Hi, my name is Minhaj and I’m from the UK.For the past couple of years, I have been looking to start an online business. Information overload and confidence issues delayed my progress, finally, in mid-2016 I started selling on Amazon through their FBA programme.

Although that was a huge flop, it did open my eyes to other online opportunities.

Since then I have looked at other online business opportunities and have been excited by what is possible on the Internet. I have started affiliate marketing and joined Wealthy Affiliate which in my opinion is the number 1 training programme for affiliate marketers. 

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here, it took me a while to join Wealthy Affiliate because I wanted to believe all the get rich quick merchants that were telling me that it was easy making money online!! 

I also have plans on starting an eCommerce business,that is why you will also see a lot of eCommerce related articles on this site.

If you want to know other ways of starting an online business, please read my guide to legitimate online business ideas.

One business model you will not see me promoting is MLM (Multi-level marketing) where the focus is more on recruiting instead of product sales. Amongst other online business opportunities, I will be reviewing digital MLM companies that seem to pop up every month.

I have written an article on MLM and its flawed business model, you can read it here. I really do think people should be made more aware of these deceptive tactics used by MLM companies, I was unfortunate to get suckered into not one but two MLM schemes.

If you stick around you will see a wide variety of articles regarding my venture into online business. I will most probably write about anything that interests me in this field.

Anyway, hope you keep reading my blog and please do comment and provide feedback. I am constantly learning and look forward to hearing from you and what online business opportunities you are running.