This article will show you the best tutorials to explode your website traffic.

What is one of the biggest headaches for those running an online business? Generating traffic!!

Yes, you can write brilliant content, create stunning infographics and have written a brilliant ebook, but if you cannot generate targeted traffic, the only people consuming your work is you, a few family members you have guilt tripped into visiting your site and may be your pet dog that sits you with all day in front of your computer.

Luckily there are endless tutorials on the web that show you how to generate free traffic, they all require some initial work but once the traffic starts rolling, it continues.

It was hard choosing which tutorials to include in this list because there are so many good ones, in the end I chose the ones I felt were newbie friendly, these are the ones that I could implement myself without much hassle.

One thing I advise before you read on, choose ONE method and stick with it, what newbies do (and I’m guilty of this) is try and follow all the methods which result in only implementing small parts of each guide and getting nowhere.

All these methods work, find one that suits your needs or one that you think will be easy to implement and stick with. Please don’t give up when you don’t see results quickly, free traffic methods sometimes need time to get flowing, once it does you can then look at other options to scale that traffic.

The list isn’t in any specific order, they have all been chosen because of their simplicity to implement.

1.SumoMe – 0-10000 visitors in a month

This is one of the most comprehensive guides on getting targeted traffic within a specific time period.

CEO of SumoMe Noah Kagan wanted to do a case study where he showed that it was possible for a newbie marketer to grow a website from 0-10000 visitors within one month.

This guide shows you how he took an apprentice with no connections in the marketing world to that 10000 visitors mark in just 30 days.

This person had no email list, a small budget, small social following and not much traffic coming in.

Still, with Noah’s guidance (but not leveraging any of Noah’s connections) the pupil accomplished the task.

Follow this step by step guide and you too could have 10000 visitors to your website in a month.

2. SumoMe – 130 Ways to get more Website Traffic

Another great guide from the team from SumoMe, this is one of the easiest guides to implement.

They cover everything from posting on Q&A sites to paid advertising. Just implementing a few of these methods can result in an avalanche of targeted traffic.

To make it easier for they have created an excel sheet in which they have listed all 130 methods grading them on their impact and difficulty.

3.Matthew Woodward – 3 growth hacking techniques

This is a personal favourite of mine and I am currently implementing one of the methods (the twitter method).

In this guide, Matthew goes in detail 3 ways to increase your website traffic through 3 social media platforms

He shows you how to get traffic from Reddit,Twitter and Google+, and he does it in a way that is easy to understand and put into action.

Although I am currently following the Twitter method, the Reddit method looks really interesting, although it is sort of a  blackhat method.

Check out Matthews 3 growth hacking techniques.

4.Rankxl – How to Build targeted traffic to a new blog/website

Chris Lee of the fantastic blog, longerRankxl, has written a 3 part series on how to build a profitable website in competitive niches.

The second part of the series is all about getting some quick targeted traffic, although his long-term goal is to dominate through SEO, Chris lays out a couple of ways that can get you traffic pretty quickly.

The couple ways he suggests are influencer marketing and guest posting.

He even provides swipe emails so that you have an idea on what to say when reaching out to others for guest posting opportunities.

5.Traffic generation café – SlideShare traffic case study

In this case study, Ana Hoffman shows you how she took a SlideShare presentation from 0-243000 views in one month.

This resulted in her blog getting 1400 clicks as well as over 400 new Facebook fans.

I never cared much for SlideShare, I didn’t know its Alexa rank was in the top 200.

But the traffic generation method showcased by Ana has given me a new perspective and I will definitely look for ways to leverage the platform for more website traffic.

By the way, be prepared to occasionally laugh out, she peppers the posts with sarcasm.

6.Wishpond – 12 Formulas to use to generate traffic to your blog.

If you are not harnessing the power of Twitter, you are missing out on a lot f potential easy to get traffic.

The authors over at Wishpond have put together 12 ways you can increase your twitter engagement that will lead to more website traffic.

You want more traffic from social media, you should be active on Twitter.

7. Income Diary – 100,000 visitors per month with top list articles

This website gets over 200,000 monthly visitors and over half of it is because of top list articles.

Everyone loves list articles because they go straight to the point and people will always find something that will be beneficial to them.

I should say that this is a short guide and it leads to one of their paid products, traffic domination, you don’t have to buy that though.

They give you more than enough information in that short article on how to increase traffic with list articles.

8.Wish Pond – 12 Ways to drive more traffic using Facebook

Another great guide from the team from Wish Pond, this time they show you how to harness the power of Facebook to drive more traffic.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the web, it will be stupid of you to ignore it as a source of traffic.

Many people fail because they go about it all wrong, it’s all about engagement, the more people you can get engaged in your posts, the more likely they will visit your site.

