12 Ideas On How To Find Untapped Niches

Let’s face it, doing extensive research into affiliate niches is never fun.  We aren’t making money while we are searching for untapped niches (unless you already have a successful affiliate site), and it can be difficult finding something that can really take off.  With so many affiliate sites out there, what’s the best way to find a niche that hasn’t been tapped?

We know that researching a niche can be difficult and time consuming.  However, when done properly, it is well worth the effort.  To help get the process started, here are 12 great ideas on how to find untapped niches.

  1. Google It

Google is a fantastic resource for finding niches that haven’t been used.  You’ll notice that when you start typing a search word or phrase, Google tries to automatically finish the search for you.  That auto-fill is based on search traffic and trends, so it suggests what is popular right now and relevant to what you’ve typed.  Use these suggestions to find some great untapped niches for your next affiliate site.

Take it a step further by using data directly from Google.  By searching using Google Trends, you can see just what the world is searching for.  This is a great option for isolating your niche to a specific region.  Simply enter a keyword and get popular suggestions based on your keyword.

  1. Consider a Sub-Niche

Niches are wide nets that cast over huge audiences to try and capture as many conversions as possible.  With a sub-niche, you can focus on a smaller, specific segment of that broader niche population.  It’s a great way to add to a broader niche that you’re confident in and can increase your revenue by focusing in on a specific group and tailoring content directly to that smaller population.

  1. Wikipedia

Similar to Google, Wikipedia is a treasure trove of niches, especially if you’ve tapped out of niches that you’re confident and knowledgeable in.  You can enter a quick search and find plenty of related suggestions and links to other interesting pages.   All of the relevant information will be right there on the Wikipedia page to get you up and running with your new niche.

  1. Read Other Blogs

One of the best ways to successfully launch an affiliate site and find the right niche for you is to read as many successful blogs as you can.  Not just affiliate blogs, but any successful blog you can find.  You’ll get ideas on what content to use, design ideas, affiliate tactics, and you can even stumble upon a niche that is both profitable and interesting.

  1. Browse Amazon

Amazon started selling books back in 1994,now they sell everything (well nearly everything). If you are new to affiliate marketing, researching Amazon’s sub-categories for niche ideas is a must. One trick to find popular niches is to look for products with high customer ratings.

  1. Follow Successful Affiliates

There is so much free advice out there when it comes to affiliate sites.  Following top affiliate sites and experts can provide you with not only a wealth of knowledge on how to find profitable niches, but how to successfully run your affiliate site.

  1. Browse Social Media

Many successful affiliate sites either answer questions or provide solutions to problems.  Checking social media trends is a great way to see what everyone is talking about, which can lead you to a profitable niche.

  1. Think About Your Interests

One of the best ways to run a genuine, successful affiliate site is by choosing something you’re passionate about for your niche.  The content will be genuine,you will not run out of ideas and you’ll see true engagement from your visitors.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine (second only to its parent company,Google). There are an insane amount of videos on this platform and this provides for a huge opportunity to uncover niches that are yet to be monetized.

  1. Forums

There are forums for nearly everything,forums for mums,forums for dads,football forums etc,peruse some of them and see what people are chatting about and start to interact with other members. You will definitely uncover some niches if you look hard enough.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is a fantastic resource to find untapped niches,the online learning platform has grown exponentially over the years and now boasts over 65,000 courses. There is definitely unique niches to be found if you peruse through the courses listed there.

  1. Quora

Quora is one of the biggest Q&A sites,getting over 600 million hits a month and thousands of questions being asked daily,this provides a rich source of information to discover hidden niches and even ideas for future articles.

What Now?

Finding a niche doesn’t have to be hard,overthinking can be your biggest enemy.  If you’re interested in a niche and you have done proper keyword research, go for it. Procrastination will lead to analysis paralysis and you will end up researching without ever taking any action.

Research,choose your niche and take massive action and do not give up on the first sign of failure, becoming a successful affiliate marketer takes time,effort and a few mistakes along the way.

There are so many untapped niches out there just waiting to be used, but finding them is the tricky part.  With this simple guide, you can start uncovering great niches and start a profitable affiliate marketing business.

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