[su_box title=”AliDropship Custom Store Service Quick Review” box_color=”#c9130b” radius=”6″]If you are looking to purchase a DFY dropshipping business, the AliDropship Custom Store service is a good place to start. You will get everything done for you, from niche research to store design and website installation, AliDropship will give you a fully optimised dropshipping store. You will get lots of guidance and free lifetime support, however, I must add, just because you are getting a DFY store, it does not guarantee success. The most important part of starting any kind of eCommerce business is finding a good product to sell, even though AliDropship will do the research for you on what to sell, you should do your own research to better understand what is selling well and what is not. Also, check out product research tools like eComhunt and Sell The Trend both of which come with a free limited service but will provide good data on products that are in demand. Click on the button below for details on the AliDropship Custom Store Service.

Overall Rating

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Hi and welcome to my Alidropship Custom Store Review.

Alidropship is a company that provides software solutions for eCommerce businesses. Its flagship product is the AliDropshop WordPress dropshipping plugin.

It is one of the most impressive AliExpress dropshiping plugins on the market and definitely the best one for WordPress.

Dropshipping is a cost effective way to run an online business, unlike traditional where you would need a few thousand dollars to get up and running, with dropshipping you can get started for less than $100.

With the AliDropship plugin, you can speed up a lot of the tasks related to running a dropshipping business.

For example, if you were to manually import products from AliExpress into your store, it would take ages to do this especially if you want to import all the related data like product description, images and customer reviews.

However, with AliDropship this can be done with the click of a button.

Other features of the AliDropship plugin includes the following;

Automatic pricing rules – Use the different pricing formulas to markup your items all at once

Automatic inventory update – Any change to inventory will be automatically updated in the plugin dashboard.

Supplier ratings – AliDropship have developed their own rating system for suppliers on AliExpress. You can see these ratings when looking for products to import, the higher the rating the more reliable the supplier is.

Automatic order tracking system – The plugin will send tracking information to your customer as soon as it is ready.

One-click order fulfilment

Different shipping filters

Multiple premium WordPress themes – These themes have been developed specifically for eCommerce and come with conversion focused features.

There are a host of other features and they are continuously updating the plugin. AliDropship have also developed many other plugins related to eCommerce and they offer affordable WordPress hosting solutions.

AliDropship provide another service and that is their Custom Store solution and this is what we will reviews in this article.

AliDropship Custom Store Review

alidropship custom store review

Fully utilising the power of the AliDropship plugin will require you to have a basic understanding of building websites with WordPress. Although WordPress is a pretty simple CMS to use and the most popular, it still requires technical knowledge to lean how to use it properly.

Not everyone who wants to build an online store has time to learn these new skills and some people find it a tad too technical and don’t even bother, which is a shame because learning WordPress is a fantastic skill set to have.

However, the people behind AliDropship realise not everyone has the time to build a new store from scratch and so they came up with the AliDropship Custom Store solution.

This is a service where the team behind AliDropship will build you a custom AliExpress dropshipping store.

They will do everything from deep niche research and choosing what type of products sell to finding a brandable domain name and designing your store so that it looks pr0fessional and a place where people can buy with security and confidence.

Its like a business in a box solution for those who just don’t have time to build an eCommerce store themselves.

AliDropship Custom Store Packages

There are 4 AliDropship Custom Store packages that you can choose from, the cheapest is $299 while the most expensive is just under $3000.

With each package you get the following;

A Personal Manager – This is someone who will guide and advice you throughout the process of setting up your dropshipping store. Any questions you have about this service should be directed to your personal manager

Deep Niche Research – This is probably one of the most important parts of running any kind of eCommerce business. AliDropship have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to niche selection for dropshipping as some of their own staff run successful dropshipping business’s. They will do their best to select a profitable niche and products that are in high demand. As this is one of the most important tasks, its best you do some research as well, make full use of the free resources that AliDropship provides for niche selection and talk to your personal manager as to what it is you would like to sell.

Store Design – You will get a professionally designed eCommerce store that will have its own logo, banners and product pages will be optimised for conversions. Depending on the package you choose, you will also get a certain number of products imported from AliExpress all with unique description and images. The store will have multiple payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal. Also included is a top-level domain name and Google Analytics integration.

