Affiliate Rebirth Review – Good but Over Hyped

Welcome to my review of Affiliate rebirth, affiliate rebirth is a product that claims it will show you a brand new way of making money with affiliate marketing.

They make some serious claims on their sales page, for instance, they say they will show you how to turn $10 into $148 and how to rinse and repeat that formula again and again.

After being burned so many times, I told myself I would never buy products that make unrealistic income claims.

I would have never bought this product if it wasn’t being promoted by a marketer that I respect.

Unfortunately, it seems even ethical marketers fall for slick sales page claims.

Other claims made on the sales page include that you will be able to make money within weeks of implementing their training, that this is done through free traffic and it doesn’t require constant blogging.

As I will later reveal, they are all misleading claims.

  • How to pick a niche to promote on Amazon
  • How to do proper keyword research
  • Requires content creation
  • Shows you how to build links to your site
  • Nothing is revealed as being a new way of doing affiliate marketing

Doesn’t live up to the hype of its sales page claims, but the training is good and if you are completely new to affiliate marketing through Amazons associate programme, it may help you. 

Affiliate Rebirth Review

Affiliate rebirth is a 4-part module that aims to shows you how to make money with Amazons affiliate programme through content marketing.

They claim to reveal a brand-new way to making money through free traffic, a way that should see you make money within weeks and then scale that to $1000 a week.

After setting up your initial website and you start making some passive income (Which they claim only requires 30 minutes a day to maintain) you can then go on and produce multiple other websites following the same formula.

The creators of this product are Stefan Ciancio, Shahnawaz Sadique and Greg Kononenko. Stefan and Greg have released a shed load of products on Warriorplus and JVZOO.


As is the custom with all these digital products, there are a few upsells before you can claim your purchase.

I didn’t buy any of the upsells as I wanted to see if the front-end product lived up to its claims.

There are 3 upsells;

1.Done for you Package

2.Case studies

3.More Traffic

A little trick that I learned of recently, if you want to buy any upsell, you can usually get it for cheaper if you decline the original offer.

Just go to the bottom of the sales page, there is usually a button that has some cheesy line like ‘no I don’t want this awesome product that will make me rich’, click the button and they will lower the price drastically.

Back when I first started on this internet marketing journey, I always used to buy these upsells believing they will make my life easier.

I have come to believe most upsells are useless and never live up to the hype, it’s just another way for unethical marketers to squeeze more dollars out of you.

Proof I purchased the product

Affiliate rebirth review

Module 1

There are 7 videos in this section, the first video they show you how much they have made by using the methods shown in affiliate rebirth.

The vendors have several niche sites and they are all making good money, this should reassure anyone who buys this that the creators of this product know what they are talking about.

The rest of the videos in this module deal with niche research and profitability. I was pleasantly pleased with the quality of the videos.

They cover keyword research, research on Amazon, how to analyse SERP to see if a keyword is worth trying to rank for.

There are also a couple of decent bonuses at the end of the module that should help people narrow down their search for a niche and help with keyword research.

Module 2

This module consists of 8 videos and they cover content creation and website structure for SEO and conversion purposes.

The importance of long form content is re-iterated several times, studies have shown that content with 2000 or more words tends to get ranked on the first page of Google.

That doesn’t mean you should write long posts just for the sake of it, this is where your analysis of SERP of competing websites will be useful.

Always try to write a more engaging post than your competitors and that doesn’t necessarily mean a longer post.

Other topics covered in this module include homepage layout, site structure, and tips that will increase your conversion rates.

There is also a short video on Google sandbox and how to get out of it quicker.

For anyone who isn’t aware of what Google sandbox is, it is an alleged filter placed by Google on new websites so that they cannot manipulate Google rankings by buying links.

Module 3

5 videos in this module, most of them are no more than 4 minutes long apart from the first video which is 17 minutes.

The first video explains the correct way to set up your WordPress and what themes and plugins to use.

When it comes to plugins, I think many people over do it and this seriously slows down your site.

The video lists 12 plugins, which is way too many, you should not have more than 6 plugins. Some of the plugins listed in the video are unnecessary when starting a new website.

