Ali Inspector 2 Review

Welcome to my review of Ali Inspector 2, the award-winning software application that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs find profitable products to sell.

One of the most important tasks of starting an eCommerce business is identifying a good product to sell. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a dropshipping business with Shopify or want to sell on Amazon, if you decide to sell a product without carrying out thorough research, it will most likely be a flop.

Luckily, there are a host of software applications and services that can help you streamline this process and make it easier to find a profitable product to sell online. One of these software products is Ali Inspector 2 and as you shall see, it is a powerful piece of software that will benefit anyone who is serious about starting an eCommerce business.

Ali Inspector 2 Review

Before I carry on with the actual review of Ali Inspector 2, I want to say a few things about the developer of this software.

ali inspector 2 review

Chris Guidon is an Engineer by profession and a successful software developer, he also runs his own dropshipping business.

Apart from Ali Inspector, he has several other software products, the most well-known one that people may be familiar with is called Amasuite 5. This is an application developed for Amazon sellers and affiliates and has won a lot of praise since it was first released around 5 years ago.

Suffice to say this is a person who you can trust when it comes to products related to eCommerce and software applications.

Ali Inspector 2 Features.

Now, Ali Inspector 2 comes with a lot of features, the first version came with 3 built-in tools, this one comes with 6.

There is a lot you can do with this software but its core function is to find you hot and trending products for your eCommerce/drop shipping business and there are many ways you can do this with Ali Inspector 2.

Keyword Generator

With the keyword generator tool, you can generate thousands of niche product ideas by simply entering a few seed keywords.

Once you have entered your seed keywords, it will provide you with all the keyword terms that would have been instantly suggested to you had you searched within the AliExpress search bar.

This tool works like the alphabet soup technique used by SEO’s when carrying out keyword research.

For anyone not familiar with this technique, it is basically when you are searching for something on Google or Bing and the search engines will suggest keywords along with your seed keyword. 

This is what the Ali Inspector 2 keyword generator does, it automatically scrapes the AliExpress database and generates a list of all the instant keyword phrases for your selected seed keyword.

There is a bunch of stuff you can do with this data; the tool allows you to connect to Google trends and see the popularity of the search term over a certain period of time. This will give you an idea on whether the products are evergreen, gaining in popularity or is going on a downward trend.

ali inspector 2 review

Another useful feature within the keyword generator is the deep search function, this feature will take a lot longer to generate results ( depending on how many seed keywords you enter) but it will uncover a lot more keyword ideas by going even deeper with the alphabet soup technique.

It’s important to note that this tool will give you data for the most popular keyword terms that are being searched within the AliExpress platform, it will not give you any product ideas, that is what the next tool does.

Product Search

This is another powerful feature that I greatly enjoy using, if you are fascinated by data, you will love this tool.

Essentially what you do is enter the most popular search terms that you discovered in the keyword generator tool and you will get access to a ton load of data for the most popular products for those search terms.

When I say ton load of data, I really mean it, overall there are 33 data points that you get access to, these include things like;

Wholesale Price

Retail Price

ePacket Price

Profit Margin

No. of variations

Available stock

Cashback amount

Shipping company

Estimated delivery times

6 months of sales history

No. of years the seller has been in business

With the amount of data available to you, you can make a quick and informed decision on what products are selling well, how much profit you can potentially make from one sale, if the product has fast delivery times and if the seller can be trusted.

There are three methods that you can use to extract this data, the most popular is through AliExpress.  You just enter your search term and Ali Inspector will extract all 33 data points for every single product for that search term.

Ali Inspector 2

The second method is through the Bing search engine, this will give you product data for any AliExpress links that are indexed in the Bing search engine database. As Bing is the no.2 search engine, this may provide with some additional product ideas, however, I personally prefer the first method as I have noticed you get more results.

The third method is by entering any content that has AliExpress product links into the built-in scraping tool to extract all the relevant data, this is another powerful tool as it gives you more options on where you can get product ideas from.

You can extract the relevant data from AliExpress product links from Google, Yahoo and any other search engine that may have AliExpress product links indexed their database.

Best Sellers Tool

This tool works exactly like the product search tool except that you get data for all the best-selling products for your search term.

Product Sales History

This is one of the most impressive features of this app, you get sales data for the last 1000 transactions for any product.

That’s not all, the data is broken down into the following categories;

Sales per hours

Sales per day

Sales per week

Sales per country

Total transactions

Total revenue

This data can be very valuable, especially if you run Facebook ads to your store, this will give you extra targeting options without the guesswork. By having this data, you can configure your ads to run at specific times and target countries where the product is selling well. I really think this tool alone is worth the one-time fee for Ali Inspector 2.Creating Reports

Other Features

As I mentioned at the beginning of his review, Ali Inspector comes with lots of features, I have explained the core features, which I believe are the most important, but there are some other that people may find useful as well.

A cool feature of Ali Inspector 2 is that you can export any of the data in several file formats and present them as reports. It can provide detailed reports about trending products, their sales history, how much revenue the can potentially make etc and either sell them for a small fee to people wanting ideas for their eCommerce business or use them to build your email list.

There is also a feature that will allow you to import products from AliExpress into your Shopify or WooCommerce store. This isn’t a feature I would use because there are far better options like Oberlo and AliDropship but if you do not have access to these tools, then this feature will be useful.

You can also import the best product reviews from AliExpress, and it has a translate feature that will allow importing product reviews that are not in English.

There is also a vast range of training videos on how to use this software and get the most out of it as I said, it has a lot of features, many of which I haven’t covered in this article. The training videos cover everything plus you get additional advice on what type of products work best for a dropshipping business.

Ali Inspector 2 Pricing

There are two pricing options;

The first option is $47, this is just for personal use and you can only install the software on two computers.

The second option is $67, you have commercial rights to the software, and you can install it on 10 computers.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using this software, it comes with many features and will definitely help you uncover some cool product ideas for your eCommerce business. Product research is time-consuming but this software will help you streamline the process and give a better chance at finding profitable items to sell.

The only gripe I have with the software is that I wish it was web-based instead of having to download it on to your computer.

Overall, I am impressed by this software and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting a drop shipping business.

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4 thoughts on “Ali Inspector 2 Review”

  1. Thanks for this honest review of Ali Inspector 2, every other review just seems to be a regurgitation of what the sales page says, so I appreciate this real review, it’s always refreshing when someone actually has purchased the product and then written a review as you have. I am thinking of starting an Aliexpress dropshipping business but finding profitable products is really tough, I hope this software will help me, I am really impressed by some of the data you can access with this product, will definitely check it out.

    • Hi Susan

      Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it. Yes, I always purchase any software products I review, I want to be honest with my readers and not try and sell them something I have never used.

      All the best


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