AliDropship Plugin – You also get the AliDropship plugin pre-installed in your website as well as a detailed guide on how to use it. The plugin comes with lifetime support and free updates.

Facebook Page – A professionally designed Facebook page with product posts linking back to your store. Having well managed social accounts is very important as it gives you a way to connect with your customers and provides an extra sales channel to grow your store with.

Everything above is included in the Basic $299 Custom Store package.

The Advanced package costs $499 and includes everything the basic offers as well as the following;

100 products ready to sell (the basic has 50).

Professionally designed Twitter and Instagram pages.

The Ultimate package which costs $899 comes with these added features

500 products ready to sell

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts for your store

Social Rabbit Plugin – This is one of their other software tools. The Social Rabbit plugin automates your social media tasks.

Promo video – A high-quality promo video for your store.

Homepage SEO Article

Depending on which package you choose, it can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to build your store.

You must also be aware that hosting is not included in these packages, you can choose AliDropship hosting as an addon and it is recommended plus their hosting is pretty good and cheapest option only costs $48 annually.

The AliDropship Supreme Custom Store

You may have noticed that I said AliDropship offers 4 Custom Store packages, but I only mentioned three so far.

The AliDropship Supreme Custom Store package is the 4th option and the most expensive. They only recently started offering this product and it comes with tons of additional features including some of their other software solutions.

This package costs $2899 and comes with these additional features;

Lead generation system – Beautiful email capture forms throughout your store to build your email list, this will give you another way to sell to your customers.

Abandoned Cart Recovery – A plugin that will allow you to send follow up emails to customers who added a product to their cart but abandoned it during checkout. You can setup emails to automatically be sent to these customers and hopefully get them to visit your store and complete their purchase.

Promo Banner Plugin – This is one of their paid plugins and it allows you to create beautiful banner ads that will increase your clicks to your product pages and hopefully more sales.

Countdown Timer – One of the best ways to increase sales is through limited time sales offers and with this countdown timer you can do this easily by showing customers how much time they have before the sale ends. This instils a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out on a great deal and increases sales.

Recent Sales Pop-up – Show your customers social proof that other people are buying your products through this recent sales pop-up. Every time a sale is made a visitor to your store will be notified by a pop-up on their screen, this increases trust and results in more sales.

Social Media Posts – You will get a set of high-quality social media posts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Ready Made Ads – 10 ready made ads for use with Facebook and Instagram, this includes targeting data and a step by step guide to advertising on these social media platforms.

Email Follow up – You will get a email follow up sequence written for you so that you keep your customers engaged and make more sales.

You also get 1 year platinum level AliDropship hosting.

Its an impressive package and this is reflected in its price, the additional plugins will really come in handy especially for things like social proof and limited time offers which will increase your sales.

I also like the idea of ready-made ads so you can start advertising right away.

AliDropship Custom Store Review – Do They Work?

This is the question everyone has when they go looking for reviews on a custom-made store from AliDropship, does it actually work?

The most important thing you must remember is that their core product, which is the dropshipping plugin does work and they have many success stories to prove this.

AliDropship Success stories

Their custom store service is to help people get started quicker but it in no way guarantees success in eCommerce. Success will be totally up to you and how much you want to succeed in creating an online business.

One thing I would advise is liaising on a regular basis with your personal manager about niche research and product selection as this is probably the most important part of starting an eCommerce business.

Do your own research as well, AliDropship provides ton of free material on niche research and there are also free product hunting services like Niche Scraper and eComhunt, give them a try and see what products are hot and trending.

For an example of the type of website you should expect, check out one of the websites built by the AliDropship team on the link below.

AliDropship Custom Store Example.

Final Thoughts

The AliDropship Custom Store service will give a head start into the fast growing field of dropshipping. I have seen a few custom store services but none are as comprehensive as AliDropship nor do they have the success stories that AliDropship boasts.

Like I mentioned though, a ready made store does not guarantee its success, to make it work, you will have to be consistent in working on ways to advertise and market your store. You will have to acknowledge that it may take some time before you see consistent results and not give up quickly.

You will also need an advertising budget so make sure you have the financial means before ordering an AliDropship Custom Store.

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