There is one video about installing and using a plugin called EasyAzon. This plugin makes it easier to install your Amazon affiliate links and images into your posts.

It’s a good plugin but With Amazon releasing their own WordPress plugin which is free, the need for third party plugins will not be much in demand.

Also in my opinion, it’s just another unnecessary plugin that will slow down your site.

The other videos cover how to speed up your site and the things you shouldn’t do with Amazon affiliate links that may break their TOS and get you banned from the affiliate programme.

Module 4

There are 8 videos and they cover how to get free traffic to your site through various means.

This was the module I was most excited about, the sales page suggested that they will reveal a new untapped traffic method that will see you get your first Amazon commission within weeks.

Let me tell you I was disappointed.

Not in the content, what is taught and covered in the 8 videos are legitimate way to get traffic to your site.

But they are not new ways and they certainly will not get you your first Amazon commission within weeks (they might, but most likely they will not).

So, what are traffic generating methods covered in this course?

They are all to do with link building, which many SEO experts still consider the no.1 Google ranking factor.

They cover the importance of building genuine links from high quality sites, links that do not come with risks of getting penalised by Google.

Some of the link building methods mentioned are;

Creating web 2.0 properties

Blog commenting

Forum comments

Blogger outreach for guest posts or mention

Creating Infographics

All of these methods are legitimate ways to build links and if done properly they will result in long term traffic growth.

The reason I purchased this product was the claim that a new way of affiliate marketing will be revealed, a way in which you could generate fast traffic and get your first affiliate commission within weeks.

The method they reveal is commenting on niche related forums, this isn’t new nor will it result in commission within weeks.

Not every niche forum is the same, the niche I am in has many forums, but not one of them let you link to your site either in your signature or your profile page.

So, their claim that this will work in any niche is not true.

Also, many forums have certain conditions before you are allowed to link back to your site, conditions that may take weeks to meet.

You can certainly get traffic and sales from this method, but it is not new and it certainly will not get you results in the time period they claim.

I really should have not been disappointed but I unfortunately I believed the claims of the sales page when prior experience should have been a warning to me.


My review may have ended on a negative note and that is unfortunate because despite not meeting the claims on their sales page, this is still a good product for those looking to get started as an Amazon affiliate.

Would I pay for it if there was no mention of a new way of doing affiliate marketing? Probably not but then they probably would have not sold as many copies of this course as they did without a bit of exaggeration in their sales copy.

If you are looking to start an online business with affiliate marketing try Wealthy Affiliate, its free to join and boasts one of the largest online communities for affiliate marketers.

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4 thoughts on “Affiliate Rebirth Review – Good but Over Hyped”

  1. Hello!
    This is a wonderful review. From what I read I understand that there is no new way found to drive the free traffic fast. But you wrote that blog commenting, forum comments, guest blogging and creating infographics help are good to use.
    Can you share your experience on which one of these mentioned above methods is best to put efforts?

    I also came across some other tips, which experts claim to be useful, such as: uploading your articles as pdf with live links on Slideshare and using Twitter to promote your site and products.
    Do you use any of these?

    And one more thing, you wrote about Creating web 2.0 properties, what is this?

    Thank you very much for your review!

    • Hi Andrey

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Guest posting is the most effective traffic generation method, but I haven’t tried it yet. For me blog commenting and forum comments drive the most traffic as well as good SEO for organic traffic from search engines.

      And yes I also use social media like twitter and Fcaebook, they do not drive as much traffic as the methods mentioned but every little helps.

      Web 2.0 properties are sites like blogger,,weebly,tumblr etc free sites that people write article on and then link back to their site for backlinks as you may or may not be aware, Google still ranks backlinks as an important factor in ranking websites.This is why it is suggested to build these links.

      All the best

  2. hello minhaj,

    thanks for this affiliate rebirth review.. i always curious about affiliate marketing especially when i browse every people seems to be the affiliate marketer for amazon.

    how much is the membership fee for this ? and how much is the upsells cost, rangely ?

    i ‘m curious about wealthy affiliate , is it worth it ?


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