexibility with regards to themes, extensions and payment methods.

You also have the option of ordering a custom-made store if you do not have the time to create a store by yourself. 

With its range of automation features, add-ons and support, this is a must-have software if you want to start a successful dropshipping business.

If you are ready to purchase this fantastic plugin, I have a special discount for readers of my blog.

To purchase the standalone plugin, enter the coupon code ‘STARTER15’ on the purchase page.

If you want to buy a custom made store, enter the code ‘CUSTOM10‘.

If you have experience with WordPress and do not mind spending a bit of time doing niche research and designing your own store, the plugin will be enough.

However, if you are a busy person and do not have time to do thorough niche research and build a store from scratch, I do recommend getting the custom-made store. Not only do you get niche research done for you but you also get a free consultation and a personal manager.