The 12 methods are easily implemented and number 5 was something I didn’t know you could do.

9.Black hat world – How to generate traffic and leads from LinkedIn

Don’t worry this isn’t a black hat method and it may surprise some but blackhat world isn’t all about blackhat techniques.

Why would you want traffic from LinkedIn? Well for one it’s the top social network for referral traffic and second, it has over 500 million users.

There is a boatload of targeted traffic that can be directed to your website but as usual, you need a plan and this is what Tommy Mcdonald of serplogic provides in this short but informative post on blackhat world.

By the way, you should also check out Tommy’s has a lot of resources and articles that you may find useful.

10.Backlinko – How to get more organic traffic with content relaunch

In this case study, Brian Dean takes you through the steps he took to update and relaunch one of his blog posts that resulted in him getting over 260% increase in organic traffic.

 This is a great case study as you can use it to improve your underperforming web pages that you would like to see ranked higher in Google.

It’s a simple 3 step process but if done right it can lead to some increased ranking in search engines.

By the way don’t get lost in Brian’s blog, it’s full of awesome content.

11. Serplogic – 6 ways to increase your website traffic

Another short but easy to implement article by Tommy McDonald.

Methods covered in this article:

Creating infographics

Creating posts that target low volume, low competition keywords.

Signing up for newsletters in your niche and interacting with the authors.

By the way, check out this unrelated post by Tommy on Blackhat world, calls out the SEO gurus and provides some fantastic advice for newbie marketers.

12.Online dimes – 6 free traffic resources

Franklin from online dimes has some fantastic resources on his blog and if you are running an eCommerce store you will find his website even more helpful

In this short article, he provides 6 resources that you can leverage to increase traffic to your sites.

He also has an accompanying YouTube video which you can watch if you don’t want to read the article.

13. Neil Patel – Use Google search console to drive more traffic

Neil Patel is one of the top SEO gurus and in this article, he shows you how to leverage Googles search engine console for more traffic.

It’s a long article, like most of Neil’s articles, but it is easy to follow and can be applied without much difficulty.

14.Matthew Woodward – How to increase twitter followers for free.

Another really actionable tutorial from Matthew. Shows you how to explode your Twitter following for more traffic.

15.Blogger tips tricks – 7 simple methods for more traffic from Google +

Ankit Singla runs this hugely popular blog, in this tutorial he lays out 7 steps to increase your Google plus following, get more engagement and direct traffic to your websites.

Google plus never really took off like the way Google wanted but it still has over 100 million users and that means more opportunities for traffic.

16.SumoMe – Using Instagram for huge amounts of traffic.

A detailed guide to Instagram marketing and how to leverage the platform for more traffic to your site.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Instagram until I came across this guide. Instagram has 700 million users so it is a huge market to drive traffic to your website.

Now, this guide is easy to follow but it is long and requires a bit more work than the other guides on this list.

But once implemented you will have tons of traffic from one of the largest social media platforms.

17.The Dead Beat Super Affiliate – 10 Free Website Traffic sources for affiliate marketers.

This a short 10 minute YouTube video from Dan Brock who runs a very popular YouTube channel called the deadbeat super affiliate.

He lists 10 free websites that can get you free targeted traffic for your affiliate website.

18.Quick Sprout – Step by Step guide to getting 10000 visitors from Pinterest.

Pinterest has over 150 million users and in this guide, Neil Patel shows you how to tap into this social media platform to get a slice of that massive traffic.

19.Blogging Wizard – How to drive 3* more traffic from Pinterest

20.Smart Blogger – 10 simple Twitter tactics that will get you more traffic

21.SumoMe – 10 Ways to drive more traffic from Twitter.

22.Hell Bound Bloggers – 5 tips to get more traffic from WhatsApp

23.Robbie Richards – How to promote your blog to get 20,109 social shares.

Like Brian Dean, Robbie Richards doesn’t blog often, but when he does it usually means an in-depth post that will help you with your online business.

This article is no different, he takes you through the steps he takes to get massive social media shares and how he manages to get huge amounts of traffic from those shares.

Like all the other in-depth article, don’t try and implement everything all at once, traffic won’t come over night, well it might, but most probably not.

24.Matthew Woodward – Double your traffic with content optimisation.

This is for those who are ranking for keywords on page 2/3 of Google and would like to jump to page 1.

This guide makes use of Google search console and Google Analytics and shows you how to use the data to optimise your content for higher rankings.

As with all of Matthews tutorials, it’s easy to follow and easily applied.


I will add more to this list but for now, any of these tutorials will do. Just take action, implement one of the guides and see your website traffic grow.

Which guide will you start to apply? Let me now in the comments section and if there is a guide that has helped you and is easy to take action with and I haven’t included it, feel free to leave the link